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  1. shut your face. If you dont like that dont play a PVE server. some people like 100+ players who just stay around and wait for one mob to spawn. stop projecting your B.S onto other players. having a PVE server dont affect you anyway at all. your just crying because you wont have any more PVE victims to bully idiot. now go back to crying about things others want that have nothing to do with you and dont effect you at all.
  2. or maybe it's because westerners are normal. the shai class no matter how you dress it up or say it's not... looks... acts... and sounds like a child. stop trying to normalise pedophilia. why so you think tera elin class got so much hate and massively censored in western countries.... oh... because it looks like a child and for some reason adults have this thing about roleplaying children and dressing them up in sexual clothes... but I seem to be the only one here with a normal brain who thinks it's not ok to have children in such revealing clothes. now go ahead and tell me I'm wrong and defend the shai class while you got one hand down below as you play dress up on your shai class. seriously we got enough pedophilia in the world without having to have it in games too.
  3. aww someone sounds triggered aha. it's ok point to where it hurt. grow some thicker skin you seem to get butt hurt a lot on the forums aha make me shut up I can say what I like they dont ban people on these forums. dont like what I say?? then block me. oh but you want because you just like to bitch and moan like a little girl and complain when someone hurts your snowflake feelings. you got a solution so go do it block me or you shut the hell up and stop bitching about something you can do something about. its like you leaving your doors open when you go out then complaining someone robbed you. then getting told to shut your doors and lock them but you refuse.... then get robbed again and complain again.... hypocrit
  4. the irony of YOU of all people calling someone stupid is priceless lol
  5. they really need to remove randomness from this game its completely unrealistic and remove any skill in this game you might have. it's like say you go to work for 8 hours.. you then get a pay check and decide you want to buy a car as your one is old.... so you go to a dealer (like the enchantment system) you decide you want to buy this car and you have the money and you see the price. you then say to the dealer I want to buy this car heres the money... but the dealer says ok and takes your money and your current car (again enchantment system) then dealer gets a dice and says ok if you roll a 6 you can buy this car.... so dealer rolls and you get a 4.... dealer then says... ok thanks for trying come back for another try later (failing an enchant) you then say wait what? the car is right there I have the money to buy it right now yet you taken my money and my current car (when you fail and your weapon downgrades) dealer says... sorry you didn't roll a 6.... try again next time... you see how stupid the system sounds? if you got your weapon and you got the materials you should be able to upgrade with 100% chance no fail stacking B.S and no random chance as its completely insane and stupid to rely on a chance... you think in the olden days the king would roll a dice on weather or not his soldiers would get new weapons or armor and if he fails the soldiers would get downgraded to peasants? it's hard to explain but surely someone should see the logic here.... if you got the materials then there should be no randomness just skill required and you should have 100% chance to upgrade and no failing and no downgrading it's a stupid and pointless system.
  6. how about you all Prove PVE players are NOT the majority and PVP players are the majority before crying like little girls. god you kids are laughable. you will see PVE players are the majority. You PVP players are like the people who voted to remain in the EU and lost yet still think you matter and still think you are right and still think you won... even though the majority voted to leave... yet you still keep us here tied up forcing us to do what you want. (like forcing us to PVP in a non PVP focused game) I'm still waiting for the reasons to NOT have a PVE server.... no one can come up with any... which proves me right... all you PVP players are bitching and crying over nothing lol.
