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  1. Yeah that's obviously the biggest P2W element of the game. I know a 40 stack means nothing, but the reason I think it's significant is because they haven't sold any fail stacks before. That's why I think they're testing the waters with it and will eventually add bigger fail stacks. I mean having the ability to buy a 100 stack & Cron would be the ultimate combination for PEN attempts. I guess we'll see over the coming months how far they will go as Crimson Desert gets closer.
  2. Yeah mate I get it. You pay cash to get items that would take at least 3+ years to get i.e full PEN not TET. As a comparison if WOW implemented a system where you could pay for unlimited personal rerolls in Mythic raid loot would you consider that pay to win or just speeding up the process? Because it's exactly the same thing as what BDO offers. No disrespect mate but you're a life skiller & always have been. You still have TRI gear & I really don't think you're in a position to see the impact p2w had early Valencia when you had guilds like Alpha effectively shut players out of zones because the guild was riddled with p2w players pretending they were something special. The fact of the matter is that this game is constantly looking to implement more p2w items. I mean this enhancement pack is just the start. First they throw out a 40 FS to gauge the reaction of the playerbase. Next thing you know in a few months you have a 40, 50, 80, 100, 120 option. It's pretty obvious the company is gearing up towards full on no frills p2w. Most likely because Crimson Desert will be coming out and they want to milk the remaining time as much as possible.
  3. I'm pretty sure PA knew all along that they couldn't deliver the full gaming experience the same as the PC version due to console performance issues. They intentionally added full p2w from the get go to maximize profits in the first 6 months because they knew after that point a lot of people would leave the game due missing content, performance issues, p2w etc. I feel a lot of people been duped by this company on console. But going by previous history on the PC version I guess it's no surprise they scammed the playerbase. They drip feed content & every patch the performance gets worse. They pretend that they are following a timeline similar to PC, but if that were true then p2w would never have been added from the get go, as PC didn't have it for like 2-3 years after release. I'm personally done with BDO, but I'm still keeping an eye on the way PA handle things leading up to Crimson Desert. That will ultimately determine whether give this company anymore of money & time in the future.
  4. Pretty sure they've mentioned in streams that they don't think it's possible to add T8 & water content due to the consoles not being able to handle it. First half of 2020 so that's like 6 months. I'm guessing they won't deliver on time like other road maps. Might be ready for next gen consoles, which should be out at the end of the year.
  5. Worst battleground I've ever played in an MMO. They can't even balance the teams evenly lol
  6. It's not really black and white though is it? I'm curious why people play an mmo for years that has no real endgame. I don't consider grinding to be endgame, in most MMOs it's a means to getting better equipment/upgrades/rep/gear etc so you can perform better in actual meaningful end game content or a competitive PvP scene. BDO offers non of that. I mean if you like spamming a few buttons & mindlessly killing mobs over and over then this is the game for you. The lifeskill system is very good, but it's more of a afk game once you understand it and have it set up the way you want.
  7. Nah I don't believe you need to make a game p2w to make money especially when the game costs money to buy in the first place. Add in the hidden subscription & other elements of the cash shop and they're basically milking as much as they can from the playerbase. PC is even worse, so console will follow. Plenty of other games & MMOs that have been around a lot longer than BDO that seem to manage fine without P2W. Maybe I'm just old school & like to play a game with fair systems in place that doesn't sell power for real £$€.
  8. Lol how is p2w & whales needed to keep the game alive? This is a common argument from pro p2w players that you see all the time. Having a game that's p2w actually kills the game in the long run because the more p2w the game gets the more people leave (which BDO has been consistently doing for years now on PC). Having a fair game that doesn't sell power in the form of gambling in the cash shop is what keeps a game alive, along with meaningful end game content & good expansions (which BDO fails to deliver in all areas btw). No one is going to buy costumes to gear a character, it's obviously going to be much cheaper using Crons from costumes so it's an unrealistic figure. A costume is worth 110m correct (soon it will be 250m like PC), but the material value is almost 500m in Crons. But sure keep defending a game developers that can't even deliver a finished product to console. They really need that money to keep the game running. God forbid they take a small cut in the 1 billion in profits they made to deliver a game that has fair systems in place that doesn't allow players to become god with a credit card. BDO community is pathetic, I've never came across a gaming community that's so pro p2w as this one.
  9. No even sure if this is out yet on console, but on PC a new pearl shop pack was added that gives you Crons, Artisans, Mem Frags, Valks & a 40fs called Master of Enhancement Pack. Pretty transparent P2W item being added to the game & the first time a fail stack has been sold directly in the cash shop. 40fs is nothing you might say, bit it shows PAs intentions for the future. Won't be long until you can buy 60/80/100/100+ stacks. Maybe when they start selling high fail stacks directly it will finally convince the pay for convenience camp that the game is p2w, but I'm sure they'll somehow manage to justify it to themselves.
  10. So what kept you playing for 5 years? Are you still doing the same thing you were doing 3-4 years ago? i.e grinding mobs, but in different areas or did something new get added along the way that keeps you wanting to play? As far as I know there's no afk grinding unless it got added in the last month or so. I have seen people afk grinding in places like Hexe with level 49s. Usually with witch/wiz, they set a controller to auto rotate & it spams a ranged attack killing the mobs (I'm guessing they modify an old controller with duck tape or something). I'm sure T4 pets have extended range so you would probably need those to actually make any decent coin from it.
  11. Nope you would need a new account specific to that region. I dunno why you would want to anyway. EU is pretty dead on xbox, not sure about PS4.
  12. I agree that at first the game seems very in depth & requires a fair amount of research mainly towards lifeskilling/worker empire. Actual gameplay isn't really difficult to master IMO, but I played MMOs on & off for years. I've actually quit the game now, but I was mainly interested to see what kept people playing after years of doing the same thing. I think personally the game kept me engaged for about 6 months before I fully explored & learnt about most aspects in the game & then it all become a bit dull.
  13. This question is mainly directed towards long term ex/current PC players. What is it that keeps you playing this game year after year? What makes you want to reroll fresh on Xbox & do it all again? I've played BDX since release & have currently decided that the game just doesn't have that long term appeal that I've had from other MMOs in the past. Xbox has pretty much went through about 2 years worth of content in about 6 months or so & it's all became a bit mundane & repetitive. I found myself asking the question 'is this as good as it gets?' quite a few times over the past few months. From what I see & read from the PC version of the game is that it's just more of the same to come. A few nice looking new areas & more mobs with different skins to grind. When you take away the nice graphics & smooth combat system the game really lacks any meaningful end game content. Aakman/Hystria are just more of the same apart from the fact that the mobs hit harder & take longer to kill. Boss content/rifts etc are just attendance based zerg fest's & lifeskilling/worker empire keeps you going for a few months but once you have a okay understanding it's just AFKing rather than playing the game. PvP endgame is a complete joke & is pretty much an unplayable mess when you start doing anything over 30 man. BA was fun for a few months, but the lack of actual competitive PvP content gets boring really fast. So yeah what is it has made this game last for years on the PC & kept the playerbase happy to keep spending cash on the ever ingenious pearl shop p2w/pfc ideas the Devs keep implementing? I can see how it might keep a person who's never played MMOs engaged for a year or two, but as a veteran MMO player the appeal wore off pretty fast for me. Loved it for the first 4/5 months & then the lack of actual endgame competitive content took it toll.
  14. You know you can buy individual items from a set right? That item was given as a reward on Xbox months ago (100 day reward or something)
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