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  1. You do realize that this could be easily fixed? Set the chat to pull from a different source. Instead of [character name], use [gamertag/username]. It’s not like you’re creating anything. You simply change it from using the character name to using the username tied to that account/character.
  2. I somewhat agree. They don’t need to appease everyone. Of course, it’s impossible to make it so that everyone has a chance at every single boss. That’s just how it is. It’s not possible to do so because people live different lives—working/playing video games at different times. The objective should be to make it so that the time is suitable and presents equal opportunity for the average person. Anyone else who finds the time unsuitable bc they work different hours or something will most likely have to accept that. That’s just how things are naturally with gaming. If you work weird hours, have to make time for school work, or make different plans then you miss out. These are outliers and aren’t the primary focus right now. Currently, the primary focus is having a middle-ground time suitable for the average person in both PST and EST time zones. Edit: With what you said about having bosses every 20 min or so— It’s one thing to feel jealous about someone else having more time to play a game than you because you work different hours, have to focus on school, or are just overall busy in your life for numerous reasons but to want the game to cater to your needs isn’t always reasonable. I understand that this post is exactly that but we are talking about the boss time being 2am EST which is completely unreasonable for the majority of people, and therefore is a reasonable complaint. I do think that everyone should have opportunities (even the outliers) somehow (with rotating bosses perhaps) but some people will have more opportunities and some will have less. That can’t be prevented and people should realize that. For example, if you’re in school and have a research paper or something due, you’re most likely gonna miss out on killing bosses that week.
  3. You do know that the difference between PST and EST is only 3 hours, right? There’s an easy middle-ground between these two timezones. Also, with more world bosses being added in the future—it doesn’t change the fact that there is currently only one and when more are added the times can be changed accordingly. It makes little sense to say that more will be added so just deal with the way it is right now and you’ll get opportunities in the future when it is perfectly possible to find a middle-ground for now and simply readjust once more are added. Edit: They could always adjust the times on a weekly basis, alternating boss times so that everyone gets equal opportunities that way. The times aren’t indefinite; there is plenty of room for flexibility. EXAMPLE Week 1: Boss A (8pm PST / 11pm EST) Boss B (11pm PST / 2am EST) Week 2: Boss A (8pm EST / 5pm PST) Boss B (11pm EST / 8pm PST)
  4. Sweet reply. Makes a lot of sense. The game has been out so long that it would be impossible to make a change like this, and new players making characters don’t want this because the game has never had it. That makes so much sense. You shouldn’t want to change an aspect of a game because that game has been out a long time without changing that aspect in the past. That would be called “change” and that should never happen to a game if it’s been out for some time or if the current way things are done seem wrong or able to be improved upon. Nope. That’s the game. That’s how it works. Thinking about change or improvements is outlandish. Anyways, the game has only been out for a month on Xbox, but regardless of how long it has been out, it shouldn’t be that difficult of a change to implement.
  5. Why is it that at the start of the game we choose a “Family Name” tied to our account yet we cannot choose our character name freely? Naturally, most character names are taken so getting one you like is extremely unlikely. You should be able to choose any name for your character since you already have a unique name tied to your account, no? I think this should be changed so that your “Family Name” acts as a unique handle to your character name which can be anything.
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