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  1. Nero012

    stream on now twitch only

    I believe they said you get the preorder box to try in the beta after you kill rednose, and it was a decent stream alot better than their first one
  2. streams on now but only for twitch playblackdesert episode 3
  3. Nero012


    so.. has anyone know when itll be uploaded to youtube....or anywhere lol I missed it and would love to watch it.
  4. Nero012

    final beta feb 14-17th

    hey with all the disappointments we've been through I'm happy! lol when very rarely get good news lol
  5. Nero012

    final beta feb 14-17th

    final beta! great dates too! thank you!
  6. Nero012

    Second beta confirmed?

    odd they didnt even mention it besides the slip up lol, but they were having some....issues none the less lol
  7. lmao well we finally got a date and a price! kinda wish they would have let us know last year! but hey its only 2 months away!
  8. dont get me excited for nothing...I dont do disappointment well!!!
  9. Nero012

    2 days

    I've never been so excited about a preorder date.....I dont know if this is a good thing or am I a battered gamer?
  10. Nero012

    Hey can anyone help me

    not sure as if yet preorders will start Jan 7th and they said we'll know then lol still wish they'd just let us know the release date considering they most likely already know it lol
  11. Nero012

    PC enhancing rate update

    well that's abit over my head lol considering I barely scratched the surface of the beta
  12. Nero012

    A thought for the release date

    be nice either way for info directly from PA first instead of other sources lol but I agree before valentines day.....but I've been wrong before....3 times to be exact for BDX
  13. Nero012

    some new news

  14. Nero012

    At Least Let Me In The Club

    that easy huh?! you should work at pearl abyss as their Xbox community manager! I vote yay!
  15. Nero012

    Release date!

    come on guys it says it in a ton of articles!!! Q1 of 2018!!!