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  1. ChilMeiSTer1968

    PA - Please Settle This once and for all.

    Past I was a noob but now I'm learning and with the help of selling pearl items I've got a pretty buff witch now who can handle a bit of 1v1
  2. ChilMeiSTer1968

    PA - Please Settle This once and for all.

    Loving the full on Diva fight going on in this post now its great, you go girls get those claws out meow And you even purred lol
  3. ChilMeiSTer1968

    Remove PVP! No one wants it.

    I would rather they made the rng drops better so players could gear up faster and at least have a fighting chance when you hit level 50. But other than that the pvp can be a bit of fun and adds to the tension when your in areas. PKs just make me smile with their aggressive approach to area ownership lol.
  4. ChilMeiSTer1968

    PA - Please Settle This once and for all.

    Do you really think their going to mate? Ive not seen them acknowledge any posts on here.
  5. ChilMeiSTer1968

    PA - Please Settle This once and for all.

    Hows it going on this post, have Pearl Abyss acknowledged it yet and settled the argument?
  6. ChilMeiSTer1968

    Shai Class

    Looking forward to this class, it will hopefully open up more group activity having a healer class in fights.
  7. ChilMeiSTer1968

    Game Review After a Month

    I had a couple of scrolls and about 15 concentrated stones getting them to pri was hardest used one scroll and 4 stones, luckily i had a few mem frags and the orbs are cheap from Tulem to do the durability repairs.
  8. ChilMeiSTer1968

    Game Review After a Month

    Just a quick update its just over a week since my months review and since ive awakened my witch i am finding a bit of life in the game again, that said i am still going to sell pearl items as after trying to upgrade my awakened orbs from pri to tri cost me all my stones and stressed me to hell i think il stick to buying other folks hard work and just enjoy what ive got and can afford. Sorry if folks felt i was too negative it was just my view of the game at that time. Want to try the new Shiah support class next if it ever comes to console fancy myself as a healer rather than a fighter
  9. ChilMeiSTer1968

    When we getting new classes

    Wasn't this post just a question about new classes?
  10. ChilMeiSTer1968

    PA - Please Settle This once and for all.

    Last night i fought my way down to the bottom of the Helms cave doing some weapon quest for the Barraton Lancer, i picked up the next quest from a blacksmith guy in the cave to kill more mobs as i completed this quest and was running down just to hand it in some stupid moron striker decided i was in his rotation and killed me. I didn't shout i didn't get angry i just politely messaged him and congratulated him on his kill, i then re-spawned at the node buffed up ran back into the cave found him quite happily fighting a huge pack of mobs where he was very busy so i set him alight and then froze and fried him. I dont know why maybe its because he was in the red but he was just not as polite in the chat to me afterwards. Anyway i handed in the quest and rode back to Altinova smiling, just thought id ad my story about the lonely PK i met last night
  11. ChilMeiSTer1968

    Dim Magical Shield

    Il try that tonight, thanks.
  12. ChilMeiSTer1968

    PC getting a new class soon!

    I bet you spent some quality time drooling over the hobbits in lord of the rings, are you saying gamers should not play any games where the main protagonist is a child like character. So no Elves, Fairies or Halflings or Hobbits or Young Dwarves so basically no fantasy games or your a nonce. Get a life mate.
  13. ChilMeiSTer1968

    Dim Magical Shield

    How do you upgrade this item, i have done all the black spirits quest for the armour but not received any quest to upgrade the shield am i missing something?
  14. ChilMeiSTer1968

    What Lifeskill have you been chasing?

    None, i just explore grind and explore more.
  15. ChilMeiSTer1968

    Game Review After a Month

    What server and system do you play on, I was on Xbox one x last night on Bal 2 server in Valencia city. The chat was dead seemed to be the same 10 players talking garbage on server chat (usual my guild tougher than yours blah blah blah) and Valencia and the Desert was a ghost town. I spent a good 2 hours without seeing another player while i farmed around that area and this was early evening on EU servers. I was surprised actually because when i booted up my game all the servers said crowded but not?