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  1. @ApolloDries Yes. I am actually restarting my guild unforunately because my previous members went inactive. Sorry for the late reply but if you still want to join that would be great.
  2. New guild made a few days ago recruiting all active new players or players who havent decided on a guild yet. Currently have less than 10 members but hopefully we will grow fast. We started working on our Guild Passives slowly. I am the guildmaster and brand new to this type of gameplay with gathering resources/dealing with nodes and such so hopefully if you decide to join you will be patiant with me and support me a long the way as well as everyone else who may need help. As I said, everyone is welcome as of this moment until we get bigger and will be looking for active players only. What I am aiming for is to have about 2 Guild Officers dedicated to each set of servers. So 2 for Calpheon 1 to 3, etc. Main reason is so that the Guild Officers can deal with any of the fellow members than are in those servers and do guild missions with them so everyone can participate instead of clogging up one single server and everyone gets little to no reward when the mission is finished. If your interested to join. Please let me know on here or message me on xbox at Demonic5andwich and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy your stay if you decide to join!
  3. Try renewing the contract on your self then disbanding the guild
  4. Like it says in the title, i just cant seem to wrap it around my head about how guilds work and as a guild master I want to learn asap. Now I figured some things out but the thing that confuses me the most is how in the world are you supposed to pay your guild mates? Is there a member restriction before it starts or do they have to go to a guild master/helper to recieve their payments? I tried looking online before posting this but I just dont understand what they were saying about it. Much appreciated if you guys can help.
  5. The bosses have a timer for when they appear so just look it up and figure it out from what your time zone is to the bosses. Then when the boss shows up in the world just go to its general vacinity. You will see a **** ton of people around so its not that hard to figure out
  6. You do know that if you go to the Monsters tab on the map it will show you the locations of where the field bosses will spawn in right?
  7. Hi. I just created my guild the other day and I was wondering why I can only invite 1 person a day?
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