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  1. So far everyone in my guild can see them but me. The newest costumes I can see in the shop are Charles renee. Yes I have tried restarted my game.
  2. people not ok with pvp in a pvp game should not play a pvp game.
  3. this thread is lonely, need more dk's
  4. I will say I did come from PC, and guess what. When the game came out years ago we had plenty of people saying the same crap you are now. PvE only servers were not added. The players like you either learned to deal with it, or left the game. You were not missed there, you will not be missed here. If you want to talk about whats dumb, I would say its a player that comes into a pvp game and expects the devs to change it. If you dont like pvp games then why did you bother? Go play a game that caters to to you more.
  5. Just out of curiosity why 1 pot instead of no pot?
  6. wanted to but my dog decided to fall asleep on my bed before me..
  7. Who's upset? I said it was dumb, and when he actually asked why instead of just saying I didnt specify reasons, I told him why. Pretty basic.
  8. Kind of yes. Heres why. There is a karma system in BDO. The lower geared a person you killed, the more your karma drops. Once your karma goes under 0, you become a red player. Red players cannot even enter town without being ganked by guards. Red players are perma flagged as long as they are negative and can be killed by players with no consequence. This system is in place to protect against going on rampages killing lowbies nonstop. There are red players, this is true. Someone people do indiscriminately gank, this is true. However, it is such a minority of the players because life as a red player SUCKS. 9/10 this is why you were pk'd: You were grinding mobs in the same area as someone else. You started interrupting the other persons grind, either by killing their mobs, just running through aggroing and resetting their mobs, etc. They pk'd you. Once. If you go back and continue of course they will kill you again. There is such a thing as grinding etiquette in this game, and its basically mind your own business. We know its not constant killing because if it was they would become a red player. Especially if you were not geared, you can only kill like 3 times before you become red. So what do you do? Get out of their way or change servers. Duh. Again, this is 9/10. SOME ppl are just big ol meanie heads. Now before anyone says anything dumb like " Maybe they're scared there won't be any life skillers or low GS'd 50s out there to pk while auto-running." frankly IDC if they add pve servers. I'm saying they wont because they game is balanced as a pvp game and it would take too much work to redesign the game because you cant grasp a simple concept like "get out of big guys way, he'll squish me."
  9. This is going to be a wall that will go right over your head like my addon post did but here goes nothin. Maybe asking a question will turn the gear in your head. If its ok for the games (which its not for many reasons, a couple of which have already been posted maybe you should lrn2readbro) to go in different directions then how about we dont get awakening? PC exclusive. No new areas, PC exclusive. Lets have new classes only on the xbox version, and new classes only on the PC version. Divide and alienate the fanbase of an already, lets face it, fairly niche game. You dont think it matters now, and thats your inner child thinking. If the PC version were to have its own class that you wanted to play but was PC only, first thing you'd do is come on this forum and start complaining about it. What about the PC players if they were to add this ridiculous class of yours (throwing flasks.... really dude? how boring can you get) and assuming it wasnt crap, they can't play it. Do you really not see the issue here? Because if you can't, you really are an idiot. People have a problem with console exclusive pre-order bonuses for crying out loud. Think before you actually retort. I'm going to go to sleep, you have plenty of time to say something halfway intelligent. Killing time.
  10. Dont try to back pedal now. Your suggestion is and I quote "Xbox Exclusive Classes" Nothing about timed in there. Whats your point about the port? It has nothing to do with what I said since, as has been pointed out you're calling for a system exclusive.
  11. To addon, not only the exclusion of an entire community, but the amount of resources required to develop and balance a whole new character for only a small portion of the audience would be a horrible business decision. In order to suggest such a thing requires such a complete lack of sense and logic one cannot help but call you a child, when you add your behavior... it becomes a given.
  12. The one that acts like a child is the child. This is basically what you did. *cough* "Your idea is dumb." "Yeah, well your name." Since you actually asked now, the reason your idea is stupid is because having a system exclusive itself is stupid. It excludes an entire community. That's dumb.
  13. Not liking your idea makes me a dork(typed d***, funny autocorrect lol)? Nah, sorry kid. The guy that's the dork is the one that tried to make the whole thing personal just because you didnt like someone saying they think your idea is dumb. Then saying that IM the one that needs to be respectful? HA! You lost the moral highground when you tried to make it about my name, for, well as it seems no reason. Here's a lesson kiddy. When you post an idea on a public suggestion forum, you will get replies. You will get positive, or negative. Getting a negative reply is not a reason to make it personal. Technically speaking, I was on topic. You were not, therefore you broke your own thread. Besides, I thought you said you had better things to do. Clearly not
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