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    PVE servers will be here in July.

    You know that like 20 people would be fighting for one Naga if PvP wasn't there. Not so sure about more stuff on market. Not to mention the toxicity from pve players on chat when someone is kill grinding where they are, or pve players *****ing on others and kill stealing. Simply pve above 49 won't happen
  2. Daniel

    Lower PvP lvl req to 39

    Are you lifeangel? Or lifedevil? Second dimension or smth
  3. Daniel

    When we getting new classes

    I'm life skiller for months now because I don't have time to PvP. Yet I don't have to cry about removal of it, simply because it is marginal if you aren't a provoking bitch.
  4. Daniel

    When we getting new classes

    Ye and the life skills buff are there just for fun. I can't imagine how boring your life is, since you cry about everything on forums.
  5. Daniel

    Bring PVP for Levels below 49

    Death angel had heart attack while reading this 👀
  6. Daniel

    The best PVP...

    I'm not pvper and I don't have to write that everywhere to feel like snowflake.
  7. Daniel

    PVE servers will be here in July.

    I have leveled all the new classes to 56 without a single fight. What are you so scared of? Everyone here already laugh about your topics, even cm's don't know how to fix your stupidity
  8. Well they probably need to rebuild the engine for ps, and also best would be to isolate the PS4 in the beginning or they would cry everywhere about being behind in progress, but who knows. Anyway PS4 was announced to start preorders next month and we will figure it out soon
  9. Daniel

    PA - Please Settle This once and for all.

    I see previous reply killed your brilliant comebacks so you had to return to the best of all 🤣
  10. Daniel

    When we getting new classes

    Go see a doctor. Maybe there is still hope. I can imagine you whining about diablo being 2.5d while it should be 3d on diablo forums...
  11. Daniel

    When we getting new classes

    They will never change 49 quest as the PvP is minimal if you don't fk with others
  12. Daniel

    When we getting new classes

    Even if they care about mtx, which they probably don't because it will take years before it hits this mmo (if it ever will), it's still only in us... The amount of stupid conspiration you are posting is insane, nothing has changed since pre release posts. If you willingly don't explore half of the content of the game, how can you cry about more content... PvP on random noobs doesn't happen as often as you imagine.
  13. Up now that alot players are seeking a guild :v
  14. Daniel

    Aprentice box

    I have been off for two days and got the welcome back rewards too
  15. Daniel

    Awakening showcase/stream prior to launch

    Let's hope they will upload the video before the actual update, not like with Valencia
  16. Daniel

    Shirna/BDO streams

    They also don't upload, so stay till 4am if you not US
  17. Hello, I know that xbox version can be completely different from PC, but these videos helped me alot when i first started playing BDO. They show us what we have to deal with, and how some of the game mechanics works. Cool to know things for people who never played Black Desert online before Some of them may be a little outdated. And the video that helped me with overview over classes Added By @Tr3nch Thought this would be beneficial to a lot of new players. Eminent's Comprehensive Life Skill Guide https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mCpycYxOrgMWQZscI-dJa3gknSDZgZERcxetXJE46XU/edit