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  1. FaythsRequiem

    Bugged Titles?

    So I really wanted to get the "Colorful" title (combat title, wedged between "Saunil Siege Dominator" and "Stoneback Crab Tamer" on the in-game list), where you need to kill a bunch of Kuku birds (150 of them from what lil I could find online to do with getting it). I figured, hey, I've already killed a bunch of them for their blood, so I probably only need a few more, no prob. Wrong. After spending around 10 hours over the course of several days grinding on Kuku's (and by my rough estimates, killing at least a couple hundred of them) north of Alejandro Farm, I'm wondering if either 1. This title is broken 2. The info I got on the number of Kuku's needed was way wrong or 3. These are not the Kuku's I am looking for. Has anyone else had issues with getting titles, this one or others? Help!
  2. FaythsRequiem

    Wild Horses

    True true. While it is stated in patch notes that T5's are in the wild now on Xbox, sometimes things that are supposed to be in-game get bugged or actually aren't in-game when they should be
  3. FaythsRequiem

    Wild Horses

    @Nexuzneo Yeah, same here, sorta. When I find a horse, it's usually a T3 or T4, but there have been many times since update that I find none, they've either all been tamed or killed 😐 C'est la vie, no?
  4. FaythsRequiem

    Wild Horses

    Anyone catch a T5 wild horse yet? Apparently they came with last update (awakenings)
  5. FaythsRequiem


    Nope. Pets can provide mount exp, have a hawk that provides +5 horse training exp on Xbox One, which has actually been a huge asset in-game for training for me (along with attire and elixers)
  6. FaythsRequiem

    05/29 Patch Notes- Awakening

    @[CM]Shirna Same Shirna that was in the Twitch live stream a few days ago? If so, you sly boy, you I was the dork spamming comments about horse stuff, and you guys said that you'd be rolling out horse stuff slowly due to frame rate/loading/porting issues (understandably), and yet here we get T5 wild horses and better chances of favorable breeding odds with this update 😁Well done, did not see that coming, especially after last live stream. Hats off to both of you in the live stream and the dev team, now I'm off to tame more horses to breed Thanks
  7. FaythsRequiem

    Horse lvl30 t5 + lvl30 t5 = t5????????

    Yeah, the breeding rate is like 9 on Xbox now (since Valencia update), I believe, which means that you've got a chance to get a T6 with slim chance for either a T4 or T7 , though if both horses are lvl 30 then you'll more than likely get another T5. I'd tried breeding a T5 lvl 15 and a T5 lvl 10 before Valencia update and got a T4 =( Horse breeding is rough on Xbox, be prepared for a good dose of frustration, especially if you can't sink a ton of hours into training stables of horses to max or afford to purchase numerous breeding resets
  8. FaythsRequiem


    Actually there's T4F's in the wild now since last maintenance/update on Xbox, but still no wild T5J's yet
  9. FaythsRequiem

    Ability to see Horse tier up chances

    If your luck is anything like mine, you'd end up with a T4 out of 2 low lvl T5's on the Xbox...... That being said, I completely agree that we need something more solid than misinformation and guess work when it comes to breeding horses.
  10. FaythsRequiem

    Wild Horses

    Okay, just caught a wild T4 lvl 4 female by Lynch Farm Ruins 😃 sorry, didn't get any screen shots or vids, but at least now I know they are in-game (now)
  11. FaythsRequiem

    Can't Claim Loyalty Points

    Awesome, thanks for the info 😃
  12. FaythsRequiem

    Can't Claim Loyalty Points

    Having same issue claiming loyalty points, but haven't had issues with horse or pet info(yet). Hopefully they get everything sorted in a day or so
  13. FaythsRequiem

    Horse exchange does not allow you to name horse.

    Yup, every horse I've gotten through exchanging has been a male with either the name Cindy or Caroline that I can't change.... 🙄
  14. FaythsRequiem

    Wild Horses

    Personally, I'm waiting for them to put coursers into the Xbox version. Yeah, it'll be great to be able to catch something higher than a T3 in the wild (okay, it'll be pretty awesome, actually), but I've got a lvl 30 T4 male and a lvl 25 T4 female, both with charge and drift that I'm really looking forward to changing into courser mounts and breeding in the hopes of getting a T6 courser (though I know I'm just as likely to get another T4 outta it lol). But still, you need coursers to be able to eventually get a Dream horse......