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  1. Its killed or be killed me and my guild always getting deced on for killing people
  2. Thats how yuh get yo **** dented in cause if you ignore somebody thats trying to duel you they flag and kill you lol unless you gear carried then idk
  3. Lmao i still play 478 GS tamer and when its something i want i ask duel for spot if most of the time they say iight but when they so no oh boy Alt+C and open up the eight inner gates on they ass
  4. This is my Kunoichi Akame_Hyuga outfit is "Ayo"
  5. Anyway to turn down the graphics to lagg in high populated areas
  6. Wish i could zoom out feel like im zoomed in to close
  7. No i havent tested that yet
  8. Hey everybody if you are new to the game and need any tips and tricks just comment under here or message JadeDragonAion on xbox and ill be welcome to help you with anything
  9. That class right there is called Stroker and the outfit is Blazing Inferno
  10. They might fixed that they should come out with a full animated costume/outfit for it
  11. Yea i want to win one lol i like The Musa, Kunoichi, and Sorc arsha skin didnt like the others too much
  12. Lets build up the hype for all the new players coming to BDO. If you play PC or played on PC post a picture of your character and the name of the class. This is my Kunoichi and The outfit is Night Cat.
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