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  1. Zenjii

    Server Down?

    Same here can't login... I deinstalled the game πŸ˜‚. Now I install it againπŸ€”
  2. Yeah or by June πŸ˜‰
  3. Be glad that the new content comes here without a long wait, in other games it takes much longer. Do not know a game that has new content so fast. Awakening and Valencia are expected to arrive in June, the last reminder of the GM that I do not remember.
  4. Zenjii

    Add camera zoom out function

    Well then an option to zoom in and out would be quite good. So those who want to be closer to the character are provided and those who are more pleasant are provided.πŸ€™ Btw I meant the Gameplay and not Customization menu.
  5. Please add a new option that allows to zoom out the camera. It'll be more enjoyable to play the game. Otherwise eye cancer will be confirmed. 😡