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  1. Shitty and late updates on xbox vs ps4 release half year earlier. Guess where the focus was...hmmmmmmmmmmm...
  2. Ranking is out yet? Or they are still fixing it during every update before it goes live?
  3. My guess is 5x milk, two relic shards and gm blessing
  4. Ranger and zerker then striker 😛
  5. Well i had to stop playing almost two months ago due to some real life stuff. Left with full tri boss Gear and duo yellow accs, yet i dont feel too much behind since then. I had the daily routine of life skilling to earn these 100/200 mil and as it looks right now, i would still be doing it because there is nothing new since i left ☀
  6. @Dr INF3NROremember meme topic? pepperidge farm remembers. Feelsbadman
  7. Game is ****. No tamer 🙈
  8. They are chains after primary skill which is fireball and lightning
  9. See, better quit and come back in two Years when they release sea content.
  10. Mooooo
  11. 2020, ps4 isnt ready for next update
  12. You know where the teamforce for fixing guild UI and leaderboards went 👀
  13. Region: EU Character Name: ShhPlease Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/BdxLux/status/1143169497869762560
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