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  1. Daniel


    since I left the game, only small things were added plus ps4 version, so that's obvious
  2. Daniel


    but but they have a different team for ps4! Can't believe they still didn't add t8 😛
  3. see... nobody cares about life skillers Didn't take long to be ignored for the first time by the new cm :v
  4. Daniel


    spam is spam
  5. Daniel


    He buy it at the price u list it. U get less money because of tax.
  6. Ew. Fogg off m8. We need to milk players with costumes
  7. limited image space xDDDD
  8. looks like costumes went down in sales :v
  9. rankings... is this a dream?
  10. if you have neg karma your items can drop in enchantment
  11. waiting for the textures to load.
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