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  1. They can add Olivia server like pc, with extra drop rate and xp buff for then, and it's obvious they 'll add more servers ,more players more servers
  2. GabrielZ

    Spinner skill

    Dont levei up spinner
  3. U are the only troll bro, probably a kid, beginner in this game..awakening is coming.. please stop playing, or we will have a lot more of your crying posts !
  4. Dude iam playing this game for 4 years ... yeah.. english is not my main language haha..if u read what i wrote, if u have enough ap and acurracy.. even witth 0 dp u an beat anyone..i can show you if u want... try.. i remove my gear and we go 1v1... If u have skils , Sa Fg and invu frames.. are your gear.. learn how to play before say that.
  5. I challenge you guys who think gear>skill...i remove my set and offhand.. hahaga i did this already with guild mates.. this game is totaly skill after you reach some ap accuracy, the problem is guys with no fingers wanna say this game is gear... dude go and traning pvp! At pc i beat peop with tet full bos gear.. and iam with taritas bheg gloves... so.. stop crying and go traning..incluindo 1v1 and war. Frinds who know how to play killing 10 times more then other friends with same gear!
  6. I cant claim the new level up box. With any char.. i press to claim and nothing happens
  7. I like when a guy thinks hes strong! I love beat then! Haha
  8. Haha, a lot pep sayed that to me already.. they all regret
  9. After the next update i like to try, never lost to a ranger.. iam musa , off course ill not use **** tiger blade...
  10. I wanna challenge him now... what class is brandon.. please dont tell me is a zerker...
  11. U dindt play many right? Hahaha because many of mmorpg your item is gone if fails.. Bdo is one of the best enchant system in my opnion,
  12. I thibk we should have on ring menu something to turn the camera 180 fast.. press twice its rrally hard.. or increase the sensibility of right tumb .. because its to slow for fast players to turn camera...
  13. No man... val 2 its only. Pila ku , sufur and other stufs... val 1 comes with gahaz crescent.. fogan centaur basi nagas e others...
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