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  1. I feel like that going to suck because I'll be at an disadvantage when I switch.
  2. I was just wondering if ninja and kunoichi would be available classes from the launch of the game on xbox one?
  3. Yeah I think that would be taking it to far, unfair and no skill required too. I'm just looking for great controls for an mmo using a controller with extra buttons like mapping hotkeys to back paddles.
  4. Yes, I don't know how the controls will be for console but if you needed to press X and A at the same time for an action like a spell attack or drink a potion. I think it would be cool to just click one button rather than multiple buttons for an action using the back paddles. Now I'm thinking it doesn' t have to be just button mapping for combinations of buttons but mapping for individual skills/actions using the back paddles. The paddles are like extra buttons to me so you could possibly make them hot keys for certain things.
  5. Lasted time i checked if you have to press a combination of buttons to activate the skill say like Left Trigger and X you won' be able to map it using the Xbox Accessories App. It only allows for the buttons on the controller to be remapped and not individual skills or actions, ect.
  6. I was wondering if you could do something special with the Xbox One Elite Controller like button mapping individual skills to back paddles and other things you may want to do by a press of a button?
  7. Thank you for your much appreciated insight of the game! I was a day one buyer for pc but didn't get far using controller. I understand kind of what you mean but I feel like that's all when politics come into play. And everyone will be trading. So no one group will have the advantage there. It would still take plenty of time to get all that gear and to level up. Hopefully the level cap is higher on the consoles. It would definitely show who is the strongest guild is and who has the best team work. There would be so many more casualties on both sides if one guild tried to dominate a spot. Also if it's a big guild they'll probably break up in to teams to farm different things. Yeah I'm looking for total immersion. I'm definitely going play the console version more.
  8. I don't mind grinding for stuff because if you keep at it it's bound to drop sooner or later. I'd honestly would like to sell at my own price or trade because I like to haggle it's fun. I think the more close to real life it resembles and with a twist of fantasy makes the game more immersive.
  9. I'd rather the game have a real life commerce system. I condemn actually buying items for real money but I feel you should be able to do whatever you want with your drops as long as your not cheating. It's all about the freedom honestly. Play the way your want with friends and teammates.
  10. I was honestly hoping that the developers would do something interesting with the Xbox Elite Controller's back paddles like assigning hotkeys to them or any button(s) combinations.
  11. Just thought that they could have figured it out because other games have trading that really makes the game fun. This is an mmo so I was guess it would have alot of features including a detailed real life economy/barter systems along with all the other stuff and more
  12. I was reading that you can't trade in this game. Big let down if you can't but I was wondering if you (the developers) were going to implement it for xbox one or further down the road on all platforms? Please post if you want trading actual items to be a thing!
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