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  1. Man how do you turn everything into a gripe about pvp?
  2. That cost him thousands of dollars, probably a couple ten thousand. Not too many people willing to do that. Most people won't be able to leverage the amount of money they spend into massive advantages.
  3. Maybe they want to catch up PS4 to xbox sooner than later. Seems kind of obvious to me.
  4. How long did it take PC to get up to kama? And I got 34 seraps the last month or so. I know because I haven't sold them during the events. Some of them were from boxes but most weren't. Is progression really faster on PC? Because I went from level 60 to 61 in about a week. A lot of popular youtubers on PC were 61 so I thought it would take me a lot longer than a week. I have full boss gear at tri with weapons at tet. I'm still working on accessories, probably need about 4 billion to get rest of tri gold accessories. I've only been playing since musa striker etc release. Spent about 80 bucks on artisans and play like 4 days a week, an hour or so on weekdays and longer on weekends. I agree that xbox population will hurt when PS4 releases but most or all servers are still crowded most of the times I log in. It's harder for developers on consoles to drop frequent smaller patches for tweaks. It's like that for all console games because every update needs to go through Microsoft or Sony first. But we still have major updates at a pace that I feel overwhelmed as someone who didn't play on PC. Pretend you never played on PC, would you be saying that major content is releasing slowly? Hell no.
  5. Just bad luck dude. I had a crazy dry spell during the events getting absolutely nothing and my recent pass rolled a kutum and dande at 240m and two griffons at 140m. That was out of less than 40 rolls.
  6. You telling me you bought the game, downloaded it, spent money on the cash shop, leveled some characters, and THEN noticed tamer was missing? And you didn't realize they were gonna stack the release of new classes? No you're just mad they haven't released the class you wanted yet. Sucks for you but if I were you and if that upset me as much as you're upset, I would just come back when they release it. Problem solved. Crying about it and saying the company is so mean and greedy isn't gonna solve anything. Ninja and archer are popular classes, little 13 year girl isn't.
  7. Man it's 100 percent your fault if you thought they were gonna have all the classes from the beginning. I think I did one google search when I first saw they were gonna have bdo on xbox and went on their site and it said 6 classes available at release in big ass letters right from the beginning. Go look at PS4 release info, same thing over there.
  8. Man PA don't owe you jack. Sucks for you if you can't go back to PC but how you gonna throw a temper tantrum just because you're not getting exactly what you want? They can't just copy paste PC code to xbox, come back when your class comes out. I rather get them to fix some stuff like lag at node wars than cater to impatient PC players who think they deserve everything right now. And didn't they do a poll to see what classes people wanted first? Where were you then?
  9. Yup exactly. PC players acting like PA released this game on consoles specifically for them, crying about content xbox players didn't even know existed.
  10. Go play on PC man. Getting tired of PC players whining every update because whatever they been waiting on isn't here yet. So go to the version that already has everything, problem solved.
  11. New players benefited a lot because they got free stuff that sells for a lot of money early game. New players are the ones who get a boost by converting 30 dollars into like 50 million. Older players usually only buy artisans because that is the most cost effective pearl shop conversion. They got a boost too because they got cheap accessories to enhance. People who grind for accessory drops and were impatient for money are the only ones who took a hit. I grind for accessories too but I've been holding on to everything. Got like 2 billion worth of mem frags too. That's just common sense man. You're not making any valid points except the one about the p2w tent but that's been something people have been whining about forever. And accessory prices are already starting to rebound. Anytime there are wide variances in price, that's an opportunity because this isn't the real world. Game economies are more or less stable and we know these price dips were caused by a specific event and we knew the exact date it would be over. Sorry man, you're just not using your brain.
  12. I don't know why you're so worked up over this. As soon as the event is over in a couple days, prices will go up again. Most people benefited from the lower prices, lots of tri and tet accessory attempts. Overall PA probably lost pearl sales, this was a giveaway to the playerbase. New players got a gold infusion and vets got a chance to upgrade with cheaper materials. You're just mad because this event temporarily lowered the prices of whatever you happened to be farming. Trust me, a lot more people got rich these past few weeks than lost money. Tri dandes were going for almost a billion, easy money for people who got boxes or won preorders, especially with the cheap memory fragments. Next time there is an event like this, stop mindlessly grinding saturated goods and adapt to the opportunities.
  13. It's illegal for casinos to post BS jackpots.
  14. Level 56 takes like 2 days, who cares about preawakening?
  15. Do you not understand that people spent real money chasing something they were told was in game but wasn't? How is that being entitled? In the real world getting people to pay for something nonexistent is considered fraud.
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