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  1. RainyWillow

    its over :(

    I really enjoyed playing with everyone tho! It was super fun!
  2. RainyWillow

    Screenshots for the Firework Event Post

    here's mine, feel free to follow my twitter lol https://twitter.com/AlysonActually/status/1062241474597847040
  3. RainyWillow

    Fireworks event

    I literally have so many pictures and I already posted it on twitter. This was the smoothest, most interesting beta i've ever participated in. I'm so happy the beta went so well.
  4. RainyWillow

    Keep Disconnecting at Kzarka!

    I managed to get loot too! Hopefully they can optimize the game more for world bosses, but otherwise the betas doing really well!
  5. RainyWillow

    Keep Disconnecting at Kzarka!

    i didnt even get to fight him that much 😧
  6. RainyWillow

    Keep Disconnecting at Kzarka!

    I have an Xbox X and its doing the same thing lol
  7. RainyWillow

    Xbox Club?

    still cant even find it can anyone help me out?
  8. it mostly happens when someone runs by me or a monster spawns nearby.
  9. RainyWillow

    After open beta

    pay to play, pretty sure. BUT when it's getting released is my concern. hope its soon
  10. The Y hold always messes up for me. It'll start to go, and then it'll stop before I can pick anything up so what should've taken a few seconds is taking me forever...
  11. RainyWillow

    Xbox Club?

    now im gonna hav to stay up all night just to have a chance to play
  12. RainyWillow

    Xbox Club?

    bruh I had to re-download the whole game, and I was hoping to play before work.
  13. RainyWillow

    Terrible Controls/Almost Unplayable

    happens to me too, lol
  14. RainyWillow

    Were do u sign up for beta

    beta is open for US, Canada, and Mexico