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  1. Whenever I sheath her giant sword she glitches out. When she lowers her hand after the action she still shows sword in her hand AND if u try to sprint it cancels the sheathing.
  2. So I have simple question. When I assign a worker to make, let's say, black powder. How do I set it to more then 1. Ex. I have 100 rough stones in Valia warehouse, a worker in valiant doing nothing, a refinery in valia. I select refinery, manage crafting, I select valuable worker, and the only option I have is 'hit X to start work'. No option to change amount.
  3. There is nothing about chat that can't be fixed with turning it off. Can chat be gross? Yes. Offensive? Heck ya. Do we need ppl band because of speach? No. We are adults we can ignore it.
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