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  1. Nothing, i just realised after 3 years on PC and after year on Xbox, i realised theres nothing to do.... Life skills are pretty muich useless as almost nothing sells on the market that makes huge profit, PVP is boring as hell as on Node Wars, there are so few OP guilds that each has its own nodes without any struggle to keep them. As a Shai, i am pretty much bored as hell, as "new content" altar of blood is not available for Shais, camels are off limit too. Also rerolling in this game is way too expensive. As if You wanna reroll Your main, YOu have to go thro the trouble of purchasing weights, inventory, life skilling outfits. I have progressed my gear as far as i could, build an AP build, also a DP build, worth billions on accesories, just to realise that its still useless against some classes i do not want to mentiion.
  2. Hiya, depends on what do You wanna do with her. For PVE what You should aim for is : TET kzarka / TET Kutum 2x TRI cresent Ring or 1x TRI Cresent Ring 1x Capotia ring from LVL 61 reward. //Alternative: 2x TRI Mark of Shadows 2x TRI Witches Earring 1x TRI Ogre Ring // ALternative : TRI Seraph neckleace 1x TRI Basilisk belt As for armor go for TRI Dim Tree armor, Muskan Shoes are fine also cheaper a bit, and stay with Heve helmet and glove, try to enchance em to TRI at least. For PVP purpose TRI / TET DIM tree amor TRI / TET Urugon, Muskan Shoes. TRI/ TET Bheg Gloves TRI/ TET Heve Helmet, she does not need a boss armor for helmet slot. TRI Besho neckelace 2x TRI Cadry Rings 2x TRI DP earring of Your choice 1x TRI Centaurs Belt Tri Kzarka // TRI Krea offhand Her PVP should be all about buffing, and using the drums skills to CC enemys. no need to deal dmg.
  3. Ahh every coin has two sides. Good thing is that there will be ppl to play with as you might have realized there are lot less ppl playin on Xbox. With the merge, there will be enough ppl to play with, fight with for spots etc. The world will become more alive at least from the Xbox side. On the other hand, I have an Xbox one X, game is on SSD, and the game still laggs. With more ppl it will be a lot worse, doesn't matter if there will be more servers. With each update the is worse in laggs. Add more ppl and start the timer until it breaks. So basically right now even the Xbox one X can not run the game as it supposed to be. And that's Xbox community that is a lot lower then the ps comm. If we add more ppl without fixing this I do not think it will be enjoyable.
  4. Do not compare pc version to Xbox version. If the updates were to come on the same order as it did on pc I would have billions from sea monster hunting at margoria and here we are with kama instead 😁
  5. Something might be the case but that's not only wizards but witches too. As with 400+ dp I can take on a lot of dmg until I meet a Wiz or a witch. They melt me with onehit. Tested with them lowest 180 Ap took 2 hits to melt me. Above 200 it was almost onehit. As for other classes they can barely scratch me with 200 ap +
  6. Hiya there. Any chance we get the tailoring coupon in the near future ? I do like some in-game outfits I wanna wear as an actual outfit instead of armor.
  7. PC players this, PC players, that, If you complaining about Xbox go back to PC. WTF Guys ? PC players complain because they know how the game supposed to be, PC players complain cuz you are getting scammed. PC players complain, because we do know the game supposed to be , and who would have tought the game does not supposed to run like this ? Yes sure, do not compare PC to an Xbox, PC is more powerful, well yes it is, but they supposed to count with it, make the proper changes so the runs smootly without laggs, desyncs on Xbox. Yah sure the game needs resources what an xbox do not have, well then why the hell did ya release a game on a platform that can not run it perfectly ? Also, players are not asking for much, we ask for better servers, casual updates / fixes, even if you have not played on PC You must realise that there are pretty huge problems in the game starting off with the class balance, drop rates etc. The game has a LOT slower progression on Xbox than it had on PC and beleive me it is freakin slow there too. First of all, Xbox has a lot smaller comunity then PC master race. If Xbox loses ppl on the game, there is a lot less new ppl to recruit from, eventually leading to minimal player base when the developers has to shut down the service, cuz it is not worth for them anymore. Thats why they supposed to take care of the a game a bit betterm cuz there is no way back once you started to drop in numbers. Also, if we count in the Shai class, that was a fresh class on the PC too, This a really good example of their care for Xbox. The class was released on both platforms at the same day. Since then on PC they got every week a small change a lil tweak here and there, updates, fixes awakening awakening fixes and updates. What we got, lets see, em oh right, 1 update, nothing else, and I can not even say that they had better things to do, because that is not true either, we had several weeks, when we got ONLY cash shop items. It seems like they do not care. there are several complains about Witches damage output. What they did ? Buffed some of her skills even more. We asked why do we have 1/3 rate on trade crates while PC has 1/2 rates, no logical reason, no answer yet. I will not even mention drop rates, cuz i have not seen a seraph neckelace for weeks now tho i am grinding each day. THIS is not a proper way of developement and totally a bad care for the game. They could have learned from their mistakes on PC, yet they are doin em again. ignoring the will of the players. An they supposed to listen way more for the Xbox community, because we are few. If they agreed on publishing the game here, they want us to play the game. So far they were only losing players, even after Kamasylve and archer, i realised that the long left players left as soon as they levelled the archer. Empty spots, even on servers with Bells. Players are leaving the game with good reason, even if some of the defending knights fail to realise this reason. It still can be reversed tho, but sadly as PS4 launch comes i fear, there will be less and less updates/ fixes and a lot slower content.
  8. It will never happen, also there would be a huge disadvantage for console users to play against k+m users. Also pcs bdo requirements has been lowered so it can be played on most normal category pcs. Ofc not in highest graphical settings but if consider that Xbox has lowered graphics, and even on Xbox one X it laggs and can't run it properly, then we get the result that for one X price u can have a pc that runs it better then the X.
  9. True enough, right now the game does not reward you enough for your effort. Also everything that they add into the game are things you need to spend money, new classes need weight expansions. New area does not add that much to the game, p2w tent, fairies. Why can't they fix the memory leak ? Improve overall game balance so we actually do not need to hide players on world bosses or large scale PvP . Do something about class balance. It is insane that I get one hitted from a witch on 363 dp build 4400 hp, from her 180 awa ap. We tested it on battle arena. It felt like a late April's joke.
  10. Yup got it several times too after kama update. And I have one X only for 2 months, never happened on any games before.
  11. Yo guys chill. He is right in one thing, we clearly get updates slower then on PC. Example: Shai had several updates, awakening and awa updates already too. Here we received so far one lol thing. Pc has regular weekly updates, fixed, we often do get only pearl items. Also the most wanted classes are released first. Orc everyone wanted that long range god mode monkey.
  12. Yay we received at least an update, now I can at least defend my spot, and since I did play this character from her launch I really enjoy when they try to steal my spot, unexpectedly turnin on their PvP then getting wrecked by my 242 ap
  13. Sad thing is they had the same problems with servers since launch on US servers on pc, they did nothing for two years. Also the game is lagging even on Xbox one X. That is s pure joke, since box launch they haven't focused on any of the issues. All updates made the game worse. I realise that each known issues note has been only expanding solved issues keep poppin up on the list again. And that's only game focused issues, what they are doin with classes is absolutely insane. No class balance at all either. I would say, with today's kama update the game will break. It is pretty much falling apart even now, unplayable be, wb.
  14. I do like the new roadmap tho I am sad that we still do not see margoria, and here I was excited for sea monster hunting. Now I would be satisfied even with one update for my Shai. Pc already got 3 updates and awakening also. I hope we do get them pretty soon too.
  15. They already did forgot....
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