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  1. ChilMeiSTer1968

    New roadmap, absolutely horrific

    Everyone is allowed to their own opinion whether it be negative or good, i find the servers have dropped in numbers considerably with small guilds disappearing daily and large guilds clutching at any new player they see to try get numbers up for bosses. I personally feel the servers are dead and i feel this is mainly down to the fact the console players are not stupid and are not falling for PAs obvious tactics to make you spend real money to advance (and please dont tell me thats not true) the only things you can sell on the market tax free are pearl items. I personally like micro transactions to help support a good game like GTA but at least i know on there i can actually earn the cash in game within a week if i want to not nearly a year like on BDO.
  2. ChilMeiSTer1968


    Dont say i didnt warn you Ignore this fanboy
  3. ChilMeiSTer1968


    Hi PS4 players and welcome from an Xbox player to the worst forums on the planet, prepare to be seriously ignored by the developers and GMs on these forums. Welcome to a world of negative posts and fanboy defenders. That said when it works the games not bad, just dont waste your money on the Pearl store.
  4. ChilMeiSTer1968

    Ignored Tickets

    Good luck getting PA to read anything on here, even there official GMs dont look on here but that said nobody watches their Youtube page either lol
  5. ChilMeiSTer1968

    Fairy confirmed?

    They will be 20 billion silver each and you can only use the for 30 seconds every 5 hours unless the have the new value pack item from the pearl store only £50 that gives you a certificate to upgrade your fairy to 1 minute every 4 hours with a monthly renewal price of 1 million dollars and a carrot.
  6. ChilMeiSTer1968

    New roadmap, absolutely horrific

    Are you being serious? the EU servers have been dead for over a month now with the exception of weekends when the kids are allowed to play and even then we maybe get 3 crowded servers on the list for a few hours. All you do normally see in towns is around 10-15 afk players fishing and a few around the market are you classing that as a busy server? And i log in every night on Cal 1 to see the same 5 players using server chat, it use to be a constant streaming list of names chatting. So i stand by my original reply that the xbox eu servers are dying.
  7. Ever noticed that pearl item sales on CM are not taxed, that to encourage you to buy them for real money and sell them on there
  8. ChilMeiSTer1968

    New roadmap, absolutely horrific

    Are you guys on NA or EU servers, because right now on EU we have 8 empty servers they have not had a crowded status for over a month now. That said i did say that i personally still enjoy playing the game and even more so on empty servers as less lag. Oh and i can afford to buy and sell pearl items so upgrading is easy for me.
  9. I got my ninja his Kzarka short sword for less than 100k, god bless the price crash. Only downside is now that there are no materials on sale to upgrade the stupid thing as Hard and Sharp stones seem to have gone extinct.
  10. ChilMeiSTer1968

    New roadmap, absolutely horrific

    I have to agree with this, even though i enjoy playing the game the servers are definitely quiet these days. I put it down to the simple fact that PA were greedy making RNG practically a joke to encourage players to constantly buy and sell pearl items. People will buy micro transactions for a better look but not at the high prices PA charge. If anyone is to blame for the failure of this game on the console its PA for thinking we are stupid.
  11. ChilMeiSTer1968

    Little Elephant Quest

    So how much does this whole quest cost us in total to complete, is this the new norm in games now that you pay to do the quests?
  12. ChilMeiSTer1968

    Tents and Elephants thats all?

    Thanks all, i just like my Shai and was hoping for more for her i did do the ninja awakening, riding all the way from Valencia to Florin to be told to go to Altinova that was fun.
  13. ChilMeiSTer1968

    Tents and Elephants thats all?

    Heres the patch notes but all i see of any use to low geared players are tents and elephants, nothing regarding Shai awakening or Shai being able to use desert mounts. Some nice boosts for the no life players though that have time to level past 60. https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=1158&category=0
  14. ChilMeiSTer1968

    Quest rewaards

    Id just be happy if the rewards reflected the level requirements for the quest. Giving me a ring that has worse stats than the Asulas for a quest out of Valencia is garbage.
  15. ChilMeiSTer1968

    Optimisation Mode

    Is it down to the fact that only 3 servers are ever used on Xbox and they are constantly crowded, nobody uses Arsha, Bal1 or Serendia and Mediah they are always dead when you log onto them. Maybe PA need to start capping whats left of the console servers so excess players start using the empty servers, or add more negative effects to pk players so they prefer to use the Arsha server instead ( although i hear that Arsha is owned by elite pvp players that noob pkrs wont dare fight). Either way for consoles it looks like the lags here to stay.