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  1. Same here! Runing latest android on a galaxy s10
  2. You know what man, if it really annoys you that mutch that i posted something on the forum then it is your right to report me! Fell free to do so en let the CM's decide over it then but i really dont have the time to discuss this anymore! So go on and report me, otherwise just go find someone else to annoy cause again, i really dont have the time for this!
  3. You can say all you want, the forum is here for everyone and if i have a question i am free to ask! If you dont want to answer you dont have to! And then again, i sae the oficial post in the oficial bdo app with no release date on it. Before you call someone lazy you beter know wat this person does, cause i work my ass off every day 12h a day, and i not abaut to spent the little free time i have to play reseaching some **** you posted weeks ago! If i see something on the oficial website or in this casa the app i think it is a relayble source, and if i still have questions after i am free to ask. But you are not obligated to answer, so next time you one of my lazy ass questions just skip it!
  4. Just so you know i did see this post in the oficial bdo app. So yes i did not bother to search further because i though the app was a relayable sorce. And if you dont have anything beter to doe, why even bother to answer a post if you not gona help with anything! The question has already ben answered, i dont see a reason for you to criticise some one for having the rong information!
  5. The post i saw did not say when. just that it would be available when you reach lvl 56. But thx. Now i know when it gona be!
  6. Awekening for tamer should be available this morning i saw a post about it on the app that said we should be able to get de quest "princess of a fallen kingdom" when we richt lvl 56. My tamer is 56 but i can not find de quest. Black spirit is not giving me the quest. Anyone else with the same problem or is it just me?
  7. I need to learn that hack because my wizard sucks in pvp!
  8. Markket palce taxes realy sock!
  9. Ok, that is a really nice strategy, it will take me some time but i think i can do it. Just one more question do, shuld i go for kzarka or dende first??
  10. Is it really worth it to sell kutum for 2 pieces of tet armor?? If i do that dan i will have tet kzarka en 2 tet armor pieces but still stuck with 2 duo pieces, no sub weapon and almost no silver left over! Any other ideas?
  11. Hallo every one, today i want to ask you all for your opnion to help me progress in the game. I'm a wizard lvl 58 an my gear needs upgrade, at the moment i have full tri weapens Tri liverto staff, tri blue awakening, tri kutum sub Full duo asula acessories, need upgrade but this will com at later date Full duo armpr set with 2 piece heve amd 2 piece grunil This set has ben enough to grind in valencia but now i want to try kamasilve but i need serius upgrade before i can even try... I have just enough silver to preorder a tet kzarka staff, or i could use that silver to get a tet liverto and a new tri armor or maybe even 1 or 2 tet armor pieces. I can not decide on wat to doe so i want to hear your opinio on how to progress, keep in mind that i am a casual player with limited time to play so money is not something that comes easy to me. What should i buy first? Tet kzarka? Or tet liverto and upgrade armor?
  12. But B closes the window, then i have to start over
  13. But the B button closes de registration window. I have to start over
  14. I am not able to register my fairy, did anyone have de same problem? How can i fix this. The issue is simple, i have done all the quest, tben i go up to the kamasylve tree and summon a fairy, a window shows up to register the fairy, i put a name in but when i press "a" to confirm nothing happens, i have tried other names and even restarted my xbox but nothing changed.
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