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  1. Maybe it's not all about aesthetics, and has a deeper meaning. How do you interact with others when there aren't any real life consequences? They probably just meant the aesthetics though.
  2. Pweef

    Stroker PVE Buffs

    How significant do the buffs feel?
  3. What patch of the PC is the current xbox version equivalent to? Like did that nerf to pila scroll frag drops from nagas and gahaz come with the xbox version? What class changes have been implemented on xbox? Where Can I find information like this?
  4. I think this was to address witch/wizard scaling for end game content that hasn't been released yet for console where their damage starts to fall off. They will probably add this buff for xbox once that content goes live and the same scaling problems exist for console content.
  5. The cap is 58.9999 basically level 59. I mentioned adding the arsha 50% item buff to help with the gearing issues, and could maybe even make it 100% buff on olvia servers. Then after 30 days (Could make it 60 days for console) of of 200% xp buff to help get to level 59 also, there wouldn't be that big a difference. Character level makes a much bigger difference then people realize. Adding flows to existing abilities about doubles some of your awakened abilities damage. Also the damage modifiers increase when leveling up. It still won't be completely caught up, but I think would make it close enough to start and would level out eventually.
  6. https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/awakening-ap-mainhand-ap-universal-ap-testing.692/ My understanding of the current theory on how AP is calculated as seen in the link above, is that out of your total AP, 30% of your AP comes from your main AP and 70% comes from your awakening AP. Instead of adding 30% of main to your awakened like others here have suggested. Here is a summary of the link for the lazy: TL;DR - Awakening damage is made up of 30% mainhand AP (ALL mainhand AP, even at +0, not just enchanted AP) and 70% awakening AP. AP from accessories and crystals and such adds to both at once, giving a full 100%. So to find your awakening damage gearscore, take 30% of your sheet mainhand AP and 70% of your sheet awakening AP, then add 100% of any hidden AP you have like guild buffs, crystals, set bonuses, etc.,
  7. What about creating the olvia servers for the consoles? That way PS4 players and new xbox players could get a big xp buff to help them catch up. Maybe even consider adding the Arsha 50% item droprate to the olvia servers to help them catch up in items too. I think the benefits of cross platform have been laid out in other threads, but I think this fixes the big problem of xbox players advantage.
  8. I sold a duo Azwell blade for 55 million and only got 35 million. Can I get that 20 million I got ripped off?
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