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    What Easter?

    Okay I've looked and used the search function but didn't find anything. I know it's not just me but quite a few other players. We do not get the quest line for the event but we still get egg drops. I hope this gets fixed and we get a time extension on the event. If this is working for you then please give a reply. Before some questions maybe asked. All my characters are over level 35. I have unlocked Florin and done all the quest lines within the area. I have seen all the major city material vendors with a turn in for the eggs but nothing from Florin itself.
  2. Shido Akabane

    Censor P2W

    I love those people. As someone who hasn't spent a single dollar in the game and happily beats others who have already sank thousands into the game. Makes me feel like my hard work and persistence has really paid off.
  3. Shido Akabane

    Remove Forced PVP !!!!

    I think both the PvP and PvE system are very well done in this game. Just like the life skills everything just feels more realistic. When it comes to PvP I don't really take part in the open world PvP except for PvP events. I have played the game on xbox and have yet to been openly attacked in PvP. When I show up in areas where I see groups. I take the time to ask them their farm patterns and then respectfully move in on a different area. This results in people leaning more towards keeping me alive as both a detorent and bait for players coming to PvP. Another really nice part is you can actually not do PvP at all and still do everything in the game that is PvE wise. At first it can be slow if you don't have the silver but you can still hit soft cap gear score levels easily. So if you don't like PvP create a character that doesn't have to do it. But if you do go above 49 you did it by choice and fully knowing that you will be in a now fully real world where a person next to you can murder you for no reason or just because you pissed them off. I understand fully well that this aspect and presentation isn't for everyone but without a doubt this game has the best Open world PvP I have experienced yet.
  4. Shido Akabane

    A Bragging Dwarf

    Region: NA Server: All Issue: Quest- A Bragging Dwarf Description: During the quest you are asked to go and inspect a golden eagle in the parliament building. Upon examination you get the description "This character does not exist." Hope to see this fixed soon.
  5. Shido Akabane

    Fetching Water

    Just like my last report this is just a back up report just incase the CS report only gets viewed by a bot or gets over looked by staff. Region: NA Servers: All Issue: Quest- Fetching Water Description: During the quest you are asked to go and retrieve water from a faucet. Upon interacting with the faucet you get the description "This character does not exist." Hope to see this fixed soon.
  6. Shido Akabane

    The Carrot and Stick

    I have already sent in a CS ticket for the bug. But I figured better safe then sorry and put the the bug up here as well. Region: NA Servers: All Console: Xbox One/Xbox One X Issue: Quest- The Carrot and Stick Description: At the start of the quest you are suppose to go up to the tables and interact with them to aquire the needed item "Hearty Meal". The issue is when you go to interact with it during the quest you get a message saying "This character does not exist." Hope to see this fixed soon.