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  1. Seeing as the entire point of this thread, which was to leave it to GMs, CMs, or a moderator to find and notify Pearl Abyss is now pretty much in the back burner, I'm just going to leave it to be deleted. I made the mistake of mentioning a guild name, and should have left that out. It would have been better to keep things anonymous, and without screenshots, to avoid this arguing. It seems I didn't even have to get as far as posting proof before fingers got pointed, and salt's been thrown around. I'll do you two a favor, since a fight between people isn't what anyone wanted out of this. <Feared> was not involved, at least as far as we are aware. Don't point fingers at them. We haven't even fought them in a guild war yet. I apologize to both <Regret> and <Feared>. While I do still stand by my point, I should have kept names out of it. I don't know how to delete threads is users can even do that, so I'll leave that to a moderator.
  2. You are absolutely right. You bring up points that make it more tolerable. At the end of your argument is where my main point lies. If you want to add a pet specifically for this purpose, why did you have to make it look so GOOD? If you add a pet like this for such purposes, make it look like crap, or something that DOESN'T appeal to the player. People want things like this to keep or use. When the only real purpose it serves is to toss it aside just to benefit your other pets, it's kind of insulting. Thank you for your feedback, as while I still stand by my point, you gave me info that makes this less bothersome.
  3. Nobody is "slandering" anybody, and we are not targeting you specifically either. This happened again today with another guild. We see something wrong with what is going on in-game, and bring it to the forums to hopefully have it addressed. We don't play node wars to win, but to enjoy it as a more casual guild. We are not being toxic about it. We don't even care that we lost. Aside from what this thread is about, we had fun. That's all we care about That aside, we're trying to prevent such tactics from being used, as it also goes against Xbox's ToS, and BDO's EULA for a guild to do the things we saw yesterday, and is also a bannable offense on both Xbox and BDO. 12.1.4. Use of Exploits The User shall immediately report any process(es) or action(s) which, when performed in the Game, allow the User to play the Game in a way it was not intended to be played by game design (hereinafter, an “Exploit”). If guildies being "unfairly killed" is a result of fighting outside node area, I'll give you that. And even if unregistered guild members are not able to fight for you, they are still fully capable of being meat shields. When we see 30, 40, or more members of a guild inside their fort when the node we're playing on is made for 25 players each team, we're going to bring it up. If a guild wants to win that badly, go right ahead and keep doing what you do. Other people are not going to let that fly. You may say we're "slandering", but not saying anything at all is no different from saying that what you do is okay. We'd rather "embarrass ourselves" as you put it, if it means players can enjoy the game without others exploiting.
  4. On more than one occasion, guilds are bringing more players than allowed into Node Wars. Yesterday, our war was on T1 node at Bradie. Our last opponent after every other guild was knocked out, war <Regret>. This guild brought about 50 members into a node war for 25 players. This is not okay. Node Wars are already laggy due to bad servers/desync, so we don't need cheaters. We were having 25 players zerg our base, with the 25 players not participating (or they mixed in both participants and non-participants) staying back at fort to defend. My first thoughts were that we were mistaken, especially since I was under the impression non-participants are not able to attack players in node but then we see members from regret "Unfairly killing" our participants. Not only that, but our guildie has a screenshot of their fort after we destroyed their zerg group. They had WAY more than 25 <regret> guildies inside their base. I will get him to post those screenshots on this thread. Changes need to be made. Make it so NON-PARTICIPANTS are denied access to the servers where their guild is participating. Or, even better, game servers still don't run well yet. Even removing all monsters from servers doesn't completely solve issues with lag during NW. I run an Xbox One X with 250Mbps download speed btw. Point is, the best solution would be to disable access from the server to EVERYBODY except participants. Maybe this would help keep stability. I doubt this second solution would be done. Not enough servers to support all the players that would need to move to other servers (Yet another reason why they added this game to game pass too early). We need to restrict access to the server so that guildies that didn't participate can not enter and cheat like this.
  5. How was this pet a good idea? Gosphy is literally the COOLEST looking pet thus far in Black Desert for Xbox One. Yet... It's a waste of money. $20 (Since you can only buy in increments of $10 or $20 in pearls)... and all you get is AGGRO. This pet is double the price, and can't be sold on CM. Essentially, it's only good for high level players farming low level mobs. That isn't bad by itself. Reports in server chat say that when exchanging, you can not choose to keep Gosphy's appearance, meaning this pet can not be tiered up, and can only be exchanged to tier up other pets. Players who farm a lot can get by with 4 T1 pets, but it's still not enough. I have 2 T1s, and 2 T2 pets, and I still have to stop for a few seconds to let them pick up loot. If the price of this pet AS IS was lowered to 500 pearls, it would be a worthy purchase. but $20? That's ridiculous. At least make it so this pet can be tiered up in exchanges.
  6. This guild attendance reward event needs work. I'm speaking for all those small guilds. It's fine if you want guilds to grow, and I even agree with that logic, but this event will make small guilds feel punished. Take into consideration that this event provides 14 days of rewards, and 15 days to claim them. The event is meant to encourage people to grow their guild since they give you a whole month to reach 70 memebers. This makes the gameplay experience more enjoyable. This is a good idea. The problem lies with the 15 day limit. No matter what, if your guild doesn't have 30 members when the event starts, guilds miss out on rewards. And with all the big guilds out there that people prefer to join over small ones, it is almost impossible to recruit so many in such a short time. People would have to call in favors from other guilds to borrow members or make alternate accounts to invite alts. A single day is not enough time for a 10-15 player guild to recruit 15-20 people. There has to be more time given to guilds to actually recruit people for the event. Starting an event like this, but providing no time beforehand to let guilds build up their members when that's the entire point of the guild event, can have the opposite effect an event like this was meant to have, especially since the rewards themselves are REALLY good. Players will leave guilds. Guild Masters will disband guilds, or give someone else GM and leave to join a bigger one. The event needs an extension. Maybe a week sounds fair. As it is now. It just doesn't make sense to give players a whole month just to receive 1 title, and guild funds/experience, yet only give 15 days to claim really good attendance rewards, with only ONE DAY to recruit members beforehand.
  7. Guild Name: Ironthrone Guild Master: Mister Icefyre Main Guild Officers: Bellahtrixx, and JENOVA AbsoIute (myself) Current Buffs: Accuracy+3, AP+3, Damage Reduction+2 Brand new guild wanting PVP/PVE members. Must be active. Guild missions every day, and guild bosses at least every other day (will do more often most likely). Short term plans as of now involve guild missions and bosses. Long term is small scale Node Wars, with possibility of large scale in the future. We are a very helpful guild. We look after our own in PVP. You ask questions, we answer. You get ganked? We assist even if you don't ask. There is no FAIR in BDO. Save those 1v1s for the arena in Heidel, Velia, etc. If you want in, your gearscore must be 380+. You must be 18 years or older. You must be chill. We don't want drama. We want cooperation. This guild is NOT for the hardcore player. This guild is for FUN! Message either the guild master, or myself on Xbox, for invites to the guild. Our gamertags are listed above. The "L" in Absolute is a capital "i" in my gamertag. If you're already in game, you can whisper me. I'm almost always on my main. My character name is Granz. Find me on Valencia 2. That is our guild server.
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