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  1. There should be no reason chase would be the issue, try using the other buttons just a hair before rt if it's really causing an issue. Chase is musas #1 skill aside from below the belt and crust crusher.. just practice on mobs and you'll get it.
  2. @Quantum you missed literally everything I had said. I'm all for pvp, I was justifying why it is in place. It combats people trying to take the mobs you have been trying to farm.
  3. Imagine yourself grinding and a class that grinds faster than yours starts taking your kills. Now imagine not being able to do anything about it. So you ask nicely for that person to leave and he replies "get bent kid". There are reasons pvp is in the game. It allows you to take matters into your own hands and dealing with kill stealers. KSers for those that have played games without open world pvp. Limit open world pvp and these types of people will run a muck. If you are ok with people taking your kills, then go play another game. This isnt for the weak hearted and it gives players the power to counter act KSing.
  4. Hax

    Screen Adjustment

    Many know you can change the distance of the screen, but did you know you can also change side to side, up and down? Poke right stick in and hold for 3 seconds. Let go. Press up, down, left, and right on the d-pad. Many might know already, but I'm sure some are unaware.
  5. Thanks @Roots for getting this thread back on track.
  6. We need to raise awareness to pearl abyss to get this fixed. If we dont voice our concerns, it will result in nothing being done. I'm with you uberkull.
  7. Yep it is Balenos chat.
  8. I'm not getting butt hurt, your misconstruing what I'm posting. The fact that even a GM gets pushed around for the entire server means that it's only going to get worse. The community will respect the GMs less and essentially will be unable to recover. I don't want to see this game end but the lack or authority shows that the lifespan will be rather abrupt. Maybe by bringing awareness to those that will ACTUALLY do something, it can save the game. I'm sure Microsoft wouldn't approve of the way chat is.
  9. Used it 5 more times after that and yet still wasn't banned/suspended.
  10. This is appalling and honestly a bit ridiculous. CM is online but litterally does nothing. Saying they monitor chat but it's a complete joke. Explain why this is even acceptable from a business standpoint. Pearl abyss, @CM Trent @CM Valencia . You let it slide and it will continue, people are starting to realise that there is no backbone. Make a few an example and the rest will follow suit. Show that y'all have a spine and won't let people walk all over you.
  11. The sad part is pa is pushing out pearl shop items instead of fixing the game. You can implement a report button in like 20 lines of code. It's not that difficult. The outlook of this game seems rather grim at this point in time due to the lack of effort pushed by the entire pa company. Let's look at devs, not listening to the player on simple requests, like a report button. How about the CMs? They genuinely lie on stream saying they are on all the time, some on their own account, yet they let these things slide. If they truly were on, then more would be muted. The problem lays on both sides, toxic consumers and lack of responsibility from pa. The last patch was an event extension and added pearl shop items. They can add money making features, but heaven forbid they add a report button. What they fail to realise is, they are going to push out a major player base by allowing the chat to stay this way. Therefore they loose more money on the long run. Unless this game is only a 1 or 2 year stint, their revenue will drastically drop.
  12. Bump. This is rather frustrating when trying to complete some life skill quests not knowing the prerequisites to do. It's a need on xbox but yet no one has mentioned it to the devs.
  13. That's emergency escape, press start, left stick to the right and click escape. Then press a, it's the option in the menu, not the skill.
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