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  1. Please tell me that the epheria sailboats and the T8's were removed because the content isn't releasing anytime soon. I would prefer this being the reasoning than it just being removed permanently because It's been several months that I and I'm sure a lot of other players have been saving to exchange them for those items. It's bad form that these changes weren't even mentioned in the patch notes or anywhere else.
  2. If you're defending the enhancement system you are a idiot. I'm over 500 gs and the enhancement system is pure and utter $#*t
  3. i'm a new player and i've been prepping for cp dishes since the 1st week of release. i'm already at 280 cp......I'm ready.
  4. it is definitely an exclusive wizard problem. I've leveled 10 toons to at least lvl 55 and upgraded the dim weapon on all except the wizrard. the quest doesn't drop.
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