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  1. 1. Name of the character that has been stuck 2. Screenshot of the error while you are using the Escape Function That's supports response above. You have to wonder why that is called 'escape' and not 'relocate'. Not sure how you would take a screenshot in the escape function apart from in emergency escape as escape just sends you to a loading screen it seems and then you are on the nearest safe zone path. Good job Hax, thanks. Bad job support and world chat the three times I asked for an /unstuck command like in warframe.
  2. Still waiting. They closed the first ticket saying, do an escape and take a screenshot. The support site doesn't like screenshots and doesn't let you submit with more than one screenshot so referenced this thread as easy to put screens here. Been stuck there nearly 2 days now, going to start getting people to jump in here with me soon for the company.
  3. Region: EU Server: ALL OF THEM Bug description: The room above Datu Vardatu you can drop in through the roof and there is a doorway at the back of the room that drops you down behind the room with Broman the cook. There is no way out of the room and my character 'Flips' is now stuck there unable to leave this gap. I have tried reloading, changing servers, jumping and attacking to try and get height to make it back up to the doorway but it is too high to grab. Emergency escape doesn't work either I can't swap any of the armour or accessories from this character to any of my others to level them up now so I'll have to start again. Please can you unstick my character to the centre of Altinova so I can use it again.
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