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  1. so today xbox comfirmed xbox keyboard support and they said that they will reveal more details on november 10th inside xbox. 1. NOVEMBER IS FALL 2. they said they were having issues with the controller! 3. bdo is a console launch exclusive 4. perfect reason for pearl abyss to release the game with keyboard support coincidence I THINK NOT inside xbox link
  2. I truly get what you are saying @Daniel and I know you were not one of the ones who were mad. I would appreciate it too if PA would be a little more transparent (I think we all would). I will also say that I truly prefer talking about games that I helped developed when it is time to talk about them and I am not going to hold a grudge or boycott PA for this. Sorry not saying that you were doing that but I have seen many people talk like that this week:)
  3. I'll try but I do not know how strict they will be with recording, I'll bring my elgato hd60
  4. Also I will be at the event if anyone is wondering to support the devs on their accomplishment.
  5. I am probably going to get a lot of hate for this but most of you guys who are complaining have no sense of what goes into game development. First an MMORPG like Black Desert is obviously a hard game to port. I know this because as a person who has family that works in the game industry I know they are not just trying to do a crappy job and port it without a proper control scheme. I do not think you guys want this to end up like Bless Online. Games are an art form and an MMO like this should not be ported with little care. I applaud PA by taking their time and I embrace delays because most of the time we get a product that is better from it. So I suggest that some of you have the decency to give PA the time they deserve because you know you are going to play the game anyway. I personally felt bad for @[CM] Simon because he looked so tired in that interview and I think he is scared to defend his game that he treasures because of potential backlash. Most of you guys should be ashamed of yourselves because you have NO IDEA what the process is for making a game. I hope most of you guys say sorry to @[CM] Simon for the stress you have caused him. smh
  6. I just hope it does not release in late summer because I have a limited break period before I start College haha:)
  7. Depends on the machine as said by @Dr INF3NRO I personally have a custom built pc with 2 Gtx 1080s in it and 32 gbs of ram. Runs at and unbelievable 182 fps average at 1080p.
  8. Thanks @Azuki and @Beond I really appreciate your input. Also will you guys be at the event?
  9. So today I got an email that you have to be over 21 to go to the event. Also you need to have an ID to prove you are over 21. Having an ID for me is not the problem because I have one. It is that you have to be 21 because of what they are serving at the event. I know I will not be consuming anything that will alter my state of mind because first my father will be there and Second I am Mormon. I personally am very sad and I hope I can still go. I have spent over 1,200 hours in the world of black desert and have spent hundreds of dollars. I love Pearl Abyss. @[CM] Simon if you can clarify this I would be very appreciative because I already bought my ticket for going across the country.
  10. Thank you so much for your hard work @[CM] Simon and I totally understand the developmental process. I also understand that you guys are going to E3 in about a month and want to get something done to show off. I know how much stress you guys are under coming from a person that works in the interactive entertainment industry. Take your time with the interview because I think we all appreciate you:)
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