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  1. Daniel


    2020, ps4 isnt ready for next update
  2. You know where the teamforce for fixing guild UI and leaderboards went 👀
  3. Daniel

    Share your Shai Submission thread!

    Region: EU Character Name: ShhPlease Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/BdxLux/status/1143169497869762560
  4. Daniel

    Share your Shai Submission thread!

    Ban for offensive names when
  5. Daniel

    Server Removal

    You know, in other games people gather playerbase votes via petitions and show it to publishers. That's the option with highest possibility to affect anything. But who cares continue your crusade.
  6. Yeah, I meant xbox-ps cross platform not Xbox pc etc.
  7. Well Microsoft for sure had a share in this. They haven't been open for cross platform gameplay in many years. Other thing is the Xbox players progress that would make PS4 playerbase angry
  8. Daniel

    What is the best class for pure PVE?

    Witch and wizard
  9. Daniel

    Server Removal

    Why didn't you guys make a petition yet if there are so many people up for the idea in your opinion. Be more productive than crying on forums, it got boring reading all that bullshit after first week
  10. Daniel

    Server Removal

    Only reason why there is exp buff on arsha is because PvP happens more often. Pve server should have -drop and exp like mentioned above. But they won't happen anyway, so nothing to discuss. Ps. Kill stealing would quickly get crying people back on forums, crying even more
  11. Daniel

    They need to remove randomness (RNG)

    50% doesn't mean you get it every second time. If not rng, most people wouldn't have anything to aim for. Have I failed over 50 tries of tet? Yep. But BDO was always huge rng game, so it doesn't really matter for me, at some point it will go up.
  12. Daniel

    Enhancing Accessories

    I'm only croning tet attempts on yellow accs
  13. Daniel

    Life skills subforum

    @[CM]Shirna can this be made?
  14. Daniel

    Stop dumping lifeskillers

    Idk lifeskills can get you more money per h than grinding