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  1. Discord link updated, thanks @Andyy16 x
  2. [EU] ★ <Symphony> ★ Symphony is Semi-hardcore node war guild on xbox. Focus on guild missions and participating in PvP We have weekly soft and hard goals for every member. Progression is required What we offer: ★ Help from experienced players ★ ★ Guild Payouts ★ ★Guild Skills ★ ★ Weekly boss scrolls ★ ★PvP training sessions ️★ ★Guild Events★ ★Guild Scrolls★ ★Node Wars (Once they are released) Requirements: ★ Discord (Text and Voice) ★ ★ 2 evening during the week for node wars (Starting from 20CET) ★ ★ Saturday evening for siege war (Starting from 20CET) ★ ★ Guild Missions (Activity and effort to do as many as you can)★ ★ Headset with working microphone ★ ★ We do only accept European Players ★ How to Apply: Head over to Discord Server, and write /apply https://discord.gg/PDYtJBC (Guild name is a subject to change if it will be already taken in-game)
  3. Daniel

    Life skill nerfed - Question

    260? What did you do because my 3 alts barely gave me 200
  4. Console: one x 4k: off Overall effect: 0 Since mediah update I'm getting terrible loading when entering calph or altinova. Have to stand in place and wait for the game to load. Cant move forward.
  5. Hello, I know that xbox version can be completely different from PC, but these videos helped me alot when i first started playing BDO. They show us what we have to deal with, and how some of the game mechanics works. Cool to know things for people who never played Black Desert online before Some of them may be a little outdated. And the video that helped me with overview over classes Added By @Tr3nch Thought this would be beneficial to a lot of new players. Eminent's Comprehensive Life Skill Guide https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mCpycYxOrgMWQZscI-dJa3gknSDZgZERcxetXJE46XU/edit
  6. Daniel

    Pearl's are disappearing day by day

    Up. More people started to have the same issue
  7. Daniel

    Confirmation friend delete popup

    Also add the notification when your friend list is full.
  8. Daniel

    Guild Bank

    This would allow people to trade for real cash = destroy the market. BDO as said above is focused on earning everything yourself, while eleminating potential bots and spammers.
  9. Daniel

    Berserk armor and weap

    Yuria and liverto for weapon. Yuria from marketplace or NPC in calpheon
  10. Daniel

    Marketplace Bids

    Also take into consideration that a lot others could bid too earlier and they are first in the line
  11. One X. And afking like 16hrs, active play the rest.
  12. It's on since last Friday, house didn't burn yet.
  13. Yes, but with the controller turned off the game disconnects me after some time, idk why, so I just put it on the cable and let it stay on.
  14. Daniel

    56 level cup? When ?

    People were 55 already on first headstart day. Level cap is the smallest of your goals.
  15. Daniel

    Missing quests on HUD

    Yes. Everyone past last mission in calpheon.
  16. We started to recruit pvp focused players again. Visit our discord
  17. Daniel

    Xbox one walking

    Not sure if troll or not
  18. Powodzenia
  19. Daniel


    Go to Microsoft and ask for refund. Remember to point out that PA informed for last few months that you can't gameshare.
  20. Daniel

    Quest list on right of screen

    I think it happened to everyone after LV 50 quests
  21. This is the same we have experienced in beta 1 and 2. After inviting a person to the guild, he gets instant disconnect and can't join the game again. At every try he gets disconnect.
  22. Daniel

    What Can You Name?

    Characters *insert kappa here*
  23. Daniel

    Last day to preorder

    From what they said in stream, pre-order should be available until 4th. But yea, PA, everything can happen, so I wouldn't wait for the last moment
  24. Daniel

    Black Desert & Xbox Mute/Block

    If not PA rules, then you can always report to Microsoft for offensive language or harassing. They are pretty good with banning too.