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  1. Yeah at this point I'm just gonna check in from time to time lol not sure how they would work PvE servers into the game but I'm 100% sure it wouldn't break the game people have their preferences on how they want to play the game. Yes it's big on PvP but there will always be the option the go do open world PvP with arsha in the game. And let's not leave out the node wars and red battlefield not sure how those work cause I dont do PvP but there is plenty of options for PvP. So to give the player base a option to do PvE when they want shouldn't hurt the game. Maybe it'll be reduced loot 🤔 or let us have a option in game to disable PvP 🤔 it would just be nice to play the game how you want when PvP becomes a problem.
  2. Were exactly does it say PvP game 🤔😂
  3. Yeah I think I seen that post not 100% sure though lol I'm still gonna watch the forums and watch the news for the game just in case 😁 dont get me wrong I dont mind the PvP I just wanna have strictly a PvE only server for those long stressful days of getting PvP'd 😂
  4. Agreed, Still waiting on that good news of PvE servers 🤔😂
  5. Just patiently waiting for PvE servers 🤔😁
  6. 🤦‍♂️ I read the article and let me tell you I lost interest when they said the PVP is like bdo.. That's a hard pass from me 😂 I have to be honest I have no idea why they think it's a good choice to have forced PVP. I'm gonna keep my $60 and go buy something else 😁
  7. Hell yes man 🙏 I agree with everything you have just said. Mr rocket just needs to stop being an idiot and see to reason. This isn't a post to attack each other but rocket has definitely deserved anything that comes now 😂 if bdo is full of closed minded people like him who do that **** I dont want to play it I'm a 463 striker and I absolutely hate pvp it's not that I'm weak or anything I just dont prefer it and before you open your face mr rocket do me a favor and shut it 👍🤷‍♂️
  8. Alot of people are strongly against PVE servers in this game and I have no idea why 🤷‍♂️. PVE server would be a nice feature to have in game I dont want to PVP at all. I just want to quest and grind what i want without worrying about a Guild or a player killing me. Like yesterday my guild was trapped in a area by PK'ers it's annoying. So PVE servers let's make it happen 🙏
  9. I'm with you on that lol all these close minded people is sad they dismiss the idea before it's a thing 😂 I will actively ask for pve servers as well someone has to say something.
  10. What's your Opinion on this Topic?
  11. Soooooooo your not open to the idea of a PVE server? 🤔
  12. 🤦‍♂️ All we can do is guess what the option for pve servers would do to the game there is no actual stats for this option and I'm 100% sure that they wouldn't segregate the whole game by pve players and pvp players people and all their THEORIES are just what they think will happen. People like you limit this game to only PVP. I dont like to bring up ESO but they do it just fine I'm sure the dev's of bdo can figure out how to work these types of game styles into the game.. And if you disagree tough luck man.
  13. Yes but having to not worry about pvp battles is always nice and yeah I understand that part but ps4 doesnt have the full map and neither does xbox, so far on xbox I dont get pvp'd alot there are plenty of grind spots.. the map is huge lol I dont like having to grind a little part of an area and getting someone who thinks they own the entire grind area and pvp everyone they come across. The karma system doesnt discourage anyone from pvp so it doesnt make sense to see everything in funnel vision and putting up with forced pvp. Either way when ever another mmorpg comes out I may just leave bdo behind lol. It's a good game dont get me wrong it's just that 1 feature that gives the game a huge disadvantage to other games.
  14. Yeah it was my pve post that got deleted.. they really dont know what we want.. smh Yes but at least you wont have to worry about some guy coming along wiping the floor with you lmao
  15. I agree man we need PVE servers if they have PVP server(arsha) 😑 why not give us a pve server.... lol I do not like pvp at all
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