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  1. Let’s talk Classes. Which class do you think is coming first? (not archer because it’s in-game.) Which are you most excited about? Will your main change, when these classes come? Which is your favorite? Which will you play the least? Which is the worst?
  2. I don’t have a tent, and that’s the problem. I’ve never bought one or used one so I don’t know why it’ll keep saying that... I’ve also made sure my mounts aren’t summoned
  3. No problem. I would’ve replied sooner but the roadmap keeps disappearing on the main page and I don’t always see it.
  4. Tamer is coming soon. (On the road map). She is my favorite class and I knew when the game released I’d have to wait a long ass time for her. I don’t mind because I want them to make her good, and not love her up by rushing the process of putting her on console. Shai will tide me over until tamer.
  5. Ok so, I’m trying to delete one of my characters I never use. Her inventory is empty, and all mounts are in stables. Unfortunately I can’t delete it because there’s always a message that tells me to not have items in camping storage but I don’t know what that is...? ps: I already put in a ticket so I could make sure it wasn’t an error.
  6. It says donkeys can use it, it just doesn’t seem to work...
  7. Whenever I try to equip my saddle, it says “there are no mounts that can equip that item” why does this happen? I’m not riding my horse. I’m standing next to it and it keeps saying that
  8. Does BDO look better with 4K? I never bothered to turn mine on XD
  9. Should I bother making this post? No. But here I am yall I’m a living breathing retard and don’t kno how to grind. (Kill the mobs run a rotation, I get that.) but it like I sell my trash loot from the mobs to make money right? That’s grinding?
  10. I would really like to see a companion app for bdo xb1, with in depth explanations on everything. Like horse breeding, taming, processing and life skilling. Like IN DEPTH. So brand new players can figure **** out. This game has so much **** going on that it’s hard to figure out how you want to start, and honestly I don’t wanna go searching the internet to figure stuff out for console specifically.
  11. And guild war pop ups. (The processing doesn’t really bother me because I’m never paying attention.) seriously. Guild war pop us. Pls let me turn them off.
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