  7. oh the irony of you talking about low IQ with that comment.... 🙄 dont post again you make yourself look like an idiot
  8. 1) yes the majority... a simple search will reveal that. even on PC the majority are PC players. again do a simple search on google or PC forums or anywhere. look in the game itself even yes the majority are PVE players and the Majority do want PVE servers despite how much you might cry and argue and stomp your feet like a little girl the majority is PVE players who want a PVE server. 2) PVE players like to roleplay and some even play dress up (bleh) and design their house like to farm and fish and roleplay on a boat and many other reasons. so having a PVE server will allow them to relax and chil and roleplay how they want without fear of being PK by some A** while they are just chilling. why should PVE players be forced to stay only in one place it's their game too. 3) PVE players will pay money to buy things for their character like outfits so they can roleplay they will also buy things for their home so they can build a nice house to roleplay in chill and chat with friends so this will make money for the game on a PVP server however the chat is usually toxic and turning it off dont solve anything we PVE players shouldn't have to. so a PVE server will be troll and toxic free. PVP Players are toxic rude and cancerous and it's either their way or nothing at all. 4) PVE players are more relaxed calm and less toxic so the community as a whole will be really nice friendly and help eachother out. PVP players are rude selfish not friendly and only care for themselves and will stamp on you if you get in their way. it's either their way or nothing at all and they also feel they are superior and we must all bow down to PVP players. on PVE servers this wont happen. 5) More people will move out of towns and fill up and explore all zones and areas as they will now feel safe from ganks to do so. the ocean will be full of ships and trading ships as they no longer have a fear of PVP. the world will fill more full with players trading using horses fishing everything without fear of being PK by some A** who got bullied at school so he comes bullies people in a game by ruining their fun. there are your 5 reasons. now give me your 5 reasons of WHY there cant or should not be a PVE server? I bet you cant.... theres no reason a PVE server shouldn't exist... you dont lose anything if this happens other than the fact you no longer have PVE players to harass and bully. all I see here is PVP players crying they gona lose all their victims and only ones left will be PVP players so they will have an even match.... but a PVP player cant fight another PVP player as they to scared.... oh well... it's either their way or nothing... so selfish... so list your 5 reasons why there shouldn't be a PVE server.... I would love go read that drivel....
  9. wow that right there is the most sad thing I have ever read.... instead of spending summer with friends or family or spending money going on holiday having fun outside you instead pick to spend all your money on a company that dont care about you on a game that you will be bored off in a few months and regret your time and money you spent on it... this is what's wrong with the world.... to many people wasting money on video games when they have the opportunity to actually do something decent with their lives....
  10. they are releasing PVE only content and changing because they know that PVP players are the minority and PVE players are the majority and PVE players bring the most money to the game what with them buying outfits and homes and furniture to roleplay. PA have the numbers of and have seen their player base declining rapidly on xbox and that PVP players are the minority and pushing away all the other players with their Player killing and yes player killing happens every day and even for no reason or just for fun only an idiot would say it dont happen. tldr PVP players are the minority and PVE players are the majority and they are changing the game to suit the PVE players just like they should of from the beggining. PVP is NOT the main focus of this game since 80% of the game is PVE suck it up PVP players are face facts you are the minority. PVP players are like people who voted to remain in the EU constantly whining how they are the majority when they not. saying they won when they didn't and always trying to remove democracy or shut you up because you are right.
  11. oh the irony of this comment.... death angel is a cool guy leave him alone
  12. yeah this guy Is a full on queen aha. I can see him working in a fast food shop with long black greasy hair covering his eyes. nose ring and lip piercings while talking like a queer with a lisp. "omg you guys that's so fabulous" while looking down on everyone thinking hes better than all them while going to Antifa rally screaming how he is oppressed.
  13. LOL no way will this happen. Gaystation.... I mean playstation/Sony are selfish and greedy and dont play nice with others and refuse to let playstation users play with anyone across platform. Sony wants all the money and players all to itself "Mine mine mine" while xbox cross plays many games with many different platforms.... for as long as Sony keeps being selfish and refuses to play with others it will never have cross platform with xbox.... sony is just greedy. it's not even a technical problem at all since sony uses borrowed microsoft/xbox stuff (Playstation runs on windows 10 same as xbox as well as using a lot of other software made by Microsoft) so they are relatively the same... although xbox is more powerful. tldr: sony is greedy so no cross play
  14. I like this guy he speaks truth.
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