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  1. alright im on now I'll add you guys! currently on Mediah 3 in Velia. ( GT is Giantyoshi, family name is Stormcaller)
  2. Valhalla Raiders is a small guild (that's growing) looking for Sea Adventures, hot spot fishing parties, and grind groups. Everyone is welcome and voice is optional.( 2 members already have the materials for the next boat when it comes out, then we can monster hunt like true Vikings.)
  3. Looking for fishermen and skillers for whale hunting and sea monster slaying. Fishing buffs. Pretty easy going people who aren't afraid to help out, anyone is welcome. Come join us for sea shenanigans! ( Send me an xbox message at Giantyoshi , and I will add when I'm off work.) Hotspot party's as well when they are released. Casual no requirements or penalties.
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