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  1. Muraka

    Ps4 preorder coming up

    I do not think that they will unite the server. Sony did not want to share the players.
  2. Bro, by the way, it's useless to write to us in the chat, we never read it let the force be with you
  3. Muraka

    Toxic players..

    I understood you. i am sorry
  4. Muraka

    Toxic players..

    racism? I will not stoop to your level. continue in english
  5. Muraka

    Toxic players..

    у нас есть игроки готовые драться за спот
  6. I do not defend the symphony, we have a war with them. We are happy to beat them harder, so that they are distracted by us. And did not swear at you :D We don't read chat %)
  7. Our guild will avenge you. Best regards and understanding WildHunt. Примем Русско язычных игроков в ПВП гильдию.
  8. Muraka

    Toxic players..

    Good day. I am from the guild WildHunt. We never just kill players, only in war (yes, there was a murder a couple of times). In the chat we have only cultural communication. All players are 25+. After the war, you can only hear from us "GG friends!". Please do not consider us bad guys. My English is very bad