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  1. Senjen69

    Omelet Recipe

  2. Senjen69

    Omelet Recipe

    I will look. Using what is listed in game from when I made them before. Thank you though.
  3. Senjen69

    Omelet Recipe

    I have made them before. I am Skilled 9 and I put the exact ingredients in and I get told they are wrong. My Utility is at 427 durability. Whats the deal?
  4. Senjen69

    Imperial Trading Beer

    I was trying to create the Beer imperial trading. When i put 100 beer in it says not working, but the ingredients say 50 beer. What am I missing.
  5. Senjen69

    Approximate AP/ DP for Lev 55 Lahn

    But it said successfully
  6. Senjen69

    Approximate AP/ DP for Lev 55 Lahn

    So I just wasted a ton of money. I bought a grade 2 Armor reform gem. Used it on a green Aegean Glove +4 and it didn’t turn into a Blue Glove. It said successfully reformed. Guess I just wasted tons of money on something I didn’t fully understand. If I even partially understood. Ugh
  7. Senjen69

    Outfit from reward bundle

    I love the look. It’s sweet. Sad it goes away in a week. Wonder how I can keep the look.
  8. Senjen69

    Approximate AP/ DP for Lev 55 Lahn

    Thanks Everyone. People Keep posting Thoughts. Some take aways: I don’t Know tons of what people said with the Jargon. I mean I get most of it. But Hunterseals, etc. Haven’t really looked at offhand, etc. Guess i should look at the stats overall and not just AP/DP straight out. I have been Life spilling AFK a bunch, as I started making Beer for my workers (still doing by hand) then moved to Refined Grain Juice. It seems to have the same stats as an XL heal potion. Not sure what people think, but I have three Wheat fields going... So I made a bunch. Should I worry about Enhancing my own weapons? I made an Ultimate Weapon Reform Shard and not sure what to do with it. It wouldn’t work with my Secondary weapon and my Primary is already Ultimate Krea. Why make The new Black Shards out of one Sharp Shard and 2 Weapon Shards i cant seem to find a use for them yet. Thanks, Matt
  9. It would be great to be able to see your Characters. Their Stats. Pretty much the whole Stats page and Tab for each Character from your Smart Phone/ Tablet. No manipulation, just viewing
  10. So, as you can see by the title. I am a Lev 55 Lahn. I have been playing this as nay Main for a while and love it. I feel like I am not where I should be Weapon Armor wise. I Just broke down and bought a yellow TRI Ultimate Krea Pendulem Weapon. That boosted me a bit, but Everything Else I have is like Green or Blue. I started turning in the Dim Armor Quests, etc. I am at 129 AP 168 DP. Thoughts? What should I be doing? Thanks for your input please. Matt (Senjenai the Lahn)
  11. Senjen69

    Pet Level Cap

    Hmm. So kind of like enhancing?
  12. Senjen69

    Pet Level Cap

    I have a German Shepherd. She is Level 10. For-Like-EVER. How do i get her higher. Can we increase their their?
  13. Senjen69

    Basic Guide To Getting Started With Workers And Nodes

    So glad someone is starting to make instructions showing XBox Controls.
  14. Senjen69

    Drying beginner help

    I have been unsuccessful finding Ficy in Heidel. I did Jemkas’ quest, but can’t find Ficy.
  15. Senjen69

    Introduction Thread!

    Hello, Matthew here. I’m a 49 year old gamer. Senjen is my cat. All, my character names are usually derivatives of this. i have been playing on Calpheon, but not critical to stay there. I do a lot of AFK life’s killing, can’t commit to many hours of in front of the screen. wish XBox had better visuals on what skill tree was and the controller combos/ flow. Wish having a worker invest your gold wasn’t so impossible. Like maybe a certain level/ type worker (artisan goblin perhaps). Loving my Lahn.