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  1. RainyWillow

    4K settings

    Does BDO look better with 4K? I never bothered to turn mine on XD
  2. RainyWillow

    How do I instant acel/drift

  3. RainyWillow

    How do I instant acel/drift

    How do I drift off on my horse?
  4. RainyWillow

    How do I grind

  5. RainyWillow

    How do I grind

    Should I bother making this post? No. But here I am yall I’m a living breathing retard and don’t kno how to grind. (Kill the mobs run a rotation, I get that.) but it like I sell my trash loot from the mobs to make money right? That’s grinding?
  6. I would really like to see a companion app for bdo xb1, with in depth explanations on everything. Like horse breeding, taming, processing and life skilling. Like IN DEPTH. So brand new players can figure **** out. This game has so much **** going on that it’s hard to figure out how you want to start, and honestly I don’t wanna go searching the internet to figure stuff out for console specifically.
  7. RainyWillow

    Disabling Pop Up Banners

    And guild war pop ups. (The processing doesn’t really bother me because I’m never paying attention.) seriously. Guild war pop us. Pls let me turn them off.
  8. RainyWillow

    UI suggestions

    Taking off the Quest Log would be loving awesome, because you can easily pull it up, and don’t need it on ur screen the whole time ur playing. It’d make my experience more immersive tbh
  9. RainyWillow

    Pre-Order Black Desert Now; Launches March 4th

    Dang I didn’t think of that, that makes so much more sense lol ty
  10. RainyWillow

    Pre-Order Black Desert Now; Launches March 4th

    i think I might get the deluxe or just standard? i'm poor asf. ^^' and my fam will b mad asf if i spend 100.
  11. RainyWillow

    Guesstimate for the price of BDX

    see, i think they'll keep the price for base game low, and sell the value packs at higher.
  12. RainyWillow

    its over :(

    I really enjoyed playing with everyone tho! It was super fun!
  13. RainyWillow

    Screenshots for the Firework Event Post

    here's mine, feel free to follow my twitter lol https://twitter.com/AlysonActually/status/1062241474597847040
  14. RainyWillow

    Fireworks event

    I literally have so many pictures and I already posted it on twitter. This was the smoothest, most interesting beta i've ever participated in. I'm so happy the beta went so well.