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  1. Ok see now that Yakira... That my friend makes alot more since then you pickin nothing up nd I dont really pay to much attention to them lol buffs but I do know what your talking about tho for sure nd not time I encounter said occurrence I will definitely look at my buffs nd see if i picked one up... I didnt know monsters dropped buffs so that never even crossed my mind tbh. Thank you again Yakira that tid bit of info helps alot nd I will definitely keep an eye on that if I notice it happen again nd will let you know if in my case that is actually wat is happening Much appreciated nd much respect.
  2. maXmood I had gotten the standard copy of the game no extra anything for it nd unfortunately perals are to expensive for my blood lol so I dont yet have a pet atm unfortunately but I can see were what you say makes since but... In my case being as I dont have a pet I guess I'm still a bit confused on the matter tbh but as you said to start with its a bug that aint been worked out just yet i guess its just somthing I'll have to deal with momentarily lol
  3. You would be correct Jacs... there is an app for that kind of thing there's also the fact that when you run a smartphone you can run websites, home tabed to your home screen unfortunately even that doesn't have all the answers one may have... And im definitely not new to gaming by any means nd ik that some things just cant be answered nd im ok with that but if I may have a question about something that may possibly benefite or even help other players id at least try to find an answer to the question at hand if at all possible
  4. So yesterday I was doing a quest in the mansha forest and for some reason or another some times after killing a mansha it would show the drop indicator no problems there till i hold "y" to pick up the item... with plenty of space in my inventory... It was like I picked up nothing at all... So I was trying to find out if that was a known issue or idk maybe just a hit nd miss typa thing do to BDO being a brand new to council maybe all the bugs aren't out nd fixed just yet? Any thoughts?
  5. Well sitting here playing BDO I ran into a odd situation so I refered to the BDO website to see if i could find any kind of information about the supject even looked here on the forums nd oddly enough I found nothing regarding the issue I have been running into so... I'm looking to becoming friends with a GM that may have the answers I am looking for...
  6. So I had literally just found out about even linking my account as of Thursday April 18th and made one nd linked it to my console nd everything dose this mean that i will not be getting the sky hawk? And will have to purchase it instead?
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