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  1. Or just adding "can't be attacked" when PvP is toggle off. The feature is already here,just need a small update. PvE gamers won't be attacked if they don't want to and ganker will able to attack other ganker. And everybody is happy. But some of your idea can be added when it's toggle on,to make it more fair for PvPers
  2. Quantum

    Magic crystal

    I'm stuck. I search in game (knowlege,crafting notes) and a bit online (but it give me the same in game info). Where i can get a magic crystal of abundance-armor ? It's for an alchemy quest.(ingredient) Is it a loot (like most magic crystal) ? Can i craft it (seems not,as far as i know) ? Thanks.
  3. Almost every lifeskills. Gathering by default.It's needed to get ingredients/materials (cooking,alchemy,processing) + quests. Cooking,alchemy,very usefull to get a buff or make my own hp potions + quests. Training,i just ride my horses and start breeding later on. Fishing,fun,peaceful and it's the only lifeskill with a mini-game + quests. Trading is cool,i usually do it while leveling up my weight capacity + quests. Hunting,i just did the first two quests and do the rest maybe this week end or next week + quests. Farming is only lifeskill that i didn't do.Maybe later.
  4. Also,it's not about how many are log in but how much they spend. And online games are dead the day,devs/publishers choose to shut down servers for ever.
  5. You're the one who reply to my stupid post. And walk has nothing to do with open mind and lack of intellect.Take a look at chicken,for example.
  6. No hate,no love. I just take the game for what it is. A 9.99 € five years old videogame. (my previous posts are ironic,more than anything else).
  7. Don't worry,Pearl Abyss won't change anything.
  8. No safe zone,the game is already easy. No need to have bots.So-called gamers are so lazy.And it will help to have less crowded server. I know i got great ideas but it won't change anything.
  9. Or Pearl Abyss could add ganking lifeskill,ganking leaderboard,no more safe zone,player loot,steal or kill player horses...all that at level 10 with a quest to introduce and explain it with backstory and lore.And another quest to introduce group PvP content. It's a PvP game after all.
  10. And some bought Black Desert,rush to level 50 without even bothering playing most content and constantly open their wallet just to stay "competitive" in PvP.... Different way to play the game and one is bothering you more than the other.No surprise.
  11. RPG vs looter shooter. Quester vs grinder. As long as i've a quest to do in a quest area,and get kill by a "gamer",i will coming back until i'm done with my quest.(no fight back). Who's bothering who ? Who is the winner? Who is the loser ? Just a bad feature ,without purpose,maybe just to push PvE gamers to use microtransactions and fight back.
  12. A bit disapointed by the quest. After starting it,i though maybe i will have to go across the map,find npc,get some backstory,go to some hidden cave,find relics or talismans,find wise people,ect....but no.A simple ,short quest. Then,i discover what is awakening.A fancy word,it's just a secondary weapon plus some new skills. Don't get me wrong,i like it.Better to have more than less.It can be mixed or use as a main playstyle.Cool. By default,i did reset my still.Lately i realized that i got skills that i didn't really use. Now,i will test awakening and see where i want to spend my skill points.
  13. To OP, if you only PvE,one character,no need to use microtransactions and no need to enhance your gear. This is how i play. I got 2 free pets (rarely use them,except my hawk because he can spawn a mini boss) ,but i can loot by myself.(pressing a button,isn't that hard). Plus all the free stuffs,i got since i started ( 2 months),it's not that hard,just time consuming (but it's a rpg,after all). Enemies got a level cap,no skill to level up,no gear to enhance and no awakening. So with time everything can be beaten. If you PvP that's another story.
  14. If this game doesn't hold your hand. What is a game that hold your hand ? An interactive movie ? There are introduction quests for combat,life skills.enhancement,workers,node,....There is also a quest summary in case you don't want to read everything. A mini map,a world map with different options . Icons "everywhere", for quest givers, for quest goals,magical trail,auto path,crafting notes,afk,microtransactions,.....
  15. Seems to run the way it was before Valencia update. No more missing pieces,between Balenos,Serendia and Calpheon.On foot,i'm working my weight level and trading until friday,across these 3 regions. Way better.
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