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  1. residuo

    Where is my hawk?

    Idem for me
  2. residuo

    party invitation failed

    greetings, I've tried to invite my friends to a party since the beta began and always cancels itself, with the guild invitations also the same thing happens, with other players also happens but not all.
  3. residuo

    downloading now but...

    is ridiculous, open beta and do not put it in all regions, another way of doing things wrong PA, I hope that the release of the game you released in all places and with their corresponding translations. Today I am disappointed.
  4. residuo

    The Disrespect

    bad very bad ...
  5. residuo

    Xbox One vs. X

    xbox one x :-)
  6. residuo

    What Class are you going to try first?

    kunoichi o lahn
  7. residuo

    Introduction Thread!

    Hello, waiting for news soon of the date of departure of the game or its beta.
  8. residuo


    the first congratulations for publishing the web. second, will you put on languages like the pc game forum? thanks for answering as soon as possible :-)