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  1. Electrafried

    Terran Federation pvx guild recruiting

    What’s your gamer tag? What’s your gamer tag mine is the same as my name here add me if you want
  2. We are looking to add to our pvp ranks we are a active guild with buffs and do weakly guild bosses. We also always have a voice party going please respond with your class and current gs if you are interested. Thank you
  3. Electrafried

    Name change didn’t go through

    Thank you
  4. So I paid for a name change 6 days ago web sit says they had Maintenance last night. My name remains the same so what I’m asking here is was there a maintenance last night and I got the shaft or no maintenance last night?
  5. Electrafried

    A message for new(er) Lahns

    I made one I’m lvl 52 and am digging it better that my witch and sorc lol . They move so fast 3 reds had a hard time killing me. I will learn how to truck people on this class
  6. Electrafried

    So tell me about pvp!

    Good talk lol 👍🏻
  7. Electrafried

    The Arcadians {Recruiting}

    I’m curious as to the average age of guild members and how active y’all are on pacific time I’m looking for a chill guild that Is seeking end game pvp
  8. Electrafried

    So tell me about pvp!

    I only play games for pvp. I do other tasks in game for the means to pvp and supply my pvp addiction. What did need to know is what you s the pvp like in this game? Is there a benefit to pvping? Like the guild node wars do guilds and Individuals get anything for PV paying over these nodes? How about red battle fields? I have a 56 witch and a 54 sorc but am working on the gear grind atm I’m 318 gears score so haven’t dabbled in the guild Experience or pvp yet Please enlighten me. thank you
  9. Electrafried

    ULTRA - Recuiting with the intent to train.

    Still looking?
  10. Electrafried


    I’m afk atm but I will do. What’s your guild name and what are y’all into?
  11. Electrafried


    Found a guild