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  1. Daniel

    Help me CM Simon

    Personally it doesn't matter for me which store. We just need EU based server for a chance for good ping... NA were **** in beta for people outside the country
  2. Daniel

    Did anyone else experience pop ins?

    I can only imagine how bad it will be with max tier horse on og xbox
  3. Daniel

    Spam prevention bugged into PMs?

    Oh no, hope you get it solved so you can continue sending awesome answers!
  4. Daniel


    We are still looking for a few members to fill up the guild to the full cap Come by our discord
  5. Daniel

    Received Enforcement From Live

    Now that's interesting if they will block screenshots, come to agreement or will have to delete all inappropriate costumes and armors
  6. Daniel

    Starting characters?

    Its deja vu everyday, but none cares, so lets spam
  7. Daniel

    Starting characters?

    Yes, There are more on PC, how is that related to xbox? And most likely the classes we had in beta.
  8. Daniel


    Also let's be real, the communication wasn't playing any real part so far between playerbase and PA. (Neither any of the promotional moves)
  9. Daniel

    Has Xbox BDO become a meme?

    I think it's time again @Dr INF3NROINF3NRO @Neferpitou
  10. Daniel

    Gear for beta will try to finish

    It was easy mode to get +15 with the money from mail
  11. Daniel

    Official Launch Topic

    Get used to no info at all until very last moment.
  12. Pc does have X,y coords on the map, and I was really missing it on xbox.
  13. Daniel

    Trade between players on consoles

    No, as anything can be exploited, and will end up being real money trades. And while there may not be bots, there certainly are macros.
  14. Daniel

    Official Launch Topic

    Another good thread. There's no time frame other than cm saying this year, if nothing goes wrong. No info on value packs. No info on additional classes. No info about the content. From the beta progress and bugs, adding anything more than calpheon would postpone the release.
  15. Daniel

    So about these cards

    In Heidel docks you can find npc's