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  1. Lolololoooooolololololooolol bdo xbox prolly never gonna change.🤦🏽‍♂️ **** don’t remotely make sense I cannot remember the last time I played an “MMO” where you could not buy a weapon because there was literally NONE lol like NONE👀 if there was one thing I could say i hated about bdo xbox lol CENTRAL MARKET is cancer, you might as well smoke ya Newport backwards 🤡
  2. @DankTrees see now, those horses was gone soo fast... i mean soooooooooo fast. I hopped on the world chat and was like “yoooo who botting?” I definitely feel like something fishy was going on
  3. That I understand, no secret there.. more like common knowledge if you do ya homework and research first. They guy however did tell me what he was doing and it does make sense. I feel bad because i made a post asking if anyone else knew and now i know, but he told me not to share with others, annnnd ima have to abide by that cuzzzzzz he really didnt have to tell me. Lag and populated locations will play a part tho. BDOX is pretty much having seizures in all towns filled with ppl ATM (praying for a fix) but, not so much out in the field. those trying to snipe in less populated areas that have a horse market will most likely see it first regardless if anyone knows about the 10min drop or not. of course, there are other factors but thats all i can say.
  4. What the title says... one guy out here buying up all the T7’s waiting for T8 lol im not gonna lie, watching those last 3 go in less than a second each time got me wondering.. he told me there was a trick to it... but of course, he never said what the trick was. Does anyone understand the trick to “sniping” horses off the market? My guy said he got 8-T7s, so he can exchange them for one T8 xbox not cut out for that type of greedy lol not yet at least...
  5. What is soon?? Tamer is love, tamer is life, tamer is worth the wait... even if i am not happy about waiting. Guess i need to check this roadmap out. I will most likely be pissed anyways lol never gonna forgive em for benching her like that.
  6. @Prometheus damnn homie, im sry to hear that. I truly understand how you feel. This game is really different on xbox. PC market was always filled with items, pearl shop and all. Literally anything you need can be bought with gold. Definitely a more functional community.. ppl on xbox seem to care only about gear stats and KoSing others to prove their points. But thats not alll the very aspect of lvling is also different. Ppl don’t understand “rotation” and seem to only care about claiming already claimed areas instead of actively working together towards the real goal “hitting lvl 60”... lvl 59 now and ive been in two grinding parties. (Not including my personal guild) you know what i see when i hit the horse market? Two ppl selling t2 horses lololol for 30k lets not even talk about the breeding market. What about the pearl-shop items? Its wishlist zone lol what about boss scroll farming so we all get rich together???? 😂 **** is sad man, ppl just killing each other and afk fishing... the fk you need a pvp server when 60% of the playerbase already pking on normal servers lolol did you think they was gonna leave? or are you forcing us to fight by not dropping a pve server for those who wish to not be apart of the childish trolling community.. BDO xbox is filled with gang violence im not afraid to say it.. shoutout to those ppl making pet food and posting it on the market y'all real ones for that. If i ever needed a value pack i got one off the market... nah not on xbox... blessings Off the market.. nah not on xbox... character outfits off the market... nahh not on xbox loloolll yoo i be ranting but this **** serious. They was real good at blocking half of the English language so you can’t server/world chat bully people but failed to stop bullies from farming players all together. Noooo ive never been bullied on xbox orrr pc but what i saw yesterday was disgusting and its sad to even see that type of play style being promoted lol “become your true GTA troll self” okok im done drops 🎤 now
  7. Came back and expected justfaded to be flaming me again i am honestly done with the guy.. but what did i see? More people who understand. Not “ necroposting” just couldn’t respond and say good looks to @oghokage and @Hedonist_Jester they obviously get it. 🤢🤮 got me out here lvling lahn to 60 grind gear, dropping BIG STACKS of gold bars on decent weps to grind desert nagas for days and days.... By time tamer comes ill be burnt out lol then and only then, they gonna be like “ohhhh get ya tamer to lvl 58 for free boss loot box event”.... time to grind for days again🤢🤮 “hustle everybody, come on chop chop, get to work” lolol just for that ima go spend in game gold on an outfit for my lahn... not a cent i tell you, not one penny😂
  8. Nah homie, you a 🤡 and you must not be reading lol you talking now just to talk. Shai is smaller than tamer (again another new class) but seeing how you obviously not reading i feel no need to justify my post any further. I will however post this just to bump it, Cuz my middle finger strong right now🖕🏾And plz post again and contribute to my post getting bumped.
  9. They went out and changed the “starter deck” new players? Most likely unaffected, why? Because their new. Older players most likely took a hit when they realized that their ace was missing... lol u not allowed to say anything tho, cuz lol they need to fix node wars. Oh? You said something? Here comes @justfaded lol “damn frogs 🐸 you”ll regret the day you were born” ( just change frogs to PC players tho)
  10. @justfaded homie sounds like platform racist. Anyways it doesn’t have anything to do with node wars.. you speak as if you understand the development process or have been apart of something yourself. this is base content we talking about from like 5yrs ago.... before awakening, before you could even past lvl 50, way before the first world boss.. way before a good chunk of content you’ve already got, we had tamer. @Nimrod you must understand that, 8months for a character that should of been out from the start is way too long right? “Lets just drop bulbasaur, squirtle and leave out charzard”....right? If i would have known, id be playing then and not be on here talking smack now. I do take partial blame, i could have done research... but they also could have done a better job letting people know. Some simple communication could have saved a lot of “PC” players @justfaded (tho myself, i main xbox), some frustration. I feel like they made a money move, sounds to me like they needed it ya know, with being terminally ill and all 😷 on gamepass. lol it was a good move i bet a lot of people will spend cash on that new GOD MODE EVERYTHING ARCHER lol but that was disrespectful to players waiting Nicely. Yall make me 🤒🤢🤮
  11. You know what this is about, we should of been had em. @Roots take ya roadmap and shove it. I gots no chill, but like i said im not here to fight the player base.. I have the right to be tight.. I'm pissed at how they lured me in annnnnd then never gave me the class i bought the game for. Like i said i still played, i still level other characters to 50+.. i still bought vip packs, outfits, and so on. I still showed PA love even tho what should of been there from the start wasn’t.. nah I'm not gonna be quiet 🤐 on the xbox, they should of said something about new class release order but, they did not. I was lead to believe i was getting something i did not. I stayed for a couple of months thinking i was gonna get something i did not. What i got was NEW content before the OLD. Lol i hope this isn’t a trend.. i bet the new street fighter will come out and 6 months after release they will have 5$ paid dlc’s for Ryu and Akuma🤯🤢🤮 next blazeblue game gonna come out, without noel and tsubaki lol i could go on forever. You know this not right. I could see if i was “crying” for a “NEW” class released on pc.. id have to wait for that right? Lol not in this case,.. wait, is this the twilight zone? New name change from PA to TZ. You got my vote👏🏽 *drops* 🎤
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