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  1. Oh and a lockout timer from switching servers so you cant just jump from one PVP server to another after you kill someone in that server to avoid any paybacks.
  2. There should be seperate PVP and PVE servers like every other mmorpg out there. I'm not a PVP player so forced PVP at level 50 ruins the experience for me. If i am playing a mmorpg I play for the quests, lore and the constant grind for better gear. I wouldn't mind it if it wasn't for the fact that you can still get attacked even if the PVP flag is off. If I want a battle royale game I would play fortunate or pubg or even Apex legends. I'm sure there will probably a lot of comments of get better gear and stuff however that's almost impossible once you hit 50 and are farming for better gear and you get randomly killed by another player. So needless to say once I hit 50 unless that changes I'll just go to some other MMORPG like everquest or ffxi. There are probably others who will be leaving when they hit 50 as well.
  3. Honestly there should be seperate servers one for PVP only and one for PVE only like every other mmorpg out there. The forced PVP at 50 ruins the game experience for me. I'm not A PVP player. Wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't for the fact even if your pvp mode is off people can still just randomly attack you.
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