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  1. Anyone have any insight why this is a thing now or is it all tin foil? I heard they got buffed but is it that good?
  2. 530 witch looking for a guild hit me up tell me about you guild and why I should want to join and ask me questions to see if you even want me lol... my in game name is TragicMagic
  3. ```**Sanctified** is recruiting active and fun members who want to learn and do nodewars weekly! With a friendly and challenging atmosphere we encourage and push each other. We are looking for people to help us grow and be stronger. ``` ```Max Guild Buffs Two Node wars weekly Active Discord Weekly Guild Missions Active members Friendly and competitive players Guild events``` ```Requirements: 18+ 450+ Required (Negotiable) Active in Guild Willing to attend Node Wars once a week Use Voice chat and Discord ``` https://discord.gg/7mZFFwU
  4. It happened again this is now the 5th one and pearl abyss won’t make it right when I send a ticket in so that at least 20 mil down the drain
  5. Again I got another subpar response to another ticket and of corse you can’t respond to it thanks for nothing @Gm Olivia.... maybe if I start tagging GMs in here I can get more help. What ya think @GM_Hexe
  6. If you look at the pic you will see that the 2nd boss is complete it does not spawn untill you kill the 1st boss. So no I didn’t go over 2 mins... I’m at 485 gs and kill both bosses alone in about 10 seconds. I’ve done hundreds of scrolls and know how they work! It’s a bug
  7. I’ve lost 4 scrolls to this bug now and nothing happens when I submit a ticket.... y’all need to fix this or I’ll be leaving the game it’s quite a bit of silver it has cost me now!!! Notice the second boss say complete and it never counted me killing the 1st one. I have to abandon the quest loos the scroll to even do any more and it’s really trash that pearl abyss tells me it timed out. If it timed out how the hell did the second boss spawn?? I want my memory frags!!! Region is Na Xbox multiple servers
  8. What’s your gamer tag? What’s your gamer tag mine is the same as my name here add me if you want
  9. We are looking to add to our pvp ranks we are a active guild with buffs and do weakly guild bosses. We also always have a voice party going please respond with your class and current gs if you are interested. Thank you
  10. So I paid for a name change 6 days ago web sit says they had Maintenance last night. My name remains the same so what I’m asking here is was there a maintenance last night and I got the shaft or no maintenance last night?
  11. I made one I’m lvl 52 and am digging it better that my witch and sorc lol . They move so fast 3 reds had a hard time killing me. I will learn how to truck people on this class
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