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  1. yeah this guy Is a full on queen aha. I can see him working in a fast food shop with long black greasy hair covering his eyes. nose ring and lip piercings while talking like a queer with a lisp. "omg you guys that's so fabulous" while looking down on everyone thinking hes better than all them while going to Antifa rally screaming how he is oppressed.
  2. Jason

    Black Desert cross platform PS4 Xbox One

    LOL no way will this happen. Gaystation.... I mean playstation/Sony are selfish and greedy and dont play nice with others and refuse to let playstation users play with anyone across platform. Sony wants all the money and players all to itself "Mine mine mine" while xbox cross plays many games with many different platforms.... for as long as Sony keeps being selfish and refuses to play with others it will never have cross platform with xbox.... sony is just greedy. it's not even a technical problem at all since sony uses borrowed microsoft/xbox stuff (Playstation runs on windows 10 same as xbox as well as using a lot of other software made by Microsoft) so they are relatively the same... although xbox is more powerful. tldr: sony is greedy so no cross play
  3. I like this guy he speaks truth.
  4. Jason

    PVE servers will be here in July.

    PVE servers are confirmed for July 21st official woes from CM. just watched their live stream.
  5. Jason

    Remove PVP! No one wants it.

    Autism detected! Can you say all that again but in english? didn't even understand a thing of that post.
  6. Jason

    Game Review After a Month

    lol you got nothing to say because you know I'm right. got it 😏 I love winning an argument and yes I did win as you have just gave up bent over and took my facts because you know I'm right.
  7. Jason

    PC getting a new class soon!

    Seems my point is proven all the paedophiles are here to defend their sexual love and desire for children lol and making excuses "but they are halflings waaaa" either way they look like childre lol just admit you gamers love children....
  8. Jason

    Game Review After a Month

    this guy is what's wrong with this game.... he buries his head in the sand going lalalala nothings wrong lalalala everything's fine lalalala game is perfect lalalala and you know it dont happen because you are everywhere and see everyone at every second and know every second of what everyone's doing right? and you blame everyone else.... "it's their fault because they did this or that" open up your mind moron and get out of your cotton wall box... ever thought maybe just maybe people kill and PK and grief because its FUN for them? ever thought that it's not the person who got killed fault? oh no it cant be because in your world everyone is perfect and kind and all smiles and lovely and friendly and so awesome. it might scare you that in the real world people are giant A's it's the same for this game. there are trolls and there are people who lie and grief and cause trouble because it's fun. so you are wrong it's not the person who's got killed fault it's the killers fault for being a giant dork and killing them for no reason and yes it happens a lot stop putting your head into the sand this game is full of griefers and yes they do it all the time everyday on EU and NA. just because YOU dont see it then it means it dont happen? Grow up kid. (this is the part you lie and say your not a kid have a job blah blah blah more lies) this game is not perfect so stop keep saying it is. people kill and grief for no reason FACT!
  9. Jason

    PC getting a new class soon!

    no..... that class looks like it's about 8 years old. you will get tons of old men playing with that class and playing dress up and always with one hand in their.... and dont tell me "oh its 200 years old or some mythical b.s to try and justify it being an 8 year old kid" they are making a massive risk bringing that class to this game how is PVP gona work? it will be adults beating up and killing children... that will get banned and censored super fast. knowing these company they will try and make that class wear skimpy outfits to please all the pedos in this game. Just look at tera when it released the Elin class. Elin in tera is the most played class in tera also has the most outfits and costumes and that class is played solely by... you guessed it old men. how can you tell? simple... talk to them on Ventrillo or any headset/Voice thing. they all have super deep voices. watch how all the grown men now rush to the excitement of a child they can play with and play dress up with and put in slutty outfits while squealing and pretending they are an 8 year old girl in real life. the kind of people who watch anime and my little pony. Why do gaming companys keep bringing children into games as playable characters. Stop pushing pedophilia onto gamers. we get it you gaming companys love children. but normal gamers do not!!
  10. Jason

    Game Review After a Month

    and console gamers dont put up with this trash. look at ARK... dead... tera.. dead... neverwinter... dead.... skyforge... dead... what do they all have in common? massive grindfests that take too much time to progress only to lose all your had work in a matter of seconds because of poor gameplay and bad decisions. they are all also massively pay to win as well. yes I know ARK is not an mmo but it has the same thing as this game grind for weeks only to lose all your hard work in seconds. console players dont like to grind and they dont like pay to win and all those games that have that are all dead. look at all the top games on xbox none of them have grinding mechanics and none of them have pay to win in it. says a lot...
  11. Jason

    Game Review After a Month

    the game is dead.. especially on EU. and no. just because YOU see a few people here and there dont mean its alive. and dont even B.S about how all servers are crowded then post a screenshot from beta. no one wants to play a pay to win game where you get 1 shot and if you dont want to pay you have to grind for weeks just to get anything only to lose it in just 10 seconds. and this is the part where you lie and say you paid nothing got good drops you enchanted your gear with low fail stacks and got it straight away blah blah blah..... I will use ARK as a good example as that is just like this game in a way.... in ARK you have to grind for hours and hours spend weeks trying to get anywhere only to lose all your hard work and all your progress In a few seconds. that's the same for this game all your hard work lost because you failed an enchant and it went down a level.... how Is that fun? ARK is now dead because of the fact NO one likes to lose all their weeks of hardwork in a few seconds. EXACTLY like this game. this game will be dead EXACTLY like ARK because of the EXACT same reason. (I await your white knight response of how this game is perfect and amazing with no flaws and it's not dead.)
  12. it's not an issue that's the thing. they just want to see nipples like little kids and then giggle about out while playing with themselves. funny thing is anyone who's even seen a real pair of boobs know that the black spot is way to high to cover up a nipple anyways so its probably just a texture glitch. no way can a persons nipple be that high up on the boob.
  13. then you just contradicted yourself. if you dont want to see a nipple or dont care you wouldn't of even made this post and you wouldn't of even looked at that part of the body and the two black dots would be irrelevant. but we all know your lieing and just wanted to see underage lahn nipples. it's ok we know your a nonse no need to hide it. you getting angry and swearing only proves my point even more.
  14. are you a virgin? have you ever seen a naked woman? those black spots are way to high to be nipples. nipples are much lower on the boob. jesus christ this whole post smells of desperation and virgin. Waaaaaa I cant see underage nipples waaaaa. grow up and go to the outside world and find a real woman instead of playing with yourself over these fake 3D underage characters like a nonse.
  15. Jason

    Skill vs Gear Score

    another troll who is kissing the company's boot hoping to get a gold star. grow up kid. are you 12? this game is massively pay to win. I understand your lacking in brain cells but come on. open your eyes. if you pay money you can 1 shot anyone. no amount of skill can defend yourself from a 1 shot. grow up kid