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  1. Its 59 so basically you can get to 59.99 on olvia servers, then you switch to another one, kill 1 mob and reach 60 Edit: maybe its 58.99 but certainly Not 52
  2. Some random loading screens here and there but I'm fine with it. Running X and ssd aswell. No problems at all, but more servers are needed not because of performance issues but because of the amount of players
  3. No it was a serious question, what enhancement (with wht FS) has 95% succed rate?
  4. OK ghillies are the most useless thing right now. But since its pearl related will probably have preference
  5. Ranking is less important but should already been in.
  6. Lets hope for useful stuff, night vendor, alchemy stones, imperial Npcs. Maybe rankings?
  7. Its so obvious i feel dumb even have to say it but you act like you are 8
  8. Kids will stay Kids, you said i have no points, i talked about yours and you ignore mine. Gl with your mindset streamers dont work, maybe you go back to the middle age. So i have to be either lifeskiller or pve or pvp? Guess i am cheating then, i do all of them. There are plenty of mobs you can butcher or even mine afterwards, so I dont know what to say else. Its funny how ppl can always pick a sentence or two to try to attack me. Even stuff i already talked about, proofed wrong already. People in a society have to form rules, there are always some minorities Not accepting it, trying to build a parallel society. Its Not working and you will see sooner than you think. And The majority agreed on the common pvp for Spot rules. The only point you guys have is 'no i dont want to accept the rules' which is very very poor. Gonna quit this now, see you in the desert
  9. And i dont know what you mean by lifeskillers. There are ignorant people and community people. I am a 'pvp' Player and probably more lifeskilling than you. That's for most pvpers.
  10. Well its the spot of the first one doesnt work, ive seen it thousands Times where one went to Horse and came back and Spot was taken by another who said 'i am first'. You need to figure a way, coming back and getting slaughtered Over and Over simply is a proof of Bad manner and ignorance and its exactly the same you experience here. Yup i agree with this. You can always ask to stay for few minutes, but karmabombing is just ignorant
  11. And its by no means forced, its the MAJORITY of ppl agreeing with this. This is called democracy btw
  12. LOL guess you cant read, i had several points. The EU, NA, KR, JP, Sea communities are 5 already accepting exactly These rules. My point with Streamers aswell. Dude you are the one having no point but 'i dont care i make my own rules'
  13. Dude your ignorance is huge. Go to your Boss and Tell him to gtfo. There is no rule Holding you back and still you dont Do it. And get your thoughts on streaming right, yea the Moment you wtch they are only playing but its alot work to do when stream goes off. And even while streaming you just dont play, you gotta entertain and talk 24/7. Its a Job as soon as you get paid for instead of what jealous plebs like you are thinking. Your mindest is at least 10 years old and ignorant af. And still you refuse to Listen to a community playing this game for years. Ofc there needs to be rules most can agree with. And then there are ppl like you. PC prooves ppl like you will die so i dont worry at All. You are probably exactly These ppl still talking about another sexuality or race. Pls move to 2k19 and most important git gud
  14. If you would read my posts please, already talked about all this stuff. You dont get banned and rules dont need to be written down, its Not against ToS but still its a player based rule. Dont need to argue with me, keep doing what you think and you end up playing alone or quitting. See you in the desert Btw ask ANY Streamer having more than 10 viewers about These rules. Not a Single one will say 'there are no rules'. Its just a few braindead ppl think they can Do whatever they want.
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