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  1. CM Trent

    Can't resurrect

    Thanks for the update! I've reported it to the devs
  2. CM Trent

    Imperial Trading NPC

    The patch notes have been updated to say that the Imperial Trade NPCs only appear on Balenos-2.
  3. CM Trent

    Can't resurrect

    Try clearing the reserved space on your Xbox. At the dashboard, press Start > Manage Game and Addons > Saved Data > Reserved Space
  4. 0.o Nah, we didn't announce Maehwa. Shai pre-customization is coming in the next update (June 19th) and playable in the one after (June 26th). Other classes don't have a set schedule yet, but we will keep you updated on it.
  5. CM Trent

    Authentication Failed bec_001/190

    Could you DM me your family name and region?