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  1. If you’re not using main attack or secondary attack skills, which one you use for killing mobs in an area ? How have u bind your skills on XBOX controller ? Right now I just changed everything cause default was horrible, but the problem is that all combos changed automatically also... =\
  2. Is it possible to bind skills on XYAB buttons ? Or I have to mess up with everything on settings ? I just can’t evade using left trigger, I prefer much more evade on B for example, but if I change that in settings, everything else changes also... Including the Ring Buttons that come up with left trigger... It’s annoying...
  3. Fodemhouse


    It’s already in Beta, played yesterday since I couldn’t download Black desert... It’s a shame we don’t have Black Desert in Brazilian Store... ridiculous Bless yet not good... Too early to say anything about the game
  4. Fodemhouse


    Any chances of Bless unleashed coming to XBOX soon ?
  5. gonna check that once I am able to...
  6. AFK Sucks !!! These AFK systems should be replaced... Offline system would be better... Or none at all !
  7. Can wizard improve their cast speed ? Witch or Wizards have any CC / Stuns ? More high damage in 1 spell ? I dont care about sustain damage, who has the higher burst ?
  8. DK or Wizzard ? Pros and Cons of each one of these classes ? I am trying to decide wich one to go... I like to oneshot people... Please dont tell me the one I like the most, cause I dont have a clue AND I would play both with no issues, already decided the ones NOT to play... Another question: Do wizzards are so slowly as people say ? Cant I increase the cast speed ? Would it be worthy to invest everything on cast speed in this class ?
  9. Been playing MMOS on PC for many years, after my PC broke, I just decided to buy an XBOX instead because I was tired of Hackers and cheaters everywhere... So here I am on XBOX, trying something new... IN Every MMO I played I have always been good at PVP... Trying to decide classes, I am inclined to Dark Knight... Galera estou procurando clan BR de preferencia, sou jogador veterano de MMO em varios jogos no PC porem decidi migrar pro console pra evitar os hackers e cheaters, estou gostando muito de jogar no XBOX e pretendo comecar no BlackDesert. Estarei entrando no jogo dia 26.. Provavelmente jogarei de Dark Knight, pelo que vi, me identifiquei mais com essa classe. Sou muito bom em PVP
  10. Fala galera estou procurando um clan BR pra comecar no XBOX
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