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  1. Daniel

    Join social group

    Not only this, but when you join, you will see alot of Brazilian spam and things not even related... I just started to report this group as spam on FB
  2. Daniel

    Join social group

    They spam this crap under.every.damn.post on bdo fb
  3. Daniel

    Solution to the bot spam

    Probably not, cm isn't gm
  4. Daniel

    AFK mechanics removed

    Maybe I'm here to play port of bdo on Xbox and like it as it is? Most pc players don't want to have their pc on all the time too I guess. Bills are even higher over there lol
  5. Daniel

    AFK mechanics removed

    I just like it like it is on pc. Love the mechanics and climate. Removing core things would change the feel of the game. Love the grind
  6. Daniel

    Mobile games

    There is unofficial English patch for a long time now.
  7. Daniel

    Player Trading(at least for guilds)

    Idk, I personally like that you can't buy anything and need to get it yourself.
  8. Daniel

    Other languages

    He didn't know about regions and languages last time as it was too long until release, but best of luck
  9. Nope, pa isn't ms. It's ms platform and they decide what consoles will be supported. I never said the game will run any good on original one. I said it will be supported, there's difference if you want to start pointing out small things. Ms guaranteed that every game will stay within console gen. Just like 360. PA said it will be on whole one gen, so it will. What difference does it make which console I own? I can say that I'm on PS4 and it will ruin your world. No need to take it personally if you run out of other arguments. Pubg runs on all one's. Why wouldn't bdo?
  10. Daniel

    Mobile games

    You can download kr version since it started and EU/na =q1 2019 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  11. Daniel

    Mobile games

    Playing Korean with English patch, but language barrier is too huge in some places, but love it so far
  12. Microsoft stated that every game will work on all versions of one, so they would destroy whole policy just for one game?
  13. Daniel

    Black Desert Online Poland

    Ta, wyjdzie może pod koniec roku
  14. Daniel

    Enhancement System

    The same as vanilla pc is my bet