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  1. Yea theres an issue I've been running into which typically requires a relog only in Valencia. Anywhere in Valencia it seems to count as invalid fishing until you relog. Once you relog everything works fine. If you dont it just keeps instant feeling back in
  2. It failed 71.4% of the time not succeeded...
  3. Its definately off its statistically impossible to fail 70% 20 times out of 25
  4. Na it's just as bad in other servers using racial slurs talking about hanging blacks froms trees etc daily. Funny they even updated their TOS and still same problem
  5. Carnaea

    Ultimate Skills

    Um no. If you have 100% black spirit you will use the lightning wall everytime unless you lock lightning and then you cant cast it at all. Prettying annoying when you have to defend yourself at a boss fight because it just uses your 100%
  6. "Educate the idiots" roflmao right not toxic at all
  7. That's exactly what I'm saying as well as what your peers suggested when we spoke out about the daily spam and racism on server chat. You suggested we just ignore it but you cant seem to ignore a few people using the forum as intended. Seems a bit ironic when something so unimportant cant or shouldnt be ignored but blatant racism should interesting.. you said being called a snowflake is an insult XD now that is funny
  8. I'm struggling to understand why you folks dont just follow your own advice and ignore him and people you dont agree with. It was so "easy" when it was racism etc but not when its bashing your favorite digital entity. Snowflakes
  9. Just to clarify your comment was only meant to insult someone for not having the same view as you? Got it
  10. Cool story you part of PA? No? Then dont make absolutes as if you are. Its night time actually. You carry on with your day?
  11. I'm sure after the 50th account theyd get it you can already see whose who depending on their speech in the forums.
  12. Think we should all just ignore this moron and itd be a peaceful forum for the most part
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