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  1. Hey il vouch for them! They were at hexe area protecting players from red players, good guys I was the Red armored Warrior out fighting with yall for abit
  2. Id have to say a huge suprise to me was walking through a forest then hearing alot of noise amd realozed the forest was walking around me! Was amazing! Another moment is the sheer size of the map! And the amount to do in it! Please share yalls
  3. 80 ap 150ish dp on 52 wsrrior grinding to find better gear lol
  4. Im intrested also i feel theres an opening for another major guild to counter the alpha so why not yours! Ill gladly lend my sword to you. Im currently no lifing the game eith warrior now until musa and striker become available GT-Nero012
  5. Yes!! MUSAAAA!!! Sorry warrior but theres also striker ugh main 2!?
  6. Was a good stream! If you zoom in on the bottom of the 4 new character box you can see a bit lol any help from experienced BDO players?
  7. I believe they said you get the preorder box to try in the beta after you kill rednose, and it was a decent stream alot better than their first one
  8. streams on now but only for twitch playblackdesert episode 3
  9. Nero012


    so.. has anyone know when itll be uploaded to youtube....or anywhere lol I missed it and would love to watch it.
  10. hey with all the disappointments we've been through I'm happy! lol when very rarely get good news lol
  11. final beta! great dates too! thank you!
  12. odd they didnt even mention it besides the slip up lol, but they were having some....issues none the less lol
  13. lmao well we finally got a date and a price! kinda wish they would have let us know last year! but hey its only 2 months away!
  14. dont get me excited for nothing...I dont do disappointment well!!!
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