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  1. Ok its time to take the advice of Rocketfuel77777 and Okayigetnow and leave this forum, they are totally correct in their view of myself as i really no longer have anything positive to say about this game. I have managed to get my DK, Ranger, Witch, Shai and Archer all to level 57 with full TRI gear but ive hit the upgrade wall now where i have a real life so cant grind millions of mobs for an RNG chance at further upgrades. The game was fun up to then but now i just cant bear even logging in for the daily bonus. Oh forgot to add Borderlands 3 is out and its amazing, been a fan of Gearbox Games and 2K since 1998 so bought the Super Deluxe Edition with season pass so really wont have any time for this garbage anymore. Have fun on your empty servers, blame the white-knights for everything See you in Pandora Hunters.
  2. Why are you so scared of negative reviews, if what i am saying is in anyway a lie or incorrect then i open to some genuine proof otherwise. But look around you do you see hundreds maybe thousands of replies defending the game or just maybe the same couple of guys jumping in. I see a lot more negative review of this game on all social media platforms than anything positive.
  3. The game is dead open your eyes, have you not realised yet that the only reason you see my complaints regular is because no one else is posting on these forums. Look for your self its practically the same people on here posting and commenting day in day out. Yourself and Rocketfuel77777 are about the only two white knights still defending this game. I understand how you feel its awful to have someone give an honest but negative thought on something you love, but seriously look around the forum your in a minority when it comes to anything positive said about the game. I dont put it down for it to die, i put it down in hopes they will make a game i like better. And as for playing something else i do already, you dont seriously think this is the only game i play Jesus get serious i like a grind-fest now and then but not 24-7 and thats where the main issue is with this game the boring continuous grinding 24-7 to have a slight chance to progress, if your hitting TET or PEN in this game you really need to have a reality check. Also one last point, read the forum rules even blanked out profanity is still profanity and a banning offence. But im afraid for you that having a negative view of the game isn't
  4. The games not been out a year yet on Xbox? I log in every evening to silence. There was a time every town was busy, now you can literally see the tumbleweed roll by. Velia is about the only place thats busy with players trying out new alts or the few new starters but a week after you get them into guild they stop playing around the level 50 mark.
  5. I know the fanboys again will again jump in to defend but seriously have they got anything to defend when even the loyal Xbox one streamers on You Tube have jumped ship to the PS4 version to try and get their ratings up. Even the forum moderators are now only streaming PS4 content in hopes of some sort of decent viewing ratings. Also if you actually look the viewing ratings they drop big times on both systems as players realise how poor and repetitive with no actual rewards this game is and leave. I genuinely liked this game until i hit the upgrade wall and now i just log in for my cash and loyalty bonus then log out again. I come on these dwindling forums too once in a while just to see if there is any chance PA have listened and realised they are killing their own game, but to no avail. They too will probably jump ship too and maybe launch another console cash grab in the future with exciting game mechanics and a fun feel your progressing up till about DUO then nothing but failure and punishment if you try go any further without buying pearl items. Oh and the Central Market on EU servers is empty so nothing to spend your earned silver on anyway
  6. Dont waste your money, by the time your gear is at any level for you to even defend yourself in PVP there will be better games for you to buy.
  7. We can all stop complaining now, i think it is safe to say that this game is dying on the Xbox even all the You Tube streaming fanboys have jumped ship to the PS4 version. And i know the Xbox fanboys will try to throw in some defence but i actually played all weekend on dead servers. Valencia 1 was a ghost town, the guild im in has 52 members and only 4 were on all weekend and two other guilds i know could not get enough members on to even team up for a boss fight. Im sure PA will put all effort in to the PS4 version now to milk it for as long as they can until the players on there realise that this game is garbage if you have a life.
  8. Im not creating an argument, i think i pointed out that if your on NA not EU then you probably wont have the same issues getting silver. Speaking for myself personally who normally gets a couple of hours on after work i am nowhere near nor do i see me ever being near the billion silver ever. I think this is the same for most on EU servers.
  9. Hate it with a passion, more players unlucky than lucky with the current system. There will be some players who defend it but luckily they are a very small minority who will soon be playing on empty servers. Also if your playing on NA not EU then you wont notice how quiet this game has become. As for buying gear on the Market you need players on server actually selling gear on there, as it stands there are a few items like a TET Basilisk belt selling for around the 2 billion mark none of the players on EU servers will ever hit that price. PA seem to forget that this is a console version and unlike PC new games launch nearly every other month so they really need to up their game if this game is to last on console i mean even the forums and social media sites are losing gamers interest in the game.
  10. Games broke, but for 10,000 pearls you can buy a lag boost fix from the store
  11. Games broke, but for 10,000 pearls you can buy a lag boost fix from the store
  12. Im just hitting areas that dont load and mobs that pop in around me or disappear as i attack them re appearing to side of me. Also getting a memory error that pops up on my screen now then game freezes and closes down
  13. Think you can buy them from the Pearl Store
  14. Mine is same Xbox One X 75meg fibre hardwired yet constant load up issues and things just popping in all time in front of me. Tried to play on Archer last night it was so slow and xbox seems to be running a lot hotter too since update with game freezes too.
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