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  1. Daniel

    Official stream

    Ye boi, Thursday 3am, so you can be filled with good energy and the will to work on Friday 6am!
  2. Daniel

    Witch vs wizard

    @Dr INF3NROwe all know beewbs are bettwr
  3. Daniel

    Official stream

    Let's stay up to 1 o'clock to watch some level 12 z3rk gameplay!
  4. Daniel

    EU 🎼Symphony🎼

    [EU] ★ <Symphony> ★ WWW.SYMPHONYBDX.TK We are experienced PC players, who are going to play on Xbox upon game release. Symphony is looking for both new players to Black Desert Universe, but also gamers with a lot of hours already in. Dont worry if you never played Black Desert, we will help you adapt in this universe, and share our knowledge! What we offer: ★Guild missions ★Guild house (Once Released) ★PvP training sessions ️ ★Guild scrolls ️ ★Guild Events (Everything we can come up with) ★Guild Skills ★Daily payouts (Amount based on your tier in our progress chart) ★Node Wars (Once they are released) Requirements: ★Discord required How to Apply: Head over to Discord Server, and apply in the #recruitment channel. https://discord.gg/cGAe9rJ (Guild name is a subject to change if it will be already taken in-game)
  5. Daniel

    Wizard Pros vs Cons

    Topic full of lies, the only true wizard is witch
  6. Daniel

    Official stream

    At this point, delays are pretty much expected. I would be surprised if something was on time.
  7. Daniel

    In-game guild voice chat

    Was it fixed since beta, and can we expect it to be working at release?
  8. Daniel

    Official stream

    39days to delay announcement...
  9. Didn't they say in AMA, that they won't give them on release but later?
  10. Daniel

    CasualStreamsR'us - Twitch

    Can I watch if I'm 15?
  11. Daniel

    What class will you be playing

    Oh no, dont share the secrets known only to few...
  12. Daniel

    EU 🎼Symphony🎼

    Welcome to all new members
  13. Daniel

    Official stream

    As usual
  14. O M (e) G (a) Couldn't resist
  15. Daniel

    What Server Are you playing on

    It's already toxic on forums from one guild members on NA and also the ping sadly
  16. Daniel

    deleted from discord

    Good luck on getting any reply at all
  17. Daniel

    What Server Are you playing on

    Damn, too bad we won't play together, good luck with some toxic people there though
  18. Daniel

    EU 🎼Symphony🎼

  19. Daniel

    What Server Are you playing on

    You on EU or on NA?