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  1. This happens to me at Karanda as well. It'll sometimes rubber band (pull me back) rapidly when I need to run from her close range AoE. But strangely enough I often take no damage even though I'm stuck in the circle of doom. Gives me mixed feelings. I didn't die, yay! But the game was breaking, boo!
  2. I've been noticing general stability going down as well. I mainly 1v1 and along with the occasional lag/rubber banding, varies from person to person but some days are terrible, there has been an increase in stuttering at all times. Not good to have your screen freeze for even a half second mid fight. If I happen to use any skills that dash during this moment, it'll throw me way farther than I should ever be allowed to. This also happens often when traveling.
  3. It's only going to get more "one-shotty" with Awakening. Although I myself am not too much of a fan of a very small time to kill in games like this, I did my research and knew exactly what to expect. Not defending, I'm advising. When all info for this game is already out on PC, you can't act surprised. Next time, thoroughly check if it's a game you'd actually like. Not expect the game to change according to your dislikes. I'm not saying we can't try to change things, but it's clear you blindly jumped in and now want this game to be something it is not. It's only your fault as to why you feel so stressed over the situation.
  4. I personally would love to have more cool looking, armored up costumes for female characters. Currently we only have Valoren which is... Decent I guess. I don't like the helmet though lol But please, no politics. You need to look at this from a business standpoint. I completely agree with you wanting a better variety of costumes and styles, but not with your reasons. Money will speak more when it comes to this, and I say... I'd be willing to drop some pearls on some cool looking female armor.
  5. If a player disconnects during the world boss and there are too many players present, upon loading back in it'll seem to try to load all players even with hide players on, and cause it to disconnect again. For me personally, it doesn't normally disconnect. But when it does, it prefers to never let me back in. To fix this, players who disconnect during the World Boss should respawn at the node spawn point. Like if they died, but without the penalty of course. This will also ensure players don't get possibly killed if they happen to reconnect at the exact time the boss uses their strongest attack. Hopefully an easy solution. I don't know what it'd take, but I thought I'd throw out the idea anyway.
  6. I love the massive amount of assumptions of everyone's experience from this post, and if you say something different from his experience, you must be lying. He's invalidating anyone who disagrees ahead of time. Well I guess here goes my lie. I won't argue the dumb semantics of whether this game is P2W or P4C. That goes nowhere. But I will argue against this idea that P2W has a monopoly on all the best grind spots, leaving all other players in the dust with no possibility to catch up. I consistently find myself uninterrupted while grinding. And when someone takes the spot from me, I'm sure to find another good spot nearby and out of the way. It's a brief moment that I move on from quickly with the worst case scenario being one loading screen. I really wonder what you PK magnets are doing. People like you either keep getting in people's rotation, complain in chat making yourself a target for trolls, or exaggerate your experience after getting PKed a couple of times acting like you're being victimized. And really? Comparing an MMO's way of balance to a Competitive Shooter's balance. What's next? Comparing the strength of BDO's classes to the strength of units in a Strategy game?
  7. It's not about being clever, it's about saying what's very likely true. We have here an entire post about how this person doesn't care and how it has little effect on him. So little of an effect that he types out an essay about it. It's just lying to yourself.
  8. This paradox of needing to say how much someone doesn't care.
  9. I've done quite well in PvP as a Lahn. With all of that frontal guard on attack, she's able to trade with anyone who doesn't have a grab and come out on top easily. But you must be very decisive with your attacks and be sure that it will hit, or else you'll often get a long animation that misses embarrassingly and is punished easily. I find it's always best to let others make the first move. I back step to block while I prepare to time an fg attack in between their moves. Generally feels like only good grapplers and good ranged players counter me well.
  10. It would be nice to have a way to reduce damage to our consoles if we afk overnight. But there is something you can use for now. Have your Xbox set to automatically shut off when afk. You can choose how many hours up to 8 I believe. I generally just use 2 hours for strength training. I'm too afraid to risk it for longer since I play constantly.
  11. It'll say it in the chat too, under the general section. Unfortunately it can get buried under market notifications which for some reason get spammed in that section.
  12. TL;DR. Forced PvP doesn't happen that often. If it does for you, there is likely something you're doing. Most of all, don't take it to the chat. It'll make you a target for trolls. The game won't die and the games you listed don't prove that. So many things wrong or exaggerated here. Ark and Fallout 76 aren't dead because of open world forced PvP. They are dead because of how buggy and unfinished they are. Don't try to blame it on PvP when that's clearly not the reason. And WoW seems to have more focus on PvE with all the dungeons and raids which makes sense as to why PvP servers failed for that game. I can't speak about Rust however. You make it sound like the game is full of griefers. I've only been attacked six times after a month of playing for many hours a day. Others share the same experience in chat. Yes this is all personal experiences, but it's said often. I find that the players who make a big deal from being PKed and take it to the chat, are often the target for more of it as the trolls will find humor in it. You might be one of those people. Don't let them know it bothers you, that just encourages it. And yes server hopping is a solution. If you are getting killed in every server, maybe stay out of people's way or be very evasive. I do it with Lahn all the time. Drop in, take mobs, fly away! I found that a lot of players instead of fighting me, turn around and speed off to the next group rather than deal with negative karma and potentially a lot of recurring PvP, since some people will either return to fight or "karma bomb" them.
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