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  1. Then why saying she got abbandoned for ninja ? Pc has the same Problem, no ultimate, absolutes, rabams wich take a decent amount of SP... Some Ppl on PC have already 800 SP laying around but ive seen nobody complaining about that her "usefull" and finished skills come all with awakening so just wait with your complaining until then
  2. Who said they are not focussing on shai awakening? Who said there is only one Team focussing in classes and not one Team for shai one team for ninja and other classes? When the next completely new class (wich will be new for pc aswell) will be released it also will NOT have absolutes and awakening like it was and is on pc, this discussion will start again.
  3. Aozu

    Weapon drops

    So after todays Patch, can anyone share the weapon drop locations ? Like where do oros, Theos krea and rosar vitclaris drop, aswell as florangs Gahaz? Naga? Fogan ?
  4. Listen up buddy. Time and time again people like you come around and talk/comment/cry about how pvp is bad/doesnt belong in this game/ sucks /etc etc etc . This is nothing new and is not limited to bdo. But there is one thing that these guys dont realize. THIS GAME WAS DEVELOPED WITH PVP AS A MAJOR FACTOR. So bypassers come around want to change the fundamentals of the game wich didnt and will not happen. I give you that sometimes ppl are getting salty about that, but i am none of them i just try to explain that this cant be done otherwise we would need a completely new bdo and then there will be ppl of the opposite side wich want to pvp because for example griefers come around and f up your farm etc. The game and removal tips i wrote were just to show you how pvp is important to bdo compared to other game fundamentals. Also look at the Poll, 83% want to keep the pvp, so democratically "we" won. PvE servers might come like the olvia servers on PC but guess what they are limited to lvl 50 like the breakpoint to pvp. If you want to hear it or not, past 50 PvE servers will not happen.
  5. What are you selling? How much is registered? For what Price are you selling it for ? How high is the demand? Are you factoring these all in ?
  6. Aozu

    Horse tiers

    My guildie already Bred 2 zu male horses, we suggesti that the breeing Rate is At 8 atm (in the calculators) but is hardcapped to t6m or t5f. They seemed to raise the max Tier Patch by Patch but dont know if they increased it with the maintenance Patch today.
  7. Aozu

    Wich offhand?

    So a question to my fellow musas, wich offhand do you use and why ? Right now im switching between my duo ult. Whitehornbow for pure ap and my roarinh Horn bow from questchain if i need more DP. The white Horn warrior bow seems charming for the extra evasion but is seemingly worth with muskans and giaths if im not wrong. The Black Horn warrior bow seems to be horse then the roaring one ,while better dp lacking in ap even on tri.
  8. You want to remove a Basic Option in this game fine. While you're at it try to remove guns from any Shooter because i dont like to aim, dungeons in WoW because raids give better loot, Types in pokemon because Type weakness is hard to remember, Jumping in Rockets league because they are cards not baloons, Goals in Fifa because i dont get any, Combos in mortal Combat etc etc etc. It won't happen no Matter how long and loud you complain.
  9. Well time to put my personal snowflake to this disscusion. I am a lvl 57 388gs musa and do PvP occasionly. While not outstanding i can get a hold most of the time. PvP happens 95% of the time if it comes to grinding PvE mostly if you want to overtake a grinding Spot or defend it. Excluding war etc. The other 5% is hunting specific Players or PvP griefers. Story1: Me farming in Hexe for some witch earrings for about 3h, 2 random ppl in a Group come close to me and observe my Rotation for like 5 mins. Sofar nothing special. After that time they come and try to Kill the Mobs in my Rotation. After my 2nd Rotation then they started i said Spot tanken Flagged and hit them once. They tried to kill me, but beeing with better geared i killed them both and procceded with my farming. This time they came again and attacked me first, so i killed them again. After the 2nd respawn i was done with that so i procceded to kill them whenever they came to my Spot (house on cliff near becca) wich left me with total of -300k karma after some respawns, until they decided they can go to any other Spot in the while everything else is free. I believe Op is one of those guys. Story 2 Me trying to farm pirates. When i first arrived it All seemed empty so i started grinding ,after 30 seconds a guild group of 3 came and killed me almost instantly so i came to the conclusion "oh propably its also Part of their group Rotation, let me take another spot so everyone is happy". So i switched my Rotation to another Spot but they came again and also dispatched me. So i took ANOTHER different spot to farm and they were there again. At this point it came clear that they want the whole Island for themself and in 3v1 i dont hold a Chance so i switched Servers and oh Boy would you believe it. The next Server was completely empty so i had my fun there. So i guess server change DOES Help. TLDR; dont be a sh**nugget and complain because you dont want to change your Attitude. You cant change the game.
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