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  1. Hey ladies and gentlemen, Hallowbrand is now open for recruitment. We are currently a small guild, we do daily guild missions, and try to do at least one guild boss a day with more players we can do more. We only Dabble a small amount into pvp currently as we are still working on our gear. My guild is not the elitist type of guild. We understand that people cant be on their xbox 24/7 or may not know what they are doing. Well guess what we are here to assist you in your adventures as much as we can. Maybe you can even teach us something. None of us are perfect, or Gods by any means but we make due. We have all become close friends and hope that we can include you in that as well. If you wanna have fun Work on random stuff or even just sit here and do nothing because your bored and cant seem to get those hards and sharps to drop(ehem myself) then this is the place for you. No Pressure, No Gear Requirements(We all started at the bottom), All that we ask is you participate in at least 1 guild mission a day(if possible if your only level 20 we understand that it makes it kinda hard BUT you can still join the party and get that EXP from us =D) We are an adult based guild as all of our members are old enough to be your dad we recommend your ATLEAST 16 years old. We currently offer: Accuracy +2 Ap +3 Gathering 2 Fishing 1 These will increase as we get guild points. If you are interested or have any questions message either KazuyaMishima or WuntaykT ingame we are almost always online. or send me a message on here I will check daily so please be patient with me.
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