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  1. Insults? You just became a mockery to yourself? I did not make no insults towards you so get off you high horse you degenerate...
  2. Is this US servers? I’m on EU, we (well I) don’t see much of this and I’m on pretty much everyday...
  3. @Alder I’ll take your 1 bill Im sat on 30 mil and over 5k mats with 318GS
  4. Hello, ive crafted over 200 beers and my CP EXP doesn’t seeemed to be going up, I heard crafting increases your cp hense why I’m crafting a lot of beer (also good to replenish workers stam) but am I doing something wrong because I heard it’s a good way to get cp, also making advanced utainsels, but I’m not sure if it’s working or not, a little help would be nice! thanks
  5. Lahn + boss = disaster... (lv 53 Lahn, 300GS)
  6. Hello, just owndering anyone have any thoughts on a decent boss alt to use? I’ve heard ranger with there insane range but then I’ve heard that sorc have really good sustain? Also wiz/witch I see those everywhere I heard there good for bosses aswell with low GS.
  7. Thank you ever so much you explained it so well!!
  8. Hello, i was wondering what’s the best gear so far that you can possibly get on a character, I’ve heard about Asula gear and Kzarka gear but I’ve not gotten quests nor know how to find it, I know Kzarka is a world boss right? But do I need to farm for summoning scrolls or what? I have a level 52 Lahn with 98 AP and 145 DP, Thanks.
  9. Yeah she’s really fun I can’t wait for her awakening! Oh sweet yeah I’m just going through my armour etc upgrading bits and bobs I’ve finaly got my AP to 91 and DP to 121 when before it was 56/66 lol
  10. I’ve finished the quest line for the black spirit the only quests I have is Special I and special II but these are soo hard like one hit from one of the cultists take a quarter HP
  11. Thanks all for the replies I think I will make a life skill character and grind gathering etc!
  12. Hello, new to all of the gear progression I’ve turned level 50 and I was looking online and seen people with 280 Ap at level 56 etc I’m sat on 56 AP and 66 DP with my Lahn and some of the mobs such as the skeletons are wrecking me I’ve got Delphad Castillion’s Carnage Pendulum and my body armour is the red ork armour none of its upgrades but I dunno if I should buy new stuff and upgrade or what, it doesn’t explain too well, if someone could give me some advice on what gear to get I would appreciate it! Thanks
  13. Hello, new to black desert online, I played it about a year and a half ago on pc for a tiny bit as I had a 7 day subscription trial, playing it on xbox now and enjoying it so far, I created a witch at the start (lv 37) then I came to realise wiz/witch are pretty underpowered classes to use in pvp (or very hard to use) I’ve been testing all the classes so I have all my slots filled but I’ve recently been playing a lot of Lahn (lv 42) and she’s amazing and so satisfying to use but I was watching a video on YouTube for some tips and a guy mentioned a good way to make money is to make a character souly based around life skills such as cooking , gathering, alchemy etc he said to get as many grain nodes as you can, so I was just wondering should I make a separate class from my Lahn for specific life skilling and use my Lahn for a pvp/boss char? Thanks for reading guys, looking forward to the replies! :)
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