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  1. When approaching the Heidel 7-1 building as a Residence, the door is randomly missing the option to 'open' or 'visit' therefore making my residence inaccessible. Only option is to log out and log back in to the same or different server. Error can occur at anytime when needing access to the residence. This is a pain when doing a recipe run as it can occur when returning to do alchemy or cook, thereby ruining the run.
  2. When Cooking and looking at the 'Knowledge Description' for any recipe by pressing X and then pressing B to cancel, the entire process of Cooking is cancelled, but the 'Knowledge Description' window remains in the way. Pressing B still does not cancel out the 'Knowledge Description' window and you are stuck from character movement or taking any actions. All Menu settings work and 'Disconnecting' and rejoining the server, or a different server, brings everything back to normal. This action can repeated multiple times with the same result.
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