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  1. You won't need to make fail stacks you arrogant camel! All you need is 6 characters at 55 to run the Valencia questline that gives you 1x50, 3x30, 5x20 valk scrolls each time. You then put 10 valks cry on each 50 for a 60 stack and buy costumes to extract Crons from. People will have that questline done 6 times in a day or two & the people that will be cronning TETs will be well prepared (ex PC players). It happened on the Xbox & I really can't see it being much different on the PS4. The thing is though PS4 is getting content much faster and I would imagine there's probably still like 70- 80% of players running around with gear that's not even duo yet. You mention that everything has been well documented on PC already and people should get smart. Do you really think it's fair to the players who have never played BDO before or MMOs to allow a system that gives a faction of the playerbase God mode at such an early stage of the game? The thing that makes it even worse is that it's full p2w at the expense of other players gaming experience. This games downfall will be try hard ex PC players who are willing to spend silly amounts of money to get ahead early. That's already happened on Xbox & it messed up the competitive NW/Siege elements of the game due to one guild having all the big p2w players under one banner (mostly ex PC players that would spend thousands cronning gear).
  2. Have fun staying 49 forever then. Pretty sure your final deadline was in like June or something for them to give pve servers or you would quit???
  3. More PvP focused mini games with unique rewards would be a good addition to the game. RBF is garbage that's why no one plays it & it's also extremely unbalanced & the match making sucks.
  4. Hit Fogans you'll be 60 in no time. I'm assuming they will be adding TET & PEN gear with the update. You'll probably get absolute skills too to help with grinding. I think your content is a bit rushed tbh. Theres still going to be a massive amount of players struggling to even hit full TRI gear. Be prepared for a massive gear gap when this patch hits when people p2w cronning 60 stacks for TETs in the first few days.
  5. It makes sense now why you think the game is dead. You have only experienced about 40-50% of the content. Your probably still grinding Mediah mobs with TRI gear and lvl 57. I don't even know how it's possible to only have lvl 57s you've obviously been playing for a while now. I can lvl an alt to 57 in about 3-4 hours. Have fun in your new game & we'll keep doing NW, Siege, Kama, Valencia content on our empty servers (you know all that end game stuff you haven't tried yet). MMOs aren't for everyone I'm sure you'll be much happier playing a more simplistic game that doesn't torture you with a horrible enhancement system.
  6. The forum's have never been particularly busy even when the game came out. Most people these days use other things such as Twitter/Facebook/Discord/Reddit to discuss gaming matters. The reason I answer to your posts is because what you portrait the game to be like simply isn't true. For whatever reason you have hatred for this game & continue to try and provide false information about population. I've got my own things I dislike about the game mainly being the P2W aspects. I've never claimed the game is what it was like 5 months ago. I agree that the population has dropped. But what you describe almost on a daily basis is complete garbage.
  7. Just calling someone out for talking s**te! You're another pathetic excuse that likes to troll. I'm actually thinking you're the same person, as you two are pretty much answering on each others posts all the time backing each other up.
  8. Yeah mate he's a straight up liar! He's been at it for weeks. Even when you give a constructive response he chooses to try and play it down and then proceeds to call you a white knight. He's obviously got some serious issues with the game & it seems he wants to deter as many people as possible from playing by lying about the state of the game.
  9. If memory fragments gave say 10 durability on boss items & accessories only downgraded the enhancement system would be fine. What makes the enhancement system so bad is the pure money grab that is Artisan memory. When you have full boss gear it's almost impossible not to buy them when trying to lvl your gear because of the sheer amount of repairs you need to do. Also hards & sharps should be obtainable by grinding or melting like 10 armour/weapon stones. If this was the case it would be much easier to build failstacks instead of having to lvl up a ridiculous amount of alts for the valks quest.
  10. You're so full of s**t I'm surprised you haven't been banned from these forums yet. You basically just make up a load of sh**e every week about the game being dead. Why don't you just f**k off and go play some other game you actually enjoy instead of spreading a load of nonsense every week.
