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  1. Evidence right here... You only came on the forums to troll. If you haven't played the game in 6 weeks you got no reason to be on here.... again... you are a troll....
  2. Here's the thing as more and more content come out the more worse its gona lag and desync. Let's face it a game of this size was never gona do well. It's far to big and far to much going on for the xbox to handle. Maybe it's just time we all put this game down and move on to bigger and better things.... the games dead.... let it sleep.
  3. It's because Yiazzy always keeps shouting his mouth of like he knows everything and shouting down anyone in the forums. Why do people even still listen to yiazzy. Hes toxic troll
  4. Goodluck they dont care they are to focused on releasing this game on the PS4 they drained as much money as they can from the xbox version now they are done with it and gona drain ps4 of its money then when that's dried up will abandoned it all together. This is just a quick cash grab for them they know it has no future
  5. Someone who has alts would say that lol
  6. That's stupid logic. Theres also companion for bdo on PC and the as well as the apple store. Your logic is flawed. So you might as well not make this for anything then.
  7. Oh look at you super edge lord total rebel doing things others dont. I bet your the kind who bends over and defends companys like E.A when they release games that's unfinished buggy and chop up to be sold as DLC and say it's fine lol Sheep these days...
  8. They not given it to you because they want to try and see how much money they can get from you from it and what they can put behind a paywall.
  9. It's funny because my alt account is actually yiazzy lol
  10. Just ignore yiazzy hes a troll who thinks he knows it all but always gets proven wrong lol I agree with you the devs are liars. Just like how they keep putting crowded tag on servers but keep getting proven its fake
  11. Lol you dont honestly think this game will last to 2020 do you? A hahaha biggest joke I ever heard no offence lad but this game is already on its knees begging to be put out of its misery. The massive population has left the ship and its sinking fast. There are tons of new games coming out this year and next and we have a new console coming out with huge titles. (Fable 4, Cyberpunk, Outerworlds and more) the devs know this. They know their game is dead... that's why they are pushing as much pay to win content they legally can and pushing for as much money as they can before its fully dead and taken down. Want proof? Just look at the xbox game pass. Black desert was taken from xbox game pass and removed because they wanted to make more money (pure greed) and when they removed it from game pass tons of people left as they could not play it anymore. Now go on xbox store and look at the top paid xbox games.... black desert is not even there... heck even minecraft is in the top 10 paid games... Now go onto the other section on the xbox store and look at the part that says top played games.... again black desert is not there.... Want more proof? Just go onto Google and have a look at the xbox store stats. There is a whole section displaying what games are most played and their population... black desert is so low on the list games like never winter have more population than this and that's saying something.... But hey no matter what evidence you throw at people they will plug their ears sit in a corner rock back and thorth and go la la la la not listening. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/store/most-played/games/xbox See black desert is not even on the list at all... https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/store/best-rated/games/xbox Again black desert is not on the list.... again.... And look at the reviews on xbox store for this game they are all below 3 stars most 1 stars lol Theres so much proof this game is not popular and not good on xbox and hardly anyone likes it that its unreal. But you always get one person saying... "but but but... the servers sy crowded" they are crowded because the devs slap a tag on them as false advertising to make it look like their game is alive and well when it's not... Then you get people saying "but but I see loads of people everywhere in game" wrong. You see 1 or 2 people doing things near you and you think its populated. MMOs dont work on console and every single one that had launched has failed and died miserably we dont want these pay to win cash grab mmos stop pumping them onto consoles. Leave them for PC Just let this game die already
  12. Oh here goes yiazzy again thinking he knows everything yet again and again he gets proven how wrong he is. He keeps saying things and giving information that is always wrong. Maybe you should just shut your trap because everytime you speak you always get proven wrong lol makes you look more like an idiot every post you make.
  13. The games a massive pay to win cash grab and the revs know it lol. Better to save your money and just quit now as the servers will come down soon anyways lol So many new and good games coming out yet you all want play this trash old prehistoric game. When the new consoles come out this game wont be on it lol
  14. Because the forum is more fun than the game and there is more life on the forums than in the game lol derrrrr you really are a nimrod lol
  15. Welcome to black desert where they lie and give misinformation 24/7 why are people playing this really old game when there is so much better games out there? And they dont have in game cash shops. All this game is a huge pay to win cash grab that will just die when the new consoles come out soon.... heck it's even dead now.... it's been proven the crowded status on the servers is just more lies to make the game look alive when its not...
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