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  1. How much flax do you have to process to get to 58... lol
  2. Without actual numbers in sufficient sample size I can’t say for sure the percentages are lies—but I would love to see how they come up with them. The anecdotal evidence above certainly doesn’t prove it, but I smell a rat.
  3. I play on X Box One S. The game was iffy before the last patch, but worse now. In addition to the false ‘loot trail,’ if I eat a Balenos meal and run my arms look like chairs lol. The central market nearly always tells me it is inaccessible and to wait 6 seconds. In my case, I play on X Box instead of PC because its easier on my mouse hand, which is in constant use at work. Also better ergonomic options in my house in the living room.
  4. I connected my xbox to a wireless signal extender by cable—so its wireless from main router to the extender (20 feet, one wall, no mirrors), but wired from extender to xbox. It noticeably improved performance, but still very bad. Invisible barriers don’t last as long, but they still happen. My fear is that even if I spring for a One X, the game will still be a jerky mess.
  5. Is it really that expensive to add a server? Maybe they want the severs crowded to create shortages of resources that can be earned in game, thus increasing cash shop sales. Or to keep populations high for PR reasons. It seems like a ridiculous decision from a player perspective, which suggests to me there is a business reason.
  6. It definitely gets far worse during peak hours. In all regards.
  7. I’ll look into that, thanks for the advice. Not inclined to buy a One X if its not going to be a major improvement. There’s always lifeskilling...
  8. My technical skills are low-apprentice at best. I play on an original Xbox One with a wireless connection. The game runs acceptably for me in general PVE. In cities, bosses, or world pvp with more than a handful of players, its awful. Objects do not load, I get stuck on invisible barriers, the frame rate is poor and the graphics jerk around and freeze, NPCs often look like black outlines, item icons in the CM or storage take 4-5 seconds to load. Its a mess. I would like to fix the problem as economically as possible, but am not sure which culprit to target. Is this a wireless issue, do I need an Xbox One X, both? Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. Thanks for the responses. I completely ignored this ability, and learned a lot of bad habits doing solo PVE. PVP is a whole other world.
  10. So the Witch/ Wiz skill ‘protected area’ (PA) is supposed to be a group buff that gives 999 DP for 8 seconds to up to ten nearby players. How can I tell who the buff landed on? Who does it effect—all players in range including hostile, just non-hostile, or just teammates? Lastly, if I cast it in the safe zone, do players keep the buff when they leave the safe zone?
  11. Bowe

    Y Button

    Might need your weapon put away too? I nearly suffered an aneurysm trying to eavesdrop before realizing you had to put your weapon away.
  12. To be fair, life is pretty much pay to win too. I may not be top tier at either one, but I still enjoy both!
  13. I’ve read the same—that post-awakening offense is so high people get killed almost immediately upon a cc, even when competitively geared. In a sense, I suppose this is balance... attacker/ ambusher always wins. Does not sound fun though.
  14. Awesome, soon slightly a slightly higher percentage of online build guides will be relevant!
  15. Well, we think alike. I’m about to try the same thing (different costume). I also need to figure out this ‘tailoring coupon’ situation.
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