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  1. I love these screenshots so much ._. cheers everyone!
  2. ^ this is the correct answer =] I posted this on another thread, but I'll do it here as well - Pre-loading is now available! - Early-Access for Ultimate/Deluxe owners will start from August 20th 12:00AM PDT [7AM UTC] - Official Launch will start August 22nd 12:00AM PDT [7AM UTC] - Our kick-off stream will be on Monday 7PM PDT
  3. Hey all! Sorry I've been away, but Gemo was correct when posting that screenshot! The PlayStation store is all sorts of weird, but here we go: - Pre-loading is now available! - Early-Access for Ultimate/Deluxe owners will start from August 20th 12:00AM PDT [7AM UTC] - Official Launch will start August 22nd 12:00AM PDT [7AM UTC] - Our kick-off stream will be on Monday 7PM PDT
  4. I DO REMEMBER YOU!!! What up GreatBan! Ah man, I tried to chat with you, but I forgot to press the pad and just... grabbed you... =[ Sorry =[
  5. Thank you everyone for your submissions! We let it run a few days past Beta, but unfortunately we will now close off submissions =[ Thank you to everyone for participating! We will be sending the rewards sometime after the official launch!!
  6. Hey guys, we just posted on Twitter that: Unfortunately we haven't heard much back right now about the issues affecting the EU Beta for certain users. We have had reports that creating a new PSN account (not +), and using that account to play the beta works for some but not others. These issues should apply only to the beta version of the game, as it was a store issue. This being said, here is a workaround that users have tried but its not guaranteed to work: 1. Make a new PSN Account 2. Go to settings in your PS4 Home screen 3. Account Management and make the new account your primary account 4. Go to the store, find Black Desert Beta and download, but it will say that it is already installed and you should be able to play. Keep in mind that this is a workaround until we figure out a solution with Sony's engineers.
  7. Hey all, just another update since people are asking: We still haven't gotten word from Sony EU. There is an issue with Sony EU's store, but that is all that we can say due to policies. Will let you guys know once we hear something. Also, the first day of Beta does not have pets to giveaway for launch. 1. The skyhawk pet that you signed up for is for launch, not for Beta [can still sign up if you haven't] 2. Not sure where the penguin idea came from. I imagine it is about the Kuku, but that is only for Beta. 3. The calpheon chubby dog will be given on the second day for certain events [hide n seek first 10 winners and cart racers first 10 winners] We are working on this as fast as we can.
  8. Hey everyone, Seeing this catch some ground again so here we go: At the moment, we still haven't heard back from Sony EU about a fix. We have been constantly reaching out and once we have an established ETA, I will let you know through the announcements section. As to why we cannot disclose the conversations with Sony, it is company policy from both companies. I'm sorry that you guys have been waiting, please do bear with us.
  9. Hey all, We are currently talking to Sony EU and trying to resolve the issue. Because this isn't an issue on our side, we are constantly in talks with Sony. I would love to keep giving updates, but 1. policy 2. it would be odd to keep giving updates like "hour 4... no update... hour 5... no update" Be assured that I will let you guys know as soon as I hear something =] Apologies all around =[
  10. Hey Adventurers, There are currently a few issues affecting the download of the Black Desert Beta for PS4. These are unfortunate issues in which we are working with Sony Interactive Entertainment to fix before the Beta goes live. We are making these known in case the issues are not resolved in time. Europe Anyone who added the Black Desert beta before it was republished will face an error code saying that it needs to be updated. We are working with SIEE engineers and service teams to get this issue resolved as soon as possible. Those who add the product after the republishing at around 1 PM UTC 08/08 will be able to access the game without issue. North America There is currently an issue where the beta is not showing up as its own product, and instead is showing up as extra content for the Standard Edition of Black Desert. This means that to find the beta download, you will need to go to the standard edition of the game, and from there find the beta download under the demos section. We are working again with SIE to get this issue resolved and to make the beta easier to find in searches. We apologise for these issues and we are hoping that they can be resolved before the beta goes live. Black Desert PS4 Team
  11. Hey all, seems like we are experiencing some delays with the NA Playstation Store. I'll keep you guys posted once we are good to go. UPDATED Most issues have been resolved and you can now preload Beta from the NA/EU stores! If you do not see the Black Desert Beta after searching, 1. Search Black Desert 2. Select Standard 3. Go down for Demos 4. You should be able to find Black Desert BETA Apologies for the delays, please let me know if you have any other questions or issues!
  12. Hey everyone! My absence has been noticeable and I'm sorry about that. There are a couple of topics about the road map, but I'll post a reply on this one: About the Road Map There are more things coming than just the 9. We had 9 slots for images and we threw those on there. There are other things that will be coming for Xbox, which was stated with the "and so much more" bit. THAT BEING SAID, I know/knew how it can be interpreted and I mentioned that to the people who made that portion of the site. Apologies all around =[ While I can't say what is coming when [policy], we are looking actively through everything to see what people are wanting and relaying that to the right people.
