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  1. Daniel

    Awakening showcase/stream prior to launch

    Let's hope they will upload the video before the actual update, not like with Valencia
  2. Daniel

    Shirna/BDO streams

    They also don't upload, so stay till 4am if you not US
  3. Daniel

    This game is massively pay to win!

    Right now it isn't about selling costumes but extracting them
  4. Daniel

    Skill Point Resets?

    You can reset skill points from voucher In pearl shop, as for guild points no idea
  5. Daniel

    Awakening question

    All the skill points you have you can use either on normal, absolute or awakening skills. Better grind some more of them. We may get skill point reset for loyalty like we got when absolutes came, but you never know with this company
  6. Daniel

    This game is massively pay to win!

    My bet is: The one who played 1k+ hours more and has advantage. How dare he be better after investing so much more time
  7. Daniel


    Also don't expect to have the same gear with someone who played already 1k+ hours. Slowly do the main quests, then go over and unlock all nodes by talking to node managers everywhere. Then just grind and get money to enhance. Most end game grinders won't kill you unless you mess up their rotation
  8. Daniel

    Kzarka Drop is there an exploit?

    Name of stream atleast?
  9. Daniel

    Skill vs Gear Score

    It's all about class too. On witch 300dp+ I get killed in seconds if I get cc'ed, on striker the same dp I can easily kill higher gs. So there are classes better at 1v1, group PvP, groups PvP etc.
  10. Daniel

    Kzarka Drop is there an exploit?

    Link to stream?
  11. Daniel

    Operational Policy - Change

    All the changes to policy, yet racist things on server chat since headstart and nobody cares. Most likely tss mainly to get bans for people who got pearls for lower price