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  1. Daniel

    EGX EVENT and black desert

    I'm not sure, but that might be pc only? Since they write about new expansion and kakao
  2. Daniel

    Black desert online p2w lol

    I would rather prefer bdo to be p2p with cosmetics in shop like ffxiv, than current state. I can see why this p2w is bad for people still at school or students who don't have much money, but yea, nothing we can do about it
  3. Daniel

    Official BDX Discord

    Im not talking about this case but 100 others, where they prune'd them, so you didn't even see them happened to @Betty @Jammer480 too. Beond was abusing forum system and can't really see PA accept him as mod (or whatever role he has) there. And I was posting our guild recruitment as there were no rules saying, it's not allowed. Peace out seargant
  4. Daniel

    Status Update!

    I don't think you will receive confirmation. Only invitation when they finally run it
  5. Daniel

    Official BDX Discord

    Yeah. But still, I don't recommend this unofficial discord as they are removing conversations that doesn't suit them. I'm out of this topic
  6. Daniel

    Official BDX Discord

    Looking at the current communication, I can't see PA bothering doing any of these sadly
  7. Daniel

    Status Update!

    Or at latest q1 2018. Spare us the enlightenment please
  8. Daniel

    Remove forum ranking

    Many things can be exploited beyond recognition lul
  9. Daniel

    Remove forum ranking

    It's too much, staph it
  10. Daniel

    Remove forum ranking

    So many suggestions 😱
  11. Daniel

    Official BDX Discord

    Create new one official by PA, add their rules and mods. Imo official one shouldn't be driven by people who do what they want with it and can't take any critism (eq. Delete messages which doesn't suit them). And ofc self hosted bots. It should be well thought-out and responsible driven, just like Reddit
  12. Daniel

    Remove forum ranking

    Now, if they could only add text embed in topic creation, which I asked for half year ago... AHH I need to stop dreaming 😂
  13. Daniel

    Remove forum ranking

    It's gone!!!! Finally
  14. Daniel

    Sorc Gameplay video

    Idk. For me, they show as little as possible intentionally. Can't imagine that none from PA noticed continuous cry after zerk video. Or that, the only one person responsible for delivering videos to build up hype, can't attack and move at the same time...
  15. Daniel

    Remove forum ranking

    Agree on all of cm parts from your replies. Just remove points and posts count. So there's no point in spamming. Strict on forum rules. Ban for double posts for X days. Block already asked topics, tell users to use search option. Introduce forum dictature. Simon reading this be like "people just want to change everything here" 😂