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  1. So pc has the combat xp books to but and pull afk. Was wondering if this was in the works yet or if it will ever be?
  2. Yeah, I think it's just for money dumping to help the economy maintain itself.
  3. Yes I understand bdo is all about rng. But seriously I landed on orge ring it quick bumped to green. (Orge ring on bottom than that green item, another orge ring top of that.) I spent prob 30mil on necklace boxes and not once gotten a blue item. Anyone else having this luck or any luck at all?
  4. Where is the money farm/grind at? I have 168 ap 207 dp Nagas or fogans? Nagas doesnt to be getting a lot of xp for me. At 56
  5. So I have duo ult yuri, is is wise to invest into livetro? Or just keep using ult yuri tell kzar comes along?
  6. Yeah it's only level 1 right now. I have 5 luck, but cant seem to get my node up fast enough lol
  7. Trying to level up my nodes for helms only have 60ish energy. I heard afk sleeping builds energy. Is this true?? Also what materials do you need to craft a bed?
  8. W as d at helms good 3 hours not a single drop. Buddy I was with found 3 lol.. RNG must hated me lol
  9. Sorry for late replies. I'll look into these guildies and consider. Right now I'm focusing power leveling my musa to 51 currently 16. Due to work schedule but I'll have next 3 days to do so
  10. I'm into helping others. As well as pve/pvp I play all hours that I can.
  11. So too confirm they fixed the drops now?
  12. I saw in post people say it's not dropping after the boss patch... Is there any word of this being true?? I was at iron mines for good 4 to 5 hours with nothing.
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