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  1. Freedom!!! Waited for the last contract to expire, banned, then disbanded. Thank you for your help. What was probably a simple solution for you, would've been a frustrating task for me. I appreciate you!
  2. Thank you for the sympathy. It was more of a fling than a relationship^^ Last MMO I played heavily was FFXI, so there is a lot to learn here. I've been doing alright solo grinding 🙂
  3. I think I may see the problem. I receive a notice saying "You can only disband the guild when there are no members". Well, there is 1 member left with a yellow check mark under contract; all others are blue. I suppose I'll ride out the 4 days & 22 hours of their contract, then try again. I'll post the results, which I'm sure everyone's just dying to know. /s Edit: Just read your response Yakira. Insufficient guild funds for the ban hahaha!
  4. The guild I am a part of is literally nothing. Maybe 2 weeks ago the master logged in, appointed me as master without saying a word, and left the guild. Now my contract is up & I can't figure out how to rid myself of this blasted thing! There are 7 other members listed, but I think they all gave up on the game after experiencing the grind. They never log in & I can't appoint logged out members as masters. Can someone please help?
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