  11. PvP kinda is the end game unless you enjoy growing strawberries and afk crafting things to sell. Theres plenty of world PvP & if you get in an active PvP guild you have node & Siege wars facing other guild for territory (organised PvP) & guilds usually have multiple wars up against other PvP guilds (world PvP with no karma penalties). Most of your other time will be spent grinding for cash/items to upgrade your gear & occasionally fighting over grind spots. Not going to lie the enhancement system for gear kinda sucks unless RNG is on your side. It would probably take you a good 3 months to be at a reasonable gear level depending on how much you play & know about the game already. Expect to be playing 6-12 months to get your gear to level that would be considered soft cap which would be full TET bis armour/weapons and bis Tri accessories. This would be the kinda timescale you're looking at without p2w. However I would say the majority of the playerbase isn't at that stage yet and you could easily catch up with the bulk of the players in 2-3 months and PvP at a reasonable lvl. You will have people tell you the game is dead or dying in these forums (EU). The game has definitely seen a reduction in numbers, but I would say it's got a pretty stable player base just now and there's always PvP action if you pick a decent guild that's focused on that. The PvP & combat system is fun. It can be a bit one sided of someone out gears you by a significant amount, but that's the same with most MMOs. Pick your class wisely and do plenty of research before investing time because rerolling isn't easy and you invest a lot of time into building skill points and leveling past 58 is a big commitment. Some solid choices for PvP are witch, wizard, striker, ninja, musa, archer. But all classes have a place really. If you want to play a solid front line class then look at Striker or maybe a scout then look at Musa or Lahn. Main group support/nuke class then witch or wizard. Archer is also very nice long range class that does a ton of damage. Ninja is a solid 1v1 class and is used for flank groups in group PvP picking off high damage support classes like witch. It's a decent game, but you only get what you put into it. If you can deal with the frustration of the enhancement system and are happy that you won't get everything handed to you in a few weeks then I'm sure you'll enjoy the game & the PvP aspect.
  12. You need to go and watch some YouTube tutorials on equipment enhancement and failstacking.
  13. Kid lol what have we went back in time. Get a grip of yourself you dumb c**t! Why would I make stuff about players getting full TET in 2 days? It's f**king simple you idiot. You run Valencia 7 times on a lvl 55 character. After completing that quest the first time it takes just under 2 hours to run it on alts. There you now have 7 X 50 stacks. Fire another 10 valks cry on each stack and have a 60 stack that gives you a 14% chance at TET. P2w and Cron that s**t and you have full TET 2 days after the release of Valencia/TET/PEN. Pretty simple really or if you do it the correct way you don't Cron the TET attempts and only go DUO to TRI with Crons to build up your TET stack and it will cost you less money & no one knows you're P2W. The reason it wasn't considered full p2w on PC is because you didn't get Crons from costumes for 3 years after the game was released so it didn't have a huge impact on the game because the majority of people were already at softcap. It's a completely different system on Xbox and yes it did create a massive gear gap. You come on here with your white knight PA fan boy crap & you know jack s**t about what's happened on the Xbox & by the reading some of your other posts you know nothing about the the PC version either. Nothing worse than an ex PC player coming to console thinking he knows everything.
  14. That's what I said you don't know if someone is cronning for a TRI because you don't see a message saying "X player failed TRI grunil helmet" all you see if the successful message. However when it comes to TET & PEN you can easily tell what players are p2w because they do multiple attempts over and over with the same item. Just because you personally don't use Crons it doesn't mean others won't do it lol Scared of people lol what you banging on about? I'm full TET armour & weapons with nearly BIS TRI accessories. It's took me over 6 months to get there playing pretty hardcore. It will probably take a more casual player at least a year to get to the stage my gear is at. Someone can use Crons and p2w and achieve 6-12 months or work in 2 days. Many people will do this & it will create a massive gear gap especially at the early stages. It will most likely have the same negative effect on the population on PS4 as it did on Xbox because you will have the majority of the player base still trying to get TRI yuria & grunil armour when others are getting TET boss items withing the first few days of the TET/PEN patch.
  15. A costume is worth approximately 180m in Cron stones (I think 91 is what you get). It costs just over that to do a TET attempt and will cost you roughly 5 costumes to do a PEN attempt.
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