  13. Hey everyone! Sorry I have been MIA, but here we go: 1. For pre-loading Beta, we mentioned the dates and time on stream, but the times slightly changed. @Impyriel was right on the money. Beta will be available to pre-load via the Playstation Store from: NA PS Store : August 7th 8AM PDT EU PS Store : August 7th 7AM UTC Asia PS Store : August 8th [time to be determined, but in the morning] GMT+9 2. On the website when you signup with your e-mail, there is no confirmation e-mail about Beta. 3. No news about Portuguese/Taiwan releases =[ If we do plan on doing it, I will let you guys know 4. Pre-orders do not grant you early access to Beta. Pre-orders will grant you early access to launch. 5. You will be able to make guilds during Beta, but all content/progress will be deleted after Beta is over. You will have to make a new guild at launch. Let me know any other questions and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Any further changes will be posted here as well as on Social Media.
  14. 冒険者の皆様! 黒い砂漠PS4β版がまもなく始まります。先にβ版の詳細について紹介いたします! 1. PSstoreを通じてBlack Desertを検索しダウンロードすることができます。ダウンロード完了後ゲームをプレイして下さい。 2. 対応言語は英語、フランス語、ドイツ語、スペイン語、韓国語、日本語となります。 3. β版はPlayStation®Plusに加入する必要なくプレイすることができますが、正式版をプレイする為にはPlayStation®Plusへの加入が必要となります。 β版のスケジュールは以下のようになります。 PDT: 8月9日12:00AM ~ 8月13日 2:00AM UTC: 8月9日7:00AM ~ 8月13日 9:00AM JST: 8月9日4:00PM ~ 8月13日 6:00PM クラス:β期間中にプレイできるクラスはジャイアント、レンジャー、ウィッチ、ウィザード、ウォーリアー、ソーサレスの六つとなります。近距離戦闘が好みの方はジャイアントとウォーリアーをプレイし、遠距離戦闘が好みの方はレンジャー、ウィッチ、ウィザードをお勧めしますます。ソーサレスは近距離、遠距離両方に優れたクラスです。β期間中はレベルキャップ50となりますので全てのクラスを経験してください。 生活スキル : 戦闘はもうあきあきですか?心配無用です!黒い砂漠では戦闘以外にも様々な生活コンテンツが楽しめます。 戦闘以外にも採集、料理、狩猟、貿易、釣りなど数多くのコンテンツが楽しめます。 地域 : 多彩な探検ができる三つの地域セレンディア、バレノス、カルペオンが皆様をお待ちしています! β期間中は皆様が直接参加し楽しめる様々なGMイベントが行われる予定です。
  15. 안녕하세요, 모험가 여러분! 검은사막 PS4 베타가 곧 시작됩니다. 베타 테스트 시작에 앞서 간략한 일정에 대해 안내드리겠습니다. PlayStation Store에서 Black Desert를 검색하여 게임을 다운로드할 수 있습니다. 다운로드가 끝나면 게임을 시작할 수 있습니다. 검은사막에서는 영어, 독어, 불어, 스페인어, 한국어 및 일본어를 지원합니다. 베타 플레이는 PlayStation®Plus에 가입하지 않아도 참여할 수 있으나 정식 출시 후에는 PlayStation®Plus 가입이 요구됩니다. 베타 일정은 아래의 표를 참고해주세요. PDT: 8월 9일 12:00 AM ~ 8월 13일 2:00 AM UTC: 8월 9일 7:00 AM ~ 8월 13일 9:00 AM KST: 8월 9일 4:00 PM ~ 8월 13일 6:00 PM 클래스 베타 기간에 즐길 수 있는 클래스는 총 여섯 가지로 자이언트, 레인저, 위치, 위자드, 워리어, 소서러 중 플레이하실 수 있습니다. 근거리 전투타입을 희망하시는 모험가분들은 강력한 무기를 휘두르는 자이언트와 워리어를! 원거리 전투타입을 희망하시는 모험가분들은 화려한 스킬을 자랑하는 위치, 레인저를! 두 가지 전투타입을 모두 희망하는 모험가분들은 소서러 플레이를 통해 검은사막의 화려하고 깊이감 있는 전투 액션을 경험할 수 있습니다. 다양한 스킬을 활용한 연계기로 박진감 넘치는 전투와 짜릿한 타격감을 느껴 보세요. 베타 기간 중 최고 레벨은 50까지 설정되어 있으니 충분히 각 클래스를 즐기며 알아가시는 시간이 되시길 바랍니다. 생활 스킬 전투에 지치셨나요? 걱정 마십시오. 검은사막에는 다양한 생활 콘텐츠가 준비되어 있습니다. 전투뿐만 아니라 채집, 가공, 요리, 수렵, 무역, 낚시 등 다양 콘텐츠를 즐길 수 있습니다. 지역 모험으로 가득 찬 세 지역인 세렌디아, 발레노스, 칼페온이 베타 기간 중 모험가 여러분을 기다리고 있습니다. 베타 기간 중 모험가 여러분이 직접 참여하고 즐길 수 있는 수많은 GM 이벤트가 열릴 예정입니다. 자세한 사항은 홈페이지 공지를 참고해주세요! 8월 9일, 여러분을 검은사막의 장대한 모험에 초대합니다!
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