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  1. My GS is actually 559 although I'm not fully geared towards being pure AP. I do want it for additional AP & to start working on my armour for additional evasion/DP. It just p**ses me off the constant bad decisions & excuses made by this company, particularly when I see them contradicting themselves with regards to stuff like "Oh we don't want to further increase the gear gap" when it's very clear to me that the main reason this happened in the first place was down to allowing crons from the pearl shop at the start of the game. Then they throw out half of the adventure log with 1AP really means nothing to people under 259AP, but it's massive for those players that sit on 268 or 272 (which is currently full TET acc & TRI tungrads for 268 & TET tungrads for 272). They're basically gimping a large portion of the player base this is ready for those Caphras to help them push into that 261 bracket and favouring the progression of only the top geared AP players.
  2. Yeah it's annoying. I don't think anyone below 50 should be allowed on the PvP server. I've seen it with wizard/witch afking at hexe in 1 spot for hours on end.
  3. So last night on the stream Shirna basically said that the reason Caphras haven't been added is due to the stat/gear gap it would create between players with TET & TRI gear. If this is such a big concern for the Devs then why the **** did they give allow p2w with Crons from costumes from the get go? That was probably one of the biggest factors in declining numbers in the EU back when the game was fresh. The only reason I can see them delaying this any further is down to wanting players to buy costumes for either Crons or to sell on the MP, so that they can catch up to the players that are already softcap. Furthermore I don't think people realise the importance of this adventure log & how it will impact the game in a negative way. You a players that are sitting on 268 & 272 AP at the moment. A large % of these players are p2w and are now sitting with either full TET bis accessories or almost full TET. This adventure log gives these players that crucial 1AP to push into the next AP brackets. So you already have a massive stat gap in the game by allowing people to buy Crons from the pearl shop from the start. You further increase this by giving people that critical 1 AP. Just f**king release Caphras and allow people at the lower AP brackets to push into those important brackets and not save it for the select few that swipe their credit card. Game is becoming a absolute joke with these sh***y decisions all the time. Think about this the next time some high GS player one shots you. Someone who is sitting at 245AP has an extra 48 hidden AP. Someone at 269AP has an extra 137 hidden AP. Caphras need to be added to the game to allow lower AP players to push into the 261 bracket without needing 2-3 TET accessories. This will close the gap & create a more balanced PvP system.
  4. Just withdraw the money from storage into your inventory
  5. Don't fish myself but you should probably just fish onshore until skilled 5 I think. Then you start to see the hotspots out at sea. There's various lifeskill buffs you can get through food, potions etc. Also use a fishing costume for more XP.
  6. Originally BDO wasn't connected to the pearl shop or P2W. This company cannot be trusted. Going p2w makes them a silly amount of money so it's inevitable that they will do the same with other games they bring out.
  7. Wearing them down lol. What exactly are you doing to wear them down? Ate you writing a letter every day to PA head office? You're a broken record mate just repeating the same drivel over & over for months on end. Just accept the fact that you bought a game without doing any research & it turns out you don't actually like it because you have to do a little bit of PvP every now and again. Move on & forget about it.
  8. In general they should just add more PvP mini games ( flag capture, hold X amount of bases etc). Arena style system would be cool 1v1/2v2 etc. I think having no buffs would be fine, but you would need to be allowed to use potions, as some classes need them more than others. If you didn't have pots then only certain classes with a lot of heals would be viable. You could disable the fairy though and make people manually use them because it wouldn't be fair if you have someone that p2w a fairy with 2 second autopot with people that have like 3-4 second autopot.
  9. What's peoples experience finding T5 horses in the wild? Been looking for a few days now and can only find T4. I know the spawn rate is lowish, but surely after a few days on checking like 6 known locations in all servers I should find least 1? Also what is the breeding rate on Xbox?
  10. It's called Shudad. People who pre ordered the deluxe edition get it with some other items I think. The only possible way to get it now is to put up a pre order & you might be very lucky & get it (very much doubt it though). PA will probably release it on the Pearl Shop after a year or so to make some extra cash. They just recently added horse armour to the pearl shop which was supposed to be like a limited edition loyalty point set when we first got Nouver on the Xbox.
  11. It's called server maintenance & happens with pretty much every MMO that has a reasonably large playerbase on a weekly basis. They don't have to tell you exactly what they're doing every time it happens and for your information sometimes they don't roll out server maintenance each week.
  12. You can either switch servers until it opens or there is a cave entrance on the left side wall (left side of gate)
  13. Welcome to PA & BDO. It's amazing how many times I've thought to myself throughout the last 8 months or so that PA surely must run out of ideas at some point to milk the playerbase. To my surprise they just keep coming & coming. After spending a fair bit of cash in the first 4 months or so on various things i haven't really spent anything significant other than a monthly value pack & some additional weight in the recent months. I don't even use costumes anymore because my +2 movement speed free costume is better than most of the fancy costumes you pay for. I would personally love Sony/Microsoft to intervene and force this company to move away from the PC model. I mean in all honesty at least PC players had 3 years or so worth of gaming before PA went full throttle on the maximum profit at all costs business model.
  14. One of the main things that makes the game feel very stale at the moment is the fact that we still have to grind Valencia because Kama is incomplete. It's maybe okay for players like yourself that have only been playing for a few months, but for people that having been playing since release it's coming close to 6 months of grinding the same mobs. I mean even if they dropped relics into the Kama zones loot tables to substitute for no Caphras it would have made it a worth while addition to the game. As it currently stands it's pointless content because it's not worth going there to solo grind.
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