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    They need to remove randomness (RNG)

    Also nobody is tricking you into losing your item level. You know the consequences if you fail and you make that decision based on your fail stack chance.

    They need to remove randomness (RNG)

    Ridiculous analogy! You aren't buying the item outright if you were you would be guaranteed to get the item you desire. If you want to use a car dealer to make an analogy it would be more like. You take your car to a garage and offer a trade in for a better car. The car dealer then says okay I'll offer you a bet. I'll put 10 numbers in this hat and you choose 2. If you pick the correct number I'll give you this brand new car, if not you get that old model sitting over there. If I win I'll let you choose 3 numbers the next time you want to trade in a car. So what you're asking is to take your old car into a car dealer and trade it in for a better model everytime for free. I personally think the enhancement system needs reworked to offer a bigger chance not to downgrade (like 50/50). I also don't like that accessories get destroyed and think they should downgrade instead. This isn't going to change though because they make too much money from costume melting and artisans memories.
  3. I bought a docking station for about £20 that you slot the Xbox into and it runs from usb into back of Xbox. It has 2 fans that run whenever the Xbox is on. Definitely makes a big difference you can feel the cold air coming out of the top vents. It also charges 2 batteries which are included, but I only use it for the fans.

    New PVP modes.

    Theres always going to be high mobility classes that play that roll (think Mage/Druid flag runners in wow). But there's always a counter with good defence & certain snare/root/stun classes etc.

    New PVP modes.

    I was thinking more along the lines of open a menu and click join in the same way RBF is at the moment. Equalised stats, equalised ability levels so everyone can play. Arena of Ashra sounds cool but it just seems to be gated to people with a high GS and minimum lvl 60 if you want to stand a shred of a chance at winning. Due to the fact that it takes so long to gear/enhance and lvl to 60 I just think it would be a nice addition to have some casual battlegrounds and maybe eventually introduce some more competitive modes.

    New PVP modes.

    I would love to see some new PvP game modes introduced into the game. Doesn't have to be anything crazy just stick with what works. Things like 10v10 flag capture modes or conquest type modes where you hold the bases to gain points. I would also like to see a ranked arena type system with 2v2/3v3 etc that sets GS to a specific lvl for everyone. These modes don't have give anything other than cosmetic items and maybe points that you could work towards similar gear that drops in the world (accessories etc). I think this would be a really nice addition to the game, as the current PvP mini game is garbage. I think having GS locked to a certain lvl will encourage everyone to play so that it's not being dominated by a few sets teams/players one shotting entire teams.

    PVE servers will be here in July.

    Yeah and I'm saying they're not going to split the player base because a few non PvP cry babies can't handle getting killed every now and again. You also don't matter to them. You're in a minority. What matters is that they keep making money from the cash shop and guess what the PvP community fuels the cash shop much more than the people that play this game solely to life skill.

    The best PVP...

    Rekting people by posting links to a thread from 2017 lol

    Bring PVP for Levels below 49

    It would be exploited by karma bombers. Imagine a lvl 1 being killed by a 55+ it would be a huge karma loss (maybe even put you into minus after 1 kill) If you arranged it into groups like only 1-49 can only PvP then 50+. It would just be exploited by lvl 49 players just staying at 49 and using OP gear to kill without the danger of being ganked by someone's 50+ main. It would breed a whole new aspect of people making twinks for the purpose of lvl 49 PvP. 1-55 is so fast anyway you would barely get a chance to get any real PvP experience.

    PVE servers will be here in July.

    The fact of the matter is pvp players probably make up the majority of cash shop sales and are the players that continue to spend money after their initial investment (pets, costume, maids etc). On the extreme end of it you have your whales that spend thousands & intermediate whales that will drop $300-500 a month on items to help enhance their gear. These players probably represent the same monetary value as a thousand casual lifeskillers. These players also mostly do it for the PvP aspect of the game. This business model is unlikely to change and you're just cannon fodder unless you're willing to adapt to all aspects of the game & grow a set of balls. PA aren't going to split servers creating empty zones when it would directly effect their most valuable customers i.e PvP players that spend a lot of money. (Obviously this isn't directed at death angelz because we all know he's never leveling past 49 ever)

    Game Review After a Month

    I refuse to believe that anyone who calls themselves Hardcore watches a program called 90 day fiance!

    PC getting a new class soon!

    Haha mate I guess your balls haven't dropped yet if you think anyone with a deep voice is an old man lol

    Game Review After a Month

    Out of interest do you play NA? In my own personal experience I haven't really seen or experienced anything like that on the EU servers. Sure there's was ganking & fighting from time to time. It was more apparent before Valencia and it actually added to the game rather than be an annoyance. Since Valencia has come out in the zones I've played open world PvP is almost non existent now. I think I've been flagged on 2-3 times and maybe seen about 5 red players in total. If that's how the game is in NA I can understand why people have a different view. Being constantly ganked and camped is no fun especially when there's nothing you can do about it.

    When someone enters your rotation lol

    At this point in time I think 217ap is significantly higher than the majority of the player base. A none p2w player doesn't drop $300 on pearls in one morning trying to upgrade a weapon, so don't try to justify it as normal practice for this game. Yeah the point is to dominate a zone and be able to hold your own when it comes to PvP & areas being contested. The problem is when a player comes along that's paid to get ahead of the curve it changes the dynamic of this aspect of the game. Fair play if you're willing to spend that kind of cash to be able to get ahead for a few months, but I'm just pointing out the fact the you p2w and this is the impact it has on the game for other players.

    When someone enters your rotation lol

    Yeah mate spending $300 on a blue item that will probably be replaced this month or next is p2w. If you're willing to spend that on an item that's not even BIS then I'm pretty sure you're spending on other items such as boss gear & accessories too. I just find it funny that you come on bragging about owning people when you clearly p2w. Sorry if that offends you but the P2W aspect of this game is something that I despise. It allows people like yourself to dominate zones & players without much resistance. Enjoy it while it lasts because you're not going to outgear people forever.