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  1. I'd be shocked if we got it before March. Realistically for all they are going to be revamping and fixing, it doesn't seem like it would be as soon as most are predicting.
  2. I was on Valencia. Outside of my IRL friends that were on there with me, you're right. Very toxic, very childish, lots of racist comments in chat. I'll be checking different servers right off the bat come full release
  3. I find the combo system tedious also. I know I'm doing the correct input but end up also spamming. Definitely yes on Striker! That's my class! But I imagine they will trinkle out classes here and there. May be vanilla because its many new players. Shrug.
  4. Runs a lot smoother than it did last night for sure. Decent graphics for the xbx. A few things that I imagine will be fixed, fine tuned. Otherwise good.
  5. So I thought I would make a thread seeing how people feel about it after playing the beta some. Getting choppy animation? NPCs and back drops with nasty load in popups? What do we all feel can be fixed in this? I forgot one noticed the huge graphical difference as well as the above mentioned. Among other things. But that's to be expected on console. However I do feel things will or should be handled as it goes. Your thoughts?
  6. Exactly where I'm at on it. Its like starting vanilla but understood since it'll be new to console. Still though. How long til we get our Striker?
  7. Ugh do I miss FF XI!!!! Reading your post made me think about those days. XIV was cool in its own way too. A major agree with you about the amazing step. Really dig your post and its nice to see another old school MMOer.
  8. Definitely. Wish I could use my Striker class but happy to be on the beta as soon as it drops.
  9. I've had a few xbox betas preload. But that's on the inside program. Doubtful this beta will be a preload. Although it would be a pleasant surprise if so.
  10. Well I did receive the email this morning for open beta on the 8th of November. Good to know everyone will get a go
  11. No point in really asking questions that are not going to be answered, or that we already know the answers to. You stated it correctly in saying people are waiting until E3 to see exactly what info will be released. Then the questions, rants, etc. will come.
  12. If all classes will be there. If lag will be an issue and how bad the servers will crash